Apartments for rent in Marbella (Spain)

Quite often we have the need to rent real estate, both in the long term and for a few days for a holiday. Rental apartments in Marbella (Spain) are in particular demand, because this is a famous resort that is visited by thousands of tourists, including stars. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out how to choose suitable housing, both for long-term rentals, and for short-term stays, and what particular details should be looked at from the outside.

Short term rental real estate

Before you start searching for premises, you need to identify key points. If this is a business trip, then there are usually no special requirements on the part of the customer. If this is a family vacation, then quite often users look at the location of the best sea coasts, infrastructure and price range.

Short-term rent is worth a lot of money. If you compare the prices of apartments from the owners and hotel rooms, then eat any type is a financially affordable investment. In addition to the roof over his head, a person also gets a personal kitchen designed for cooking food, thereby saving money on food in a restaurant and an individual pool.

Apartments for rent in Marbella (Spain)

Approximately in one district for the same price you can get either a comfortable hotel room, or a whole big apartment, where the whole family would be conveniently located. And sometimes this choice turns out more profitable, much depends on the location.

The selection of an apartment can be done independently, using a variety of services and analyzing the comments of other people, but, as practice shows, finding a home in Spain, and in another country without the intervention of specialized organizations, is almost impossible. Therefore, experts recommend in this situation to use the services of companies engaged in the search for premises, mansions and other types of temporary residence.

Features of the lease for a long term

One of the most preferred types is long term rental. In this country there is a rule: the longer you rent an apartment, the cheaper it will be. And indeed this rule works.

This figure can vary from a few hundred euros for a miniature one-room room to several thousand euros for a huge house with an individual pool, golf course and other privileges. That is why here you can find housing for any wallet.

Apartments for rent in Marbella (Spain)

If you do not know where to find a place to use for a long period of time, then you should also seek help from highly professional realtors who will select the best type, both by location and by price category.

Quite often, long-term rentals are just a preparatory stage for a purchase. Many owners of their homes provide a unique chance to live for a couple of months for a small fee, in order to understand whether it is suitable for the client or whether another is being sought. This is useful for those who plan to make a costly purchase, but are not sure that this or that apartment will suit him.

Useful tips and tricks

If you have the opportunity to remove it a little earlier or postpone this period, then professionals recommend performing this process from autumn to late spring. Summer is considered the tourist season when prices rise very rapidly and this applies to any kind of operations performed. If you want to relax on the beach, but do not spend a lot of money, then it is better to come here in the early to mid-autumn and have a good time on the half-empty coasts. The sun is still warm at this time, and prices are more affordable.

Professionals are advised to avoid payment by bank transfer or check. A secure method is a bank card payment on the spot. This is very important, as a huge number of organizations guarantee different types of protection in case of payment for real estate by a bank card.

Never trust owners who rent their own housing, and which can only be contacted by email. Before agreeing, you should personally communicate with the owner, clarify all points and only then make a decision. As a rule, fraudsters hide personal information about themselves, so be vigilant. Any owner of his own home, who is interested in a potential client, will surely provide all the information about himself and, if necessary, will send additional pictures.

Apartments for rent in Marbella (Spain)

Before making a final decision, it also does not hurt to decide 100% on what priorities are more important for you. If you need a room that would be closer to the infrastructure (shops, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants), then it is imperative to notify the agency employee who is working on finding the right type of real estate for you.

If you are planning to rent an apartment for a large number of people, you need to notify the owner so that he takes care of the availability of dishes, sets of cosmetics and other details necessary for a comfortable stay, even for a few days.

Well, the last piece of advice says that if you decide to spend your vacation in Marbella: you don’t have to look for him at this resort. If you come by car, then you will not be difficult to come here, for example, from San Pedro, Elviria and Estepona. Property prices are much lower.

Rental Agency

In Marbella, this process is not so cheap. Moreover, to find a profitable option, being outside the resort is very difficult. In such situations, our agency will help.

Apartments for rent in Marbella (Spain)

We work according to the following principle: You tell the approximate cost per day or per month (depending on the period), location and your priorities. For several days, our company representatives are looking for suitable options, and you choose for yourself the most profitable.

We provide airport transfer services, which is also very convenient for non-locals.