Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

What is the ideal place to stay for visiting Spain? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, since it depends on the objectives of the visit, budget and interests. The cost of living will directly depend on seasonality, resort and comfort level. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of different types of settlement, so that you can choose the most profitable for you.

Where to stay in the country of hot sun is not an easy question. The fact is that the tourist destination here for more than a century has been one of the pillars of the country's economy, which means it is a matter of national importance. Today, they have achieved a leading position in the market for 'vacation' housing.

There is something that guests like so much: the sun 6 days a week, mountains, delicious food and wine, chic beaches, winter ski holidays, warm sea and an incredible amount of attractions from beautiful architecture to the historical heritage of world magnitude.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

Everyone who is looking for housing in Spain does it in 3 steps:

  1. Decide on the type of housing
  2. Choose a place
  3. Find the best option at an affordable cost.

To be honest, we thought that the question of the procedure for choosing and renting the living space was already one hundred percent open a long time ago, but customers continue to contact us almost daily with questions on this topic. Of course, there are some nuances associated with the process of obtaining the 'cherished' key.

We propose once again to discuss the pros and cons, as well as highlight the pitfalls for those who are looking for apartments in Spain.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

Few nuances

First, you should determine for what reason and on what basis you plan to rent “square meters”. If you are visiting the country as a tourist and arrived for a short time, but living in an apartment or hotel is supported by a passport, valid visa and rental agreement in the name of the document holder (in the second case).  

We sincerely advise you to enter into transactions only through a specialized agency. Cooperation directly with the owner may not always be pleasant and transparent, including due to language difficulties.

The fact is that their own property from the Spaniards appears most often already closer to old age. Most of the pensioners do not speak English and do not differ promptly. But at the same time, they manage to “push” inexperienced tourists into an apartment with non-working equipment, then with water turned off.

Of course, the agent takes a fee for his help, but in exchange for this, you as a client receive guarantees and the right to quality service. And it's not a fact that you are overpaying, since a good specialist will help you to avoid mistakes and fraudulent schemes, will offer proven options and save your time. Usually, they have a well-established base and reputation, which they value, therefore they will offer you a really optimal variant.

Moreover, the intermediary will act as a guarantor and will undertake the solution of possible problems arising from the relationship with the landlord, and you will only have to take a comfortable position of the client. An experienced resort agent will, upon your call, find a master to fix the lock or air conditioner, or explain to the owners that you are not going to pay for the breakage of the washing machine that you did not use.

Of course, the agreement directly at first glance looks cheaper, especially in the case when the transaction is concluded without signing any papers. But in this case, we ask you not to be surprised at what may happen. The problem is that with all of their cordiality and love for the guests, the authorities of the country do not protect financial relations between citizens, including those that are not entirely honest or official. Therefore, the police’s concern in the event that you were fooled could not be expected.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

For example, private traders promised a view of the sea, which turned out to be not quite so. Maximum - instead of a beach, you will spend several days in the dullness of the police station, paying for an expensive court interpreter and trying to use it to explain to an indifferent law enforcement officer how maliciously you fooled.

If you decide to sign a contract, then pay attention to 'what is written in small print.' Simply put - read the document before the bond, so as not to pay later incomprehensible expenses, such as additional payments for assistance after hours or an obligation to repair the dilapidated roof of the porch.

And it is better to turn to proven experts who value their place and reputation in the market.

The above is one of the drawbacks of choosing apartments in non-hotels. With the latter it is much easier - see the site, read reviews, google the distance to the sea and rating.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

How to decide which is better?

In principle, if to summarize the options, in Spain there are 3 main types of housing that can be rented for a short or long period.

The first thing to do is to flesh out your goals. You or vacationer, or come to work.

These two areas are strikingly different from each other. For vacationers suitable apartment and hotel on the sea or near attractions, which can be checked in daily or weekly . The same object for a month and a year will be cheaper for objective reasons. The average cost of an apartment up to 80 squares on the coast per week can be from 1000 to 2000 Euro.

Internet and telephone service will not be included in this price - you need to pay extra for them. But, in the hotel you expect the same condition. Free weak WiFi signal in budget and medium-sized hotels is only in the lobby of the ground floor near the reception.

The option of an apartment or a hotel room is suitable for those having a rest,   who only plan to spend the night at home or change clothes, and spend the rest of the time on the beach, excursions and restaurants. What can not be said about the apartment, which makes it possible to prepare food for the whole family, which is especially important for families with small children, to organize parties and invite guests. This option for the price will be the same, but at the same time, the distance to the nearest beach is likely more. So you choose what is in priority.

