Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

We will tell you about the differences between the regions and types of villas in the “country of flamenco and bullfights”, why everyone wants to live here and what you need to pay attention to when making a deal. Mallorca and Costa -Brava Casa adomada or Casa de Pueblo - we'll show you how to choose and not to be mistaken. Regardless of the purpose of accommodation and the selected region for apartments on the coastline, the main thing is to invest money in a liquid object and adjust its maintenance.

In the conditions of modern instability of the financial market, a great investment is the purchase of real estate. And Spain is considered to be one of the most successful places. This is a developed country with a developed economy, ample opportunities, and rich cultural heritage, which is recognized as one of the best resorts in Europe. Who does not want to live on the coast of the azure sea? How to make your dream a reality and what to pay attention to tell you next.

The process of acquiring a living space on the Spanish coast for living or seasonal holidays can be remembered as the worst thing that happened to you, and can become a transparent, quick and enjoyable deal. It all depends on your training and specialists who help in this.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

Spanish property purchase goals

So that the money is not wasted, you should understand what the purpose of this acquisition is and in accordance with this plan the budget and form your requirements.

  • Sea holiday. If you plan to use this place only for holidays, there is an obvious problem - “what to do with it the rest of 330 days a year?” Supervision, periodic cleaning or a trustee will be required for renting out. For such cases, select urban options by the sea, since their safety and care is easier to ensure. Do not forget about the rental demand to take and repel all-year-round maintenance. Also think in advance in which environment you want to relax: families with children, young people, bohemians and social figures ... the region will depend on this. Another need to take into account the need for privacy, as in some cities in the season and not only a rich festive program of festivals, and mass celebrations and peace are incompatible. Not to mention that all the beaches are municipal and fairly crowded.
  • Permanent residence. It is better to take into account the infrastructure, proximity to shops, schools, hospitals, roads and security. There are areas where only our compatriots live. It is worth considering whether you want to live among them or among Spaniards.
  • Rental. A good house on the beach is not difficult to hand over, but if you consider a nearby road junction in a good area and with a picturesque view from the window, your chances will increase. Immediately consider how you will look for tenants and whether you are ready for this to involve third parties or agencies.
  • Investments. This is an extremely difficult area in which one cannot do without a qualified real estate specialist. He must calculate the risks, assess the liquidity of the object and take into account market fluctuations. Plus, you will have a choice - to invest in an already finished building or project on paper, which will be cheaper.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

Types of private housing by the sea

The villa is a generalized concept that includes a house for a small family (around 500,000 Euros), and a palace with a separate house for servants, the cost of which amounts to millions.

This is a great combination of comfort, privacy and spaciousness.

It is perfectly suited for an extended stay or a seasonal move, but not very practical for a short vacation one owner, as they require care all year round, and for the maintenance of rather big expenses.

During the absence, you will have to look for employees who will take care of the site, provide minor repairs, clean up the pool and rooms. Also relevant is the issue of the protection and payment of taxes. Therefore, the decision to purchase is not very practical, if you are not going to engage in a rental business.

If you have made a decision, then you should understand for yourself what kind of housing near the coast appeals to you more:

  • Attached home. Formerly Casa adosada could only be bought in the provinces. But lately, the demand for such buildings has grown significantly, because it is a significant savings. You have a chance to buy a villa for the price of apartments.
  • Townhouse is the best option, as it encompasses the advantages of private ownership, but the costs for the purchase or construction are minimal, the neighbors will always look after them and regionally they are more often located in the suburban area near the infrastructure.
  • Traditional house. This is a rural type of housing for lovers of history, ancient architecture and solitude. This is a more exotic option than just a mansion on the coast. Casa de pueblo - most often have a small front garden, 2 floors and not quite comfortable in the modern sense of the layout. Immediately count on repairs and communications, which will cost you a penny. Of the benefits - a quiet life, colorful, clean air and beautiful landscapes. Better fit for permanent residence.
  • Macia. Another common form of villas - huge manors with land and farm Сasa rural or as they are called in Catalonia - Masii . They are buried in vineyards, olive groves and are the dream of a wealthy European or investor. Demand is always consistently high, as is the cost in millions of Euros. Often they are converted into a restaurant with their own wine or hotel. The main disadvantage is maintenance costs and the need for management.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

Region overview

If you decide to purchase a house on the Mediterranean coast, then you will encounter the fact that opinions about the choice of location are contradictory. Some people complain about the hot climate of the Costa - del -hydrochloric, others in cool Costa -Brava.

You yourself must set the following priorities:

  • Climate
  • Infrastructure
  • Cost of
  • Society
  • Service
  • Sea holiday
  • The amount you have
  • Nature

We simply describe the features of the five most popular areas, and you choose what is closer according to the above characteristics.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach


These are picturesque mountains, the best beaches of Europe, greenery and rich history. The capital of Catalonia is Barcelona. The climate here is mild and predictable, since this is the northern coast: the seasons change is clearly visible, the winter is quite cool. The most popular resorts are on the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada .

The property here is promising and in demand, but the area is oversaturated with tourists.


This is a long strip from the South to the Northern part of the country. It is distinguished by a variety of landscapes and picturesque beaches. Now this is a region undervalued by investors, but the popularity of Dénia and Javea is growing. South of the province of Alicante you can buy a house surprisingly cheap, since the farther in this direction, the more arid and deserted.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach


The region today makes an impressive investment in the field of housing in order to attract investors and buyers. The prices are reasonable, the infrastructure is good, but the summer is incredibly dry.Another drawback is a little good water.


Anyone who has been there at least once, understand why in Costa - del -hydrochloric and Costa-de-la-Luz dream to buy a villa all wealthy people. Incredible beauty, rich cultural life, exclusive service and interesting sights.

The most expensive housing is concentrated between Malaga and Gibraltar. Golf courses, courts, VIP shopping, luxury residences, marinas with white yachts are all about Marbella , Estepona andFuengirola .

Balearic Islands

With all the popularity of Ibiza , the most popular is buying in Mallorca. A group of enterprising Germans and Britons buying up almost all the local villas consistently support the high cost of them.

Balearic Islands - a paradise of tourism that can become a new dream home.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

Prices for houses in Spain

Why is Spain so popular? The answer is simple - cheap.

Small townhouses can afford for 1300-1600 Euro per 1 square meter. The middle class - up to 1800, and prestige from 1800 and above. According to expert analysis, the market continues to grow, so you should not spend time with the decision.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the so-called banking real estate. Before the crisis hit, there was a boom in mortgage loans. People could not pay them, banks seized the property and are now trading at prices below market prices by 30-40 percent.

You can also arrange a mortgage yourself as a citizen of Russia or another country. To do this, you need to properly prepare the documents and submit it to the financial institution. You will be offered to cover up to 70% of the cost.

The main thing is to find a trustee or agency that can help with the design of the correct package.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

Documents for the conclusion of the contract of sale

To make an acquisition you need to overcome the following steps:

  • Get an identification number for a foreigner
  • Open an account for payments
  • Make a preliminary agreement
  • Pay a deposit with evidence of the transfer by a lawyer or agent
  • Sign and certify the contract
  • Pay the remaining amount
  • Wait three months for the registry.

Buy a villa in Spain on the beach

You will be required to pay taxes:

  • On the transfer of property, if it is a secondary housing market (6-10%)
  • VAT, if from the developer (10%)
  • Stamp tax

Once again we draw your attention that this article cannot be guided as an expert legal opinion or financial recommendation. Legislation, as well as prices, are constantly changing, and to select a truly profitable object near the sea, a detailed study of the selected region and the work of the analyst are required.