Property for sale in Spain

If you have an urgent need for money or other life circumstances. You have decided to sell property in Spain, but do not know where to start. In the article we will consider the steps that need to be done to make the transaction successful and profitable.

You own an apartment, house, cottage by the sea and other things. Ask yourself questions like this:

  • Is it possible to quickly sell without arriving in the country?
  • Which bank to contact?
  • How much should be paid to the state, a list of documentation, what needs to be prepared, what laws are in force and much more.

Let's figure out what should be done.

Conduct property valuation

This is a mandatory and inevitable process. The owner and the agency are interested in high profits. This is possible in the case when the cost corresponds to the prices on the market.

Choose a serious organization for the transaction

Finding a good company is no easy task. Refer to those who have excellent recommendations, reviews and will take a low price for the service. You must sign a cooperation agreement. This will greatly expand the possibilities. This may seem unprofitable or a waste of time, but it is not. Experienced experts will advise on any issue and point out the benefits. And this is safety, reliability, saving the nerves of time.

Property for sale in Spain

Prepare housing for shows or HOME STAGING

Once you have decided on the cost, prepare the house to present it in the best possible way. Demonstrate the full potential, highlight the merits. Often the smallest details can both spoil and improve performance. These are aesthetic factors, the presence of shortcomings or, on the contrary, advantages.

Our agency provides a wide range of services, including a professional photographer who will effectively display your premises, for subsequent posting of photos on the Internet and on websites. At will, it is possible to make a video of the entire local area, if there is something to show. To do this, use the drone. For example, your apartment is located in a beautiful place by the sea or from the terrace with a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Then be sure to show it.

Visits and inspection

Our employees accompany potential buyers, responsibly approach the choice of clients who want to pay a visit.

Property for sale in Spain

Check the economic and legal status of the status of the dwelling.

We responsibly inform customers about all steps and actions. From the very beginning to the successful completion of the case. We will provide the best lawyers who specialize in such cases.

We assist in the preparation of the following documents:

  • Obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Spanish Property. It should be informative, contain data on the owners, possible legal or economic burdens, and restrictions on the object.
  • In the municipality at the place of registration, obtain information on the availability of a certificate on the status of the property and check whether the real estate has a construction license.
  • Special invoices and certificates that confirm the absence of any debts from the present-existing owners. According to calculations for electricity, maintenance, maintenance of the house, water and so on. And also for the payment of local taxes and other utility payments.

If the buyer-seller participants have reached an agreement, accommodation will be booked.

Occurs when a decision is made to issue a purchase. After that, the object does not appear on the sites, that is removed from sale.

Reservation takes place after signing a deposit agreement or reserve deposit.

What is a reserve deposit. Usually on the Costa del Sol contribute 6 thousand euros for the reservation. If suddenly, the buyer refuses to buy the object chosen by him, then the money remains from the seller. As compensation for lost opportunities. If the seller has changed his mind, he is obliged to return the amount in full to the failed buyer.

Property for sale in Spain

Deposit Agreement

Virtually no different from the reserve. The only difference is that the amount is much larger and amounts to 10 percent of the price of housing. This obliges both parties to comply with all agreements that were reached during the negotiations. There is a nuance, if you change your mind to sell, you will have to return 2 times more, that is 20 percent.

The conclusion of the above agreement gives the parties more guarantees and confidence. Allows you to avoid difficulties.

Documents for the deed

Here it is called Eskritura - a rather complicated and time-consuming process, which is carried out by qualified specialists and lawyers who know a lot about this field. This is a guarantee that you will avoid delays, unexpected legal problems and significantly reduce costs. Our company has qualified experts and lawyers who will take care of all the problems.

Signing a contract with a notary

Even at registration of the advance, the terms of preparation are discussed and stipulated. At all stages, our company controls the process, the lawyer timely transmits to the notary all the documents for the sale or deposit. According to the Law, the payment of notary fees for signing the Eskritury is on the seller. It happens that both parties divide the costs in half. All individually.

Tax payment

After the transaction took place, all payments to the state are made.

Property for sale in Spain

In this country the following taxes are paid:

  • Increase in land value “Plusvalía municipal”. Impuesto sobre el Incremento de valor, terrenos de naturaleza urbana. The magnitude fluctuates, depending on the municipality.
  • Capital gains “Plusvalía estatal” .IRNR Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes.

Each year, the coefficient changes and is published in the tax monitor.

Income of non-residents is 19 percent for the first 6,000 euros and 21% for the rest of the amount.

In order for everything to be successful, you need to know the laws of the country, the pitfalls and features of the market. Our team has extensive practical experience and knows all the nuances of this field. We will help you in solving any problem related to real estate. We are not looking for opportunities, we skillfully create them.