Benahavis is a city full of tranquility

Today, the demand for real estate in Spain is not limited to the territory of famous cities. The Costa del Sol attracts more and more visitors with a high standard of living and comfortable conditions. And it's not just about the famous Golden Mile or the port of Puerto Banus. This region will be able to surprise anyone with amazing panoramas and conditions. Equally popular was the beautiful trio:

  • Noisy Marbella;
  • The majestic Estepona;
  • And the quiet Benahavis.

It is the last point worth paying due attention, which was not given to him in vain. After all, its status is no lower than that of Marbella, but at the same time the value of real estate is not so high that it is much more profitable for ransom. Each of the facilities is considered elite and offers owners a full range of luxury services, including utter comfort. After all, the city is located in close proximity to the untouched and beautiful nature reserve, but at the same time a secular, noisy, nightlife is just a few minutes away.

Benahavis is a city full of tranquility

Architecture and infrastructure

It is difficult to single out one of the specific style decisions that were used in the design and construction of this city. After all, here the classic is intertwined with modernity, creating an individual and unique image. At the same time, the typical Andalusian design was filled with European details, but the unique Moorish influence was not at all lost. Preserved and the historical heritage - the ruins of an ancient castle, where Prince Havis ruled. By the way, it was thanks to him that the city received such a name, which is literally translated as "the son of Khavis".

It is compared to a picturesque village on a high hill, because Benahavis has preserved its pristine nature, and a small number of local residents around the world are famous for their cordiality. This area is a real paradise for lovers of eco-tourism, extreme sports and outdoor activities, riding, fishing, rafting and even canyoning. That's right, Las Angosturas is a real treasure of Andalusia.

Among other things, there is the largest concentration of catering establishments of the highest class, where they serve authentic dishes, which travelers love so much. It is in Banahavis that there are the best golf clubs on the entire coast. And residential complexes are recognized as the most comfortable, safe and beautiful in all of Andalusia. Not less here are health-improving spa centers, sports and horse clubs and villas that hosted the most famous personalities.

Benahavis is a city full of tranquility


The property in Benahavis is worth buying for many positive reasons:

  • Accommodation here is safe and confidential;
  • The city is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly in Spain, as pure mountain air and a special climate here provides a mountain range and a natural biosphere reserve filled with diverse flora and fauna;
  • Panoramic views that open from different points of the city are simply breathtaking. From the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where a fresh breeze is blowing, one can see an endless strip of sea and clean sand to Gibraltar itself;
  • The region will never be too built up, as it is officially recognized as an ecologically clean municipality;
  • Infrastructure is developed at the highest level, there are all necessary for a comfortable life of the institution;
  • Real estate taxes are lower than in all of Europe. All apartments are inexpensive at cost and subsequent maintenance - from a cozy spacious apartment to a luxurious villa.

Benahavis is a promising area with great potential, which is worth paying attention to.