In Spain, there is a growing demand for rental of bulky housing

Cozy, one-bedroom apartments in a sunny country of eastern Europe are no longer so popular with tourists and local residents. This conclusion was reached by experienced scientists from the young Institute of Statistics. In 2018 the most popular are the houses, the area of ​​which is from sixty to ninety meters. In addition, unexpectedly often tenants began to be interested in large, multi-room dwellings over 100 m2 in total. This trend is promoted by good discounts from owners, which is more interesting and convenient to rent a house than to rent a room.

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Figures and facts

  1. Indigenous Spanish residents are increasingly choosing to rent a house, rather than buying it from scratch. The share of rented apartments at the moment is almost 20% of the total number of residential premises in the country. This is explained by the toughening of the conditions of the tourist business, as a result of which the authorities seriously undertook to control the mark-up on the leased sites. Now, landlords can not put huge wraps, inviting foreign guests to themselves, bypassing the tax structure of the country. The result is a decrease in rent for the indigenous population and a corresponding increase in consumer demand;
  2. In 2018, the number of large-sized home (over 106 square meters) that began to give up, reached a figure of 200,000. This is an entire 20% more than in the previous season. Thanks to this, large families can afford to live in spacious, comfortable conditions, rather than huddle in small rooms, as before;
  3. Demand for houses with a quadrature of up to 45 m2 decreased. However, this segment remains the most popular because of its affordable cost and convenience for single people, young families and low-income population.

In Spain, there is a growing demand for rental of bulky housing

What do specialists predict?

Researchers in the field of Spanish real estate believe that an inevitable increase in the number of apartments for rent. Despite the imposed penalties and strict restrictions on the part of the government, the delivery of housing is one of the main items of profit for the majority of residents of resort areas and cities. Therefore, people will try to fit their areas to the required parameters, and continue to receive passive income without much effort.

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