Buy a castle in Spain? Easy!

Spain is a country with many castles and beautiful estates. It is difficult to find a region in this sunny state where the name “castel” or “Castillo” does not occur. The popularity of Spanish fortresses is not declining also for the reason that they are a great option for investment.

Many investors and individuals are interested in the question: “can I buy a castle in Spain?” Easy! But you need to understand all the responsibility - such property needs restoration.

When and why were castles built in Spain?

Such structures were built in the Middle Ages for defense. During periods of forced defense of their state borders from assault attacks, the chateaux served as defensive buildings, thanks to which they managed to maintain control over their territory. During periods of military lull, they were used as estates of the royal family and other nobles.

The type of construction and architectural style depended on its location. In areas located near the border, they had well-fortified massive walls. In the southern parts, where there is a beautiful view of the sea, and there was no threat from the invaders, the estates were built luxurious and used for recreation and entertainment.

Buy a castle in Spain? Easy!

The reasons for investing in Spanish palaces

At the moment, it is possible to buy old estates, while the answer to the question “How much is it?” Pleasantly surprises. Still, there are various motives that encourage the acquisition of such real estate: uniqueness - new defensive buildings are no longer being built, so from the point of view of investment, this is a profitable business. In the future, the chateau can bring a substantial income. Also to buy a castel means to become the owner of the estate. The sale of Castillo is carried out jointly with the adjacent territory, the area of ​​which usually amounts to several hectares. In this area there can be not only meadows or pastures, but also forests, natural lakes and mineral deposits. The owner has the opportunity to use the property as a hotel or a winery - if the location of the building is on well-known tourist routes, then it can be converted into a hotel or open its own restaurant. And, of course, availability - often they are sold by heirs for the amount that may be significantly lower than the assessed value. Such buildings are sold, both fully renovated and those that need considerable expense.

Buy a castle in Spain? Easy!

Fortress Price

Proposals for the acquisition of the possessions of the royal family can be divided into two categories: individuals - they set an overestimated value on the old architectural monuments in order to bargain with the real buyer; large organizations - they often try to sell a share of their assets in order to further invest in other business areas.

In each of these scenarios, the buyer can conduct a good bid and get a good discount from the original price tag.

In addition, the price depends on the state of the building. There are old mansions that require reconstruction - the price of such objects will be significantly lower than those that have already survived the reconstruction and are ready to accept tenants. They will have to pay several million euros, but they are already equipped with furniture and interior items. And if the palace is still in the tourist center, then it will pay off very quickly.

If a decision is made to purchase a building that requires renovation, then the cost to calculate it is not easy, since there are various nuances and specifics of repair work. But the subsequent maintenance of the estate will cost a bit.

Buy a castle in Spain? Easy!

Regions of Spain, where the castles are located

It is difficult to find a region in this country where there would not be a single protective structure. Therefore, you can buy a chateau in any part of the state.

Most of the attractions in good condition are located in Sevigovia and Valladolid. Also noteworthy is the historic area - Catalonia, where you can meet the most chic and not so long ago survived the restoration of castels.

Every future owner of historical monuments should take into account the fact that they, to varying degrees, require restoration, if not now, then after some time. The cost of such works is easy to calculate: it will be 500-1000 euros per 1 m2. The final price depends on the building materials used - the more expensive they are, the higher the payment for the restoration works.

Buy a castle in Spain? Easy!

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that high-quality repairs will depend on the availability of a detailed action plan, because the main part of the locks is protected by the state, since represents a cultural heritage. In this case, it is required to coordinate the algorithm of the restoration or restructuring with the authorities. If the new owner can be interested in his proposal for the arrangement and development of the mansion (restaurant, hotel, tourism industry), then you can expect to receive financial assistance from the government, UNESCO or the EU. All funds will have to go for restoration.

Before you draw up a plan of action and ask for help from the authorities, you need to consult with the architect about what can be redone in a defense tower, and what is not recommended. In addition, there is another difficulty: during the reconstruction of the appearance of the chateau must remain in its original form. This item is carefully monitored by the state. Buying castles and other premises of historical value are financial investments that will never be lost. This is explained by the fact that such facilities are no longer being built, and the existing ones are becoming more expensive every year.