Los Flamingos - Sports, Leisure and Luxury

The coast of the Costa del Sol, undoubtedly, includes many amazing places - Marbella, Puerto Banus, Golden Mile, etc. But one of the regions often remains invisible, although very vain. This is a fast-growing neighborhood, called Los Flamingos. It was designed and quickly built according to a single urban planning, which ensures the conformity of all buildings under construction within residential complexes to all established standards of architecture and ecology. Among other things, they have aesthetic qualities, which is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

Los Flamingos is considered an elite resort for golf lovers, which is located in a very cozy area - between the hills in a calm valley. It is distinguished by an increased level of security - the area is closed, there is constant video surveillance, there is always a guard on the post. And the views from here open incredible - distant landscapes at the horizon, well-groomed golf courses, panorama of the Andalusian mountains. Also here is the lake of the same name, from which the name of this region originated many years ago. Opens the view of the Mediterranean Sea, with a view from the beach panorama from Marbella to Gibraltar itself.

Los Flamingos - Sports, Leisure and Luxury

Demand for real estate

In this neighborhood, the demand for residential buildings is incredibly high. Here come citizens of all countries of the world to settle in the facility temporarily, buy it out and use it on a permanent basis, or use it as a profitable investment. The buildings are clearly and correctly conceived layout, everywhere you can see the huge panoramic windows and comfortable terraces. Inside, everything is arranged in the highest order:

  • Innovative technical support;
  • Luxury bathrooms with constantly warm water, which is important for a Russian person;
  • Built-in kitchens, furnished in better conditions;
  • Advanced security system - gas, smoke and alarm sensors.

Briefly, the project managers of this complex have tried to provide the most comfortable living conditions. The most modern villas and comfortable apartments are adroitly intertwined with green spaces, grass, bushes, majestic cypresses. There are also numerous brooks that merge into stunning lakes. As a result, a unique combination of graceful, quality objects, advantageous location and a measured way of life. This set attracts crowds of tourists who are eager to spend their holidays in better conditions.

Los Flamingos - Sports, Leisure and Luxury

Not just a lifestyle

In Los Flamingos is one of the largest in Europe, a relaxing spa center, which is equipped with the latest technology and appliances. There are numerous green fields and lawns for those who like to play golf, restaurants with masterpiece cuisine, entertainment facilities and night clubs.

The infrastructure is stunning, everything you need is in close proximity - supermarkets, pharmacy, banks, seashore, sports facilities, international schools, shopping centers. Also from here it is very easy to get to the nearest elite resorts, and to the airport to go less than an hour. In one of the neighboring areas, the wine cellars are popular with tourists. Nearby is a park with a real wildlife, which is open to both adults and children. A two-hour drive away is a ski resort. Los Flamingos is an area that provides a high standard of living, a cozy atmosphere and beautiful views.