How much is an apartment in Spain?

Recently, the acquisition of real estate abroad has been gaining immense popularity. It is convenient, practical and excellent investment. How much is an apartment in Spain? In a warm colorful country, with luxurious Mediterranean beaches and mild climate.

Once visiting this vibrant country, you naturally think about buying a property. Especially if friends and acquaintances have already done this for a long time and can now come at any time of the year, protecting themselves from the problem, where to stay, where to move in, so that it is as convenient as possible. In this article, we consider the estimated price indicators in different parts of the country.

The impact of the crisis is still felt here, the construction of facilities has decreased to 40%, but this is exactly what attracts investors and buyers to take advantage of this situation and make an inexpensive purchase in a sunny corner of the Iberian Peninsula. Of course, this will always be the case and the market value is about to increase.

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A fairly wide range of objects allows you to make a choice, even to the most demanding job seeker. Luxurious penthouses, townhouses with pools, views of the Mediterranean landscapes, near the golf courses. Naturally, what is being sold at an attractive price is popular, the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Brava are popular.

The best resort is in the city of Marbella, in the area of ​​the Costa del Sol. Here live the British, Germans, as well as many residents from the territory of the CIS. Wealthy buyers, investors, are interested in villas in Ibiza, Canaries, Mallorca, here the average price can reach 1 million euros. There is a demand for objects in Malaga, Murcia, Madrid and others. Our countrymen are interested in villas with excellent swimming pools and bungalows, which offer between 100 and 150 thousand €. They also prefer to buy apartments in new prestigious residential complexes, where there are playgrounds, boutiques, beauty salons and more.

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General overview of pricing policy by region

The cost depends on the distance and proximity to the sea, but we note that it is much more profitable to make a purchase in any of the regions than in other European countries. What to choose depends on your desires and preferences.


Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, with a rich history of the region. Its center is amazing Barcelona. Here is a fantastic Gaudi park, medieval Gothic cathedrals, museums and much more. Prices practically do not differ from other resort capitals of Europe. Approximately make up about 1800-2000 € per meter. Of course, there is something to choose from, these are luxury penthouses and affordable studios in the old part. Note that this is not just a luxury, but a reasonable liquid investment.

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Alicante, Costa Blanca, Valencia

The east coast attracts with its availability approximately 1000 € per sq.m. This applies to large cities and small villages. The Costa Blanca combines quality and price. Picturesque corners, clean sea air attracts more and more tourists.

The province of Alicante, namely, the city of Benidorm, is considered the local Las Vegas. There are snow-white skyscrapers, clean coast, well-developed infrastructure. Variation of offers from 1000 to 2000 € per square meter.

Quiet and calm city of Torrevieja, here they sell 1000 - 1400 € per sq. M. One-room studios from 30 - 35 thousand €, and two-, three-room premises, the area of ​​which is 60-70 m², from 55-60 thousand €. It will be comfortable to relax here, lovers of a measured, relaxing holiday.

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Here life around the clock in the streets and in numerous institutions. You will not be bored for sure; colorful events and concerts are constantly held here. Given that this is the European capital, pricing is higher than in other places. In the distant bedroom, not very prestigious areas - from 1 thousand euros, the center of Madrid - from 1700 € to 2800 €.

Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

Gold Coast - Costa Dorada is attractive for lovers of water sports, beach relaxation, as well as families with children. Wide coastline, warm sea, many parks. The most famous entertainment park “Port Aventura”, which is not inferior to Disneyland. Ride on one of the rides will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. Diverse vacation, pushing vacationers to buy apartments here or townhouse.

Salou is a resort surrounded by greenery, with narrow cozy streets, the most popular among holidaymakers. A decent enough option for living, located very close to Barcelona. Convenient to transportation, allows you to get here from any place. Real estate from 160 thousand. €.

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Costa Brava, wild rocky coast, a picturesque part of the Mediterranean, with stunning areas for a good time, an abundance of restaurants with national cuisine. The convenient location, close to the French border, makes it possible to go on a tour of the Cote d'Azur, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo very close.

Beautiful bays, ancient monasteries, buildings of ancient times, numerous attractions, will not leave anyone indifferent. About 1,200 - 1,600 € want here for a square meter.


Located in the South-West, very close to the Strait of Gibraltar. Malaga is a cozy town on the Costa del Sol, attracts the unique nature and hospitality of the locals. Favorite place of the Russian-speaking public. Do not be surprised if on the street you meet a Russian speaker who has already become almost Spaniard. It is so comfortable here that you feel at home and there is always something to do. All the sights are nearby: the Roman theater, the Picasso Museum, the Arab castle of Alcazaba of the 11th century, and music lovers should visit the Malaysian Museum of Music. Try the famous Malaga-flavored wine with a real jamon, in one and in taverns. Once it was tasted by Yesenin and Catherine the Second. How can you miss the opportunity and not live in such a beautiful corner of the world?

Here is the chic city of Marbella, the price for housing is on average € 200,000 and these are small studio studios near the beach. What makes Marbella so attractive? There are diverse restaurants, numerous shops, bars, and close to the posh port of Puerto Banus, this is a real mecca for a luxury holiday. In a club or bar, you can easily meet a celebrity.

Clean Blue Flag beaches such as Carihuela, San Pedro de Alcantara and others. In the center of Marbella, the famous Orange Square, from which you can stroll through the streets, go to the cafe to drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere, taste real paella and gazpacho. In the parks you can walk with children, they are designed so that the child will be interested, and you can relax from the hustle and brisk rhythm of life. Lovers of the history of architecture, too, will not be bored, there is a lot of historical heritage that you need to see.

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Costa del Sol attracts with a developed infrastructure and high-quality level of the offered housing, the price here is around 150,000 € per m². Also, most of our compatriots prefer to acquire property in the city of Almeria, a cozy province of the Andalusia region.
The acquisition boom occurred in the 90s and 2000s, when the cost was at the peak of the increase in prices, rising from 197% to 250%. From 2006 to 2012 there was a noticeable decline, almost a third. Since 2014, the market has stabilized and sales have intensified. Because now it is very fashionable and profitable to acquire property, but you need to trust only proven companies that have sufficient experience in this field and know the nuances of taxes. They will help and tell you what is best for you. Based on your needs and finances.