Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

Summer is the season of the year. During this period people go traveling and more and more often to European states. Thus, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also get acquainted with a new culture. One of the countries open to tourists is Spain. There is nothing strange in this, because the mild climate, warm weather for almost the whole year and the beautiful landscapes help her to remain one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Buying your own home here is not a cheap pleasure, so guests stay in hotels. But there is another way out of this situation - renting a villa in Spain. It remains to choose: sea, ocean or mountains. For lovers of swimming on the beach there are many offers near the Mediterranean Sea or on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

For supporters of an active lifestyle and mountain air, an excellent opportunity would be to spend a vacation near the mountain ranges.
Regardless of where the rented apartments will be located (the center or the outskirts of the city, a small village, in a beach area or mountains), there are basic parameters for the formation of a price tag.

Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

The advantages of sublease

As an alternative affordable vacation can be considered cooperation with landlords. To rent a house in this country is much cheaper than a hotel room. In addition, there are other advantages in favor of this alternative:

  • the ability to choose a home for two people or a large company, with a fixed check;
  • landscaping even for families with small children;
  • their possessions, closed from prying eyes;
  • it is possible to execute a contract from several weeks to several months or years;
  • you can create your own schedule - no need to adapt to the mode of the hotel, where the room was rented, you can not go on group excursions;
  • a kitchen where you can cook what you want, and not eat what is offered;
  • there is no need to put up with a neighborhood of unknown people.

If one advantage of sublease is the fact that the cost of renting a house by the sea corresponds to the hotel room on the first coastline. It does not matter, the choice is made in favor of the sea, ocean or mountain views - the conditions provided will delight everyone.

Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

What villas are offered to travelers?

Each landlord is trying to provide the services of tourists or locals who have decided to rest, a large area apartment with modern renovation, artificial reservoir, all the required furniture. This option is ideal, but customers can choose homes:

  • single or multi-storey;
  • with or without a pool;
  • with a large territory or small square;
  • with or without parking.

In general, the owners of the estates try to provide all the conditions for a comfortable stay: household appliances, television, heating system and a barbecue area. The choice of buildings with a terrace or a balcony is not excluded.

Also, an alternative could be the search for housing from property owners who rent out their apartments. This standard practice is for those who do not always live near the sea coast. This lease is inexpensive, which allows you to maintain the property in good condition, and the rest - to spend a vacation with all the amenities.

It is also possible that the premises are installed only the necessary furnishings, many bedrooms, and the electronics are very outdated. This means that the property was bought only for vacationers and the owner is interested only in profit.

Often it is chosen on the principle of entertainment or cultural places for leisure. For example, young people love nightlife, so they prefer to live near bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. And couples with children or older people - more relaxed pastime in residential areas or rural areas.

Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

Variety of rent

One of the criteria affecting the cost of a rented dwelling is a type of sublease. It can be short and long term. In the first case, the payment is made weekly. Those vacationers who will rent a room for 60-90 days can count on a good discount system.

For the short-term - the pledge for furniture and hardware is typical, the fee for the last cleaning is also taken. The most advantageous to book a property in April, because closer to the season, the payment will be increased, and booking will not be easy.

Renting a dwelling for a long period involves staying in it for a period of 1 to 5 years. In this scenario, between the landlord and the tenant is a contract, and he does not require notarization. The contract describes all the furniture and appliances, as well as their photos are attached.

Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

How to determine the rental price?

More and more tourists for summer holidays are choosing sunny and warm Spain. Some prefer luxury hotels, while others prefer a rest isolated from outsiders and choose a rental villa. If everything is more or less clear with the cost of a hotel room, then with renting a house, things are a little different. Among the main factors of pricing are:

  1.  Location. Price for a villa depends on where it is located. Here we are talking not only about the city center or rural wilderness, the sea coast or mountainous areas. Plays a role and the selected resort.
  2. Period of booking. The most expensive time to live in Spain is the summer months. During this period, the price rises from 30 to 50%.
  3. Duration of stay. You can live in a Spanish state in a villa from a week to several months, and from 6 months to a year and even more. In the second case, you can get a discount.
  4. Area. The larger the house and the surrounding area, the higher the rent for it.
  5. Availability of a pool. An artificial reservoir in the courtyard increases the payment - you have to pay for comfort.
  6. Distance to the beach. The closer the estate to it, the higher the price.
  7. Picturesque places. Beautiful scenery from the window or balcony also plays a role in pricing. In this case, no matter what to admire: the ocean, the sea or the mountains.

Rent a villa in Spain. It remains to choose the sea, ocean or mountains

Also important is the trip itinerary. If tourists want to visit previously unknown destinations, then, accordingly, they will have to spend a little, and vice versa.

Eating an estate guarantees a good time in Spain. But before booking should take into account all the nuances to make the right choice and not regret it in the future.