Energy Efficiency Certificate for Spanish Property Owners

Following the example of many states, Spain also introduced new legislation that obliges real estate owners to obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificate. According to a recent decree, when renting a dwelling for long-term or short-term rent, or at the conclusion of a transaction, in order to sell the house, the owners are obliged to provide this document. For the successful implementation of the facility, the seller must show the potential buyer or his official representative the original documentation, and upon delivery for temporary use attach a copy of the valid certificate to the contract.

The owner of any house must submit a request for a certificate, as well as register it with the city administration, city hall or other regional public institution. After that, a qualified appraiser arrives at the site to perform the following operations:

  • Full-fledged real estate inspection - checking the air conditioning system, water supply, window structures, thermal and noise insulation;
  • Takes multiple photos from various angles;
  • Performs various area measurements;
  • Coordinates the data obtained with the information that appears in the official building permit.

With the help of a specialized program, then the text of the conclusion of the examination is drawn up. This document is transmitted to the Ministry of Industry, which is designed to confirm its authenticity, assign a specific registration number and then send it back to an independent expert to transfer directly to the client. Often, the cost of providing services to an appraiser varies depending on the area of ​​the inspected room, as well as labor costs of a technician. Usually the price is about one euro per square meter.

Energy Efficiency Certificate for Spanish Property Owners

Document characteristic

The importance of having a certificate lies in its contents, because it includes the following information:

  • Identification of the building to be certified;
  • A detailed description of all the checks that were carried out by a specialist - all the data collected by him and the energy performance of the building, including operating conditions, maintaining a comfortable temperature, illumination, indoor air quality;
  • Thanks to this paper, it is possible to quickly understand the degree of influence on the environment during the operation of an immovable object, by fixing only two parameters - the levels of electrical energy consumption, as well as carbon dioxide emissions. Energy saving of housing is determined by the indicators designated by symbols from A to G, where the first one is the lowest power consumption and the second one is high;
  • The documentation also contains several useful tips to reduce energy use, as well as improve the quality of the energy efficiency of the home;
  • Among other things, there is also data that can help identify the amount of necessary expenses for the future maintenance of real estate. Determination of their effectiveness and preliminary writing of the estimated cost estimates is based on standard factors - energy consumption during normal use of the premises for one year, savings, actual prices.

Energy Efficiency Certificate for Spanish Property Owners

The protocol itself and the corresponding performance marks are issued with a period of validity over ten years. After the specified time has elapsed, the owner of the immovable object is obliged to confirm the validity and authenticity of this certificate. It will need to be updated before the end of the specified period of validity only if the energy use of the structure changes. For example, energy consumption has been reduced due to the use of the latest equipment for energy saving, or after reconstruction works carried out in the building.

It is also important to note that in the absence of this documentation, the owner is subject to penalties in the amount of from three hundred to six thousand euros. A contract for the sale, or lease is completely canceled, since the rights of consumers are violated. Also, fines will have to be paid if there are any violations found during the inspection, but not indicated in the certificate. Disadvantages are divided into serious or minor. Of course, every owner wants to avoid these unpleasant consequences, since all investments will be lost, and making profit will not be possible. Therefore, when purchasing your own home in the territory of the Spanish state, it is strongly recommended to issue an energy certificate in the near future.