Buy property in Spain

Buying an apartment, house, or commercial property on Spanish land means for the foreigner the trouble of selecting and then making a bill of sale followed by the process of becoming effective. In each region of the Kingdom there are features in the payment of taxes and fees, drafting documents. You should check all the details before signing the contract, and then go through the stages of renewal, as a new owner yourself. To do this correctly, you need to know the subtleties, and still speak the language, since all papers are written in Spanish. There are also features for a mortgage.

Buy property in Spain

What includes the procedure for the acquisition of real estate

The rules and laws in the territory of the European Union, in Spain, in particular, differ from Russian norms and realities. Many institutions, certificates and permits, payment of taxes and a phased re-registration of a new owner - this is only a small fraction of what should be done. Pay the costs of the transaction will have the seller and the buyer, each with their own. And for the services of a realtor, it is customary to charge a fee only from the owner-seller, and not vice versa, or both.

Sale of residential and non-residential facilities. To the first belong apartments in high-rise buildings, townhouses with their own access to the street (usually two-storied), villas with a courtyard and chalets, and land plots. To the second - retail, office, warehouse, land for agricultural needs, underground garages, industrial areas.

Buy property in Spain

To buy property in Spain, you will need to go through the steps:

  1. Preparatory.
  2. Bail payment.
  3. Signing a contract with the seller.
  4. Takeover.

For a foreigner to do it yourself without the help of an intermediary, is problematic and difficult. If the parties to the purchase and sale are familiar with each other, the client knows and trusts the design, you can do without an intermediary by contacting the notary. As a rule, almost no one chooses such an option, since the procedure abroad differs significantly from ours and it is impossible to be sure that everything is going right without having an idea how to protect your interests and not ignore the duties defined by law. It is also fraught with fraud or intentional concealment of information. Who will warn that the area is gypsy or industrial and it is impossible to live in it safely?

Buy property in Spain

Why do Russian citizens buy real estate in España

Every Russian (native of the CIS countries) wants to have a house by the sea in Europe. According to statistics, our compatriots recently prefer the Spanish resorts to the rest. Especially popular for living or vacations at the “cottage” Catalonia (Costa Brava), Valencia and Andalusia (Costa del Sol). The region near Malaga abounds in our tourists and immigrants, Europeans, wealthy Spaniards.

Those who want to move for permanent residence here, can buy a house or apartment in the amount of 500,000 euros, you can also on credit. Once the entire amount has been paid in full, you can submit a request with all collected papers for a residence permit. First for a year, then extend by two, five, and so on until ten, and then apply for citizenship and passports, if they want. This is a great way to secure a future for yourself and your entire family, with the prospect of moving to live in a sunny European country, traveling freely, like other neighboring countries. Moreover, it is enough to cross the border once a year, the minimum stay is 1 day.

Buy studios and apartments in the amount of less than half a million, including on credit. This is also an excellent prospect to make a long-term residence permit, but it will take a minimum of 182 days per year to be eligible for renewal. Who does not need this, quietly open the multivisa and drive it.

Buy property in Spain

Real Estate Selection

This is the first stage from which they begin to look for an option. To do this, simply select the object you like from the online catalog from your homeland and upon arrival examine it along with the owner and agency representative. Our company will help you find housing for holidays or permanent residence, clarify all the ambiguities, help eliminate any obstacles. Deal with us will be safe, profitable to you and fast.
When selecting and considering options, it is important to pay attention to such points:

  • Location of the building - in which city, province, even microdistrict, availability of infrastructure and level of service;
  • What is the amount of municipal tax deductions from the owner;
  • Technical condition of the building and apartments - cosmetic or capital repairs, or this is a new building, what class - for this a certificate is issued on the suitability of housing;
  • Availability of energy certificate;
  • What amount of utility bills will be in the future;
  • Are repair and construction works planned in the district and in general the future of the district?
  • If a mortgage is being considered, then a bank assessment is needed.

As soon as the object is selected, examined in reality and the decision to purchase is made, proceed to the next step.

Buy property in Spain

Preparatory agreement

This is a variant of the contract of pledge before the main procedure. Carried out to notify the seller-owner of your intentions and for the reserve. When meeting with a representative, his title documents or confirmation of authority (direct power of attorney) are examined, as well as the legality of these papers.

Here the notary breaks the subject of discussion on the basis of the presence of encumbrances - unpaid loan or mortgage contributions, fines, property arrest, embargo. If everything is in order, go to the discussion and description of all the details documented - form of payment, terms of payment and the final contract price. This leaves an advance deposit. Later, it is deducted from the entire amount at surcharge.

Buy property in Spain

Signing the contract of sale

This is the main stage, which is still being prepared. Now the parties proceed to the immediate legal transfer of ownership. Register the following information:

  • Description of the property;
  • Mention of all financial obligations transferred to the assignee - additional payments for loan payments, settlement with the lender, etc., if any;
  • Proof of no rent arrears (checks attached) or real estate tax (IBI);
  • The obligations of the parties to the counterparties are written (legal and financial);
  • If you purchase a mortgage - you need the presence of a bank employee and a separate description of the rate, form of payments and terms.

After that, signatures and a date are put. Everything is notarized and is entered in the register. You must pay the costs of the transaction. They depend on whether the primary or secondary market, regional features and on whom it is issued - to a natural or legal person. Just have to pay:

  • Notary services;
  • Entry into the state register;
  • The services of a specialist who prepared the contract and accompanied;
  • Mortgage costs (if any);
  •  Tax burden - property transfer tax, it ranges from 6 to 21%, depending on the type of housing, plus a fee for registration of legal acts for new buildings.

The former owner’s profit is subject to taxation in the following categories: income (about 24% of profit per year, taken into account in the declaration) and the increase in the cost of an apartment-house-villa (counted from the time it was acquired the previous time, not the investment value).

Buy property in Spain

Entry into law

As soon as everything is paid and signed, the master transferee must renew the public service in his name. He comes to the management company with his evidence and makes a re-registration. All expenses-taxes paid on time, if you delay, there will be a fine.

Then, together with the assistant, who is our company, you can develop a schedule for the payment of annual fiscal deductions from your account to state bodies. Each province has its own rules. From tourist areas where residential premises are rented, a special log is filmed. Declarations will have to be handed over regularly, visiting authorities on their own or transferring to a trusted person.

Our company will help you determine and understand the legal and legal nuances of the acquisition and registration. The choice of many offers in the region of Marbella, both on the first line of the sea and in the city center, in the area and suburbs. We will protect your interests and make the procedure clear, quick and transparent.