If the wallet allows you, do not even think. An ideal option in addition to a luxury hotel room is to rent a manor or a private residence with its own swimming pool, garden, kitchen and staff at will. At this villa you can spend at least a full summer, feeling like at home. This is a wonderful choice not only for a family, but also for a large company, since several bedrooms are located on an area of ​​150 sq m and more.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?


In the morning, you go to the local fish market, buy freshly caught seafood and white wine, and then together you sit under umbrellas in the shady coolness for a late breakfast near the water.

More often, such property is rented for at least a week or two. At a cost, it will cost you from 3500 Euros in one week and up to 100,000!

But, if you divide this budget into a company, it’s not that expensive, but it’s more comfortable at times. This option is more profitable than living in 5 stars.

If you decide to choose this country for permanent or long and one hundred residence - the priorities are very different. Here, proximity to work, traffic intersection, shops, shopping centers, schools and kindergartens are important. An important role is played by banal silence, which is not found in the resort towns 24/7. And, of course, not in last place is the price tag.

Ideally, for comfortable living and good conditions, you should stay on the apartments of the upper floors in the central areas of the city. This is a minimum of noise, most likely an attached summer terrace and an excellent house. management .

The cost starts from one and a half to two thousand euros per month for the most modest offers, subject to a long-term contract.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

What influences the pricing?

With any budget for the trip you always want to find a 'better', and pay less - relax is profitable. In order for desires to coincide with reality, it is necessary to understand exactly how and from what form the cost of the service.

  1. Traditionally, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville will cost you dearly. If you take the seaside resorts, then this is Marbella , Cadiz and San Sebastian. If you make an assessment on the coasts, then in comparison with Ibiza , Mallorca and Costa - del- Sal on the Canaries, Costa- Brava and Costa-Dorada, the settlement will be lower-cost . But, this is not a reason to “put up a cross”, since with an increase in the minimum value of the cost, living conditions also increase. If you agree to pay not the usual 60 Euro per day, but 80, then the comfort and level will be much higher than usual.
  2. As in hotels and private owners, the price will vary depending on the time of year. Some hoteliers highlight high ( temporada alta - mid June - late September and national holidays) and low ( temporada baja ) seasons, others add medium ( temporada media from Easter to June, as well as October). In order to save “wisely” - it is better to go exactly during this period, since the low season is a cold sea, and the high one is a lot of people and prices are high. Do not forget the fact that some national holidays and festivals are so popular in the world that even without entering the calendar of public holidays attract thousands of people. Book at least something these days is difficult.
  3. LocationIf we are talking about a city hotel, the price will be formed by the area, proximity to the traffic intersection, stardom and distance from the center, and if it’s about the resort, the view, pool and entertainment, proximity to the sea, guesthouse and so on . It is worth mentioning that their beaches in 99% of cases they do not have, since the entire coastal zone is municipal. Do not count on free sun loungers and umbrellas. The question of silence is very relevant everywhere. Beginners have the impression that megacities and resort towns never sleep: noisy street traffic, discos, festivals, guitar sounds and laughter. Pay attention to this, because if you like to sleep, it is better to ask for a room with windows to the courtyard or apartments at a distance from the main street and clubs.
  4. StarryNobody looks at it here. The Spanish government does not impose strict requirements on this matter, so local entrepreneurs do not bother passing commissions - people will be so. Do not fall for the hook! Stars may be 4, and the building require a major overhaul and vice versa. This does not apply to network offers, and should rather tell you that the absence of asterisks does not necessarily mean bad conditions.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?

Summing up our knowledge, we made a small table that will help you quickly assess the advantages and disadvantages of the options:




  • Service guarantee (especially in the network)
  • Check in 24/7
  • Round the clock service, concierge
  • Cleaning
  • Restaurants, gyms on site
  • Parking
  • Free internet in the lobby
  • Lack of fraud
  • For the same money as in the hotel you get an apartment with the appropriate furniture and space
  • Kitchen
  • Home appliances, turn on the iron, a kettle and sometimes a washing machine
  • The opportunity will be located with the company
  • More choice by area and budget range


  • Difficult and expensive to place in groups or family
  • Lack of cuisine and the ability to cook for yourself or children
  • Central air conditioning
  • The inability to invite friends to visit
  • Not cheap pleasure
  • Limited time of arrival and departure
  • Extra charge for cleaning, internet and telephone
  • Parking difficulties
  • No additional services and entertainment.
  • Easy to fall for fraud or unscrupulous landlord

We didn’t succeed in answering the question: “Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?”, But we are sure that we helped our readers to set priorities and choose the perfect vacation for themselves.

Rent an apartment or a hotel room in Spain, which is more profitable?