Nota Simple - an important document in real estate transactions

Any manipulation of housing and commercial buildings in Spain require a certain package of certificates and certificates. NotaSimple is an act without which even the simplest operations on the territory of the country cannot be performed. Virtually any resident of the Kingdom had the opportunity to apply to the State Register of Owners to order such a certificate.

It is carried out according to the established standard and contains comprehensive information about the owners of the premises of interest. Also, thanks to the excerpt you can find out whether there are debts and other problems that are not obvious at first glance. In fact, Nota Simple is the equivalent of an extract from the State Register, which is received by property owners in Russia.

Nota Simple - an important document in real estate transactions

Document Features

The state defines Nota Simple as a kind of certificate, which has practically no legal value and cannot even be used in court in proceedings. Nevertheless, it has tremendous value for everyone who has set himself the goal of carrying out a particular transaction related to a land plot, apartment or house in Spain.

The paper will help those who have already completed all the manipulations on the acquisition or registration of the lease. For example, not being a resident of a country or the Schengen zone, but having property in the Kingdom, each owner can simplify the acquisition of a residence permit and other weighty documents by providing the relevant certificate to the employees of relevant departments.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that there is no specific format for NotaSimpleInformativa in the country. Data can be provided in electronic form for subsequent printing, and in the form of a paper copy, obtained in Gosregister. Much more important content: registration number, which is issued when ordering; special regional identifier; contacts of notaries who previously carried out actions.

The government is taking a lot of crucial steps to ensure the transparency of any financial transactions. The possibility of obtaining all necessary information about objects of interest for potential buyers and tenants is a serious step to improve many aspects in the country.

Nota Simple - an important document in real estate transactions

Help Benefits

The decision is to allow citizens who have no experience in buying or renting to avoid many problems. The extract is distributed both to the residential segment (apartments, household plots) and to commercial options (offices, shops, warehouses). Separately indicated the exact address, total area, the presence of communications. Here is everything you need for legal use:

a list of all owners with a detailed description of the shares and rights of each;

  • in cases with cadastral issues, contains the classification of the object;
  • contacts of notaries who were involved in accompanying all the processes during the existence of the property of interest;
  • information on existing debts, embargoes, non-payment of mortgage and other obligations;
  • time of registration and amendment.

Nota Simple - an important document in real estate transactions

Nuances of getting and using

Recently, the need for personal visits to the regional offices of the Register has disappeared. All operations on the formation and issuance of today can be performed via the Internet by visiting the official site of the structure. After filling in all the required fields and paying the state duty, you will have to wait 1-2 days. Upon availability, experts notify the customer. At the same time, he has the right to choose the form in which it is more convenient to receive a certificate - in digital form or on paper, which is issued in the nearest office of the Register.

In addition to self-treatment, residents can use the services of lawyers with access to documentation. Also, the service to provide comprehensive data on real estate can provide realtors. In the latter case, it is necessary to exercise caution, because some companies use the inexperience of citizens, charging a fee for knowingly free services.

NotaSimple is valid for 90 days from the date of issue by the authority. In order to avoid illegal manipulations, an excerpt indicates the date of the order and issue. It is recommended to always request the act in question in order to avoid fraudulent actions in conducting transactions.