Real estate in Spain: what, where and how to buy

One of the main goals that are set for those wishing to purchase accommodation abroad is to improve the living conditions. Everyone who is going to change the habitual situation to something new and unknown, strives to get not only comfortable climatic conditions, but also economic stability, and a promising future for themselves and their family members. If this place was chosen by Spain, then for a start it is worthwhile to figure out what this wonderful country offers at all.

Недвижимость в Испании: что, где и как покупать

Types of housing

Based on the amount, which the prospective buyer is counting on, the Spanish real estate market offers such types of newly built and new housing:

  • Studios - small apartments. Their main feature is the combination of the kitchen with the main room. There can be a terrace. The total area is from 30 to 45 m2.
  • Apartments - apartments with several bedrooms. In addition, they are equipped with a kitchen, a lounge, a salon (hall), a bathroom and a terrace or balcony.
  • Townhouses or bungalows - adjacent to each other compact houses from several levels. They are also characterized by the presence of several bedrooms.
  • Villas or chalets - separate houses with a plot of land.

Real estate in Spain: what, where and how to buy

For apartment buildings and townhouses is characterized by its own closed territory, as well as parking, garden, swimming pool, and sometimes golf courses. They are called 'urbanization'. The price of objects depends on the area, the number of rooms, the availability of additional benefits and, of course, the distance from the sea. The cost of penthouses is much higher than other apartments in the same building. The top floors of the Spaniards are called atiko-woni and they are loved for their own way out onto the roof.

Choose a region - for recreation, accommodation or investment

So, having defined the type of desired property, we will consider the possible regions for living, depending on the goal.

For business

Speaking about real estate, which should bring income, it is worth paying attention to the resort areas of Spain - for example, Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Alicante, Mallorca.

Here the acquisition is advantageous:

  • Spa hotels, apartments and hostels;
  • shops, retail outlets and restaurants;
  • fitness centers and barber shops;
  • beach clubs and golf courses;
  • Realtor firms, travel agencies.

In these regions, the softness of the climate and the beauty of nature attract. Spanish property is consistently profitable for investment.

Недвижимость в Испании: что, где и как покупать

For relax

Young couples, people without a family or with teenagers are best placed to choose the houses of the Costa Brava, as well as in Barcelona and the surrounding area. The first option is remembered by the stunning beauty of the natural landscape, and also by the very softness of the climate. This zone is one of the most expensive in Spain, since the main territory is a park zone protected by the state. The second is the port of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a very high level of development of beach infrastructure, magnificent ecology and a rich historical heritage. In its vicinity, those who want to live on the coast, buy a house, are located a short distance from the bustling city.

For families with children an excellent choice will be the Canary Islands - by the way, one of the megapopular tourist destinations. The city of Tenerife, which is a zone of free economic trade, is characterized by the development of infrastructure and favorable living conditions.

Real estate in Spain: what, where and how to buy

Pensioners and families with young children will feel comfortable in Alicante on the Costa Blanca. It is a city combining historical streets and modern buildings, and its suburbs - a place quiet, cozy and quiet.

The correct choice of a suitable region and type of housing is the key to successful acquisition.