Work visa to Spain

Have you made a serious decision to change your life, move and work in another state? You will certainly need to find out what professions are in demand, where to start and whether it is necessary to apply for a work visa to Spain. An extranjero alien who does not have EU citizenship, first needs to get a special permit for work. Already on the basis of it you get visa trabajo.

In terms of validity, there are only two types: residence permit (permiso residencia) and national, the so-called D.

Employment is prohibited for tourist C and transit. This is strictly monitored, so you should not even try.

Terms for each category:

D national, allows staying in a country with short-term employment of up to 6 months. This applies to internships, business trips, seasonal work and more.

Permiso residencia is concluded if a long-term contract is signed. This gives the right to stay in the country without interruption for 1 year. Then, at will, you can extend it without leaving the territory.

There is a way to obtain citizenship through the so-called naturalization. For this it is important to live a long time as a permanent resident.

A biometric passport is required.

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What is needed to achieve the goal

There are several options:

  • Professionals who are qualified and who have found their employer are required to draw up a blue EU card. This is a residence permit, which is issued for a year and extended after, if needed after a while.
  • Salaries must be at least 34,000 euros.
  • Under the family reunification program, a person who has lived for about a year on a residence permit can apply for visas for his relatives.
  • Seasonal employment involves obtaining a national D-visa. In this case, pr provide proof of decent housing, return tickets, a call from the employer.
  • If you fall under the AU PAIR program, the type of visa trabajo required depends on the terms stipulated in the contract.

As a rule, a one-year employment contract is signed and subsequently receive a residence.

Those who have graduated from a Spanish university , as well as have the right to permanent residence, in order to get a job, they must take care of special permissions.

For businessmen or freelancers, you need to receive:

  • Permission at the embassy. Then there is a real chance to move to permanent residence.
  • Also prove that you are able to work for yourself, provide a business plan, if any.
  • A bank statement confirming its financial viability for life.
  • Also starting your own business / investment.
  • Documents confirming skills, experience, education, experience are licenses, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Business people, entrepreneurs, the right to work and visa documents are much easier than freelancers. The benefits are that the former create jobs for Spaniards.

There are no differences in the documentation package and procedure mainly for all categories, they are the same.

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For persons who are not residents of the European Union, the following is required:

  • Profile.
  • Passport.
  • Photos are 35x42 millimeters in color.
  • Medical certificate (form 086).
  • Formal confirmation of the existence of their case, etc.
  • Contract AU PAIR.
  • Labor agreement.
  • Rental Agreement.
  • The minimum amount of medical insurance is 30,000 euros.
  • Certificate of good conduct from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, valid for 3 months. With Apostille.
  • Extract from a banking institution confirming sufficient finances for opening a business, investment, material basis for normal living, and so on.

Permission is usually sent by the employer, in conjunction with the contract, which entrepreneurs receive directly at the embassy

Payment of fees

  • Produced within ten days from the application.
  • If the salary does not exceed double the minimum wage, on the basis of transnational services, clause 5.1 is 192 euro.
  • Equal or higher double tariff - 384 euro.

There are other payments in various forms and classifications, but this is individually decided on the situation.

Everything issued on the territory of Russia must be translated into Spanish, certified by the apostille. In accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961, undergo verification, be certified by the relevant authorities.

After the consul has accepted the package of documents for consideration, a notification is sent to the applicant.

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Review time and price varies by category:

  • Natsviz-D approximately 1-2 months. 40 euros.
  • A residence can take about 4 months. 68 euro; - by invitation, 296 euro; - for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

In case of failure, the above fees will not be returned

If you have an invitation from the company, then the official paper can be drawn up by the immediate supervisor and his authorized representative. The application must be filed with the police, the extranjeros affairs department and the local Ministry of Labor.

When submitting documents, the employer provides weighty arguments and evidence that it is extranjero state suitable for a vacant position. That citizens of the Kingdom and other EU citizens are not interested, do not apply for a vacancy.

All the bureaucratic red tape takes one and a half to two months. Such a long period is required in order to gather evidence of the need to hire this particular Russian employee.

According to the law, the employer is obliged to search within his country within 30 days. If this place does not interest any of the locals, working conditions will not work, then they will only give the green light to attract a foreigner.

The exception is the founders of individual enterprises, they have the opportunity to enter the Iberian Peninsula as tourists, guests, and here to register their company.

Plus for such a contingent an adequate level of financial position, if it is deemed acceptable for living, buying, renting real estate and other things. He may well apply for a residence.

Volunteers are also spared the invitation. Where are the most quoted areas is the environmental issue, the fight against poverty.

From the moment of signing the admission to the Ministry, the Russian is obliged to enter the Kingdom no later than 30 days from the date of approval.

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Further action

  • Apply for an identity card - Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero.
  • You must register with the social security service. A personal tax number is assigned there. This is important in the future for the purchase of real estate and movable property, receiving a salary, paying taxes, opening a bank account.

Of course, after a long stay, you will want to become a full member of society, have every chance to stay, to build your future here. To become a citizen and get a residence permit for a working resident for 5 years is quite realistic. Naturally, this is not applicable to illegal immigrants.

What is taken into account, what is needed in the Department for Foreigners:

  • Statement.
  • Official time of service.
  • Availability of all relevant papers.
  • The request clearly and in detail indicates the request.
  • The appeal should be filed six months before the deadline.

If you were denied, find out the exact reason and contact the higher authorities. Prepare a legally appealing appeal.

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Which includes the following:

  • Name, address of the organization that refused.
  • A detailed description of the situation, indicate all your arguments.
  • Request for review.
  • Date and your signature.

We have outlined the process so that the principle and perspectives are understood. To fully familiarize yourself with the intricacies and relevant information for 2019, please contact the competent authorities.

To speed up the procedure and be sure of the result, it is better to contact experienced lawyers or buy a property. Collaboration is only with trusted companies that have been working in this area for many years. The property gives reason to be a full member of the society with a residence permit.

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