Golden Mile - a picturesque area of luxury real estate in Marbella

A beautiful country Spain annually attracts huge crowds of tourists, coming from all over the world. And this is absolutely not surprising, because there is a very mild and warm climate, picturesque architecture and stunning resorts. One of the most popular today is the town of Marbella, located on the Costa del Sol. This area is preferred for life and leisure by wealthy individuals who are tired of the city's bustle and want to relax.

Once this modern resort city was an ordinary fishing village. But in 1945, this place was based luxury hotel 'Marbella Club Hotel', which quite surprisingly influenced the development of this place. It was with him began attracting a lot of fans of luxury resorts. And the area, from the western border of Marbella and to the most famous port of Puerto Banus, is called the Golden Mile and is considered the most exclusive and expensive on the entire coast.

And to this day this area continues to be one of the best addresses in Europe, attracting tourists and wishing to enjoy the rest and developed real estate market. It is on this territory that the luxurious buildings, beloved by the representatives of high society - aristocrats, Arab sheikhs, movie stars and pop stars, and other well-to-do personalities are concentrated.

Golden Mile - a picturesque area of luxury real estate in Marbella

What explains the popularity

In fact, it's no surprise to any of the local citizens that this territory has become the home of many people. After all, there are better conditions for recreation and even more chic - for living:

  • First of all, it attracts the location - under the bright light of the sun, surrounded by the majestic mountain systems of Andalusia and the Mediterranean Sea, just a few minutes from the famous Puerto Banus and the noisy Marbella;
  • This name was not accidental, and not because the region was created for wealthy people. Here on the beaches lies the purest sand, dazzles the sunshine, the same expensive metal is in the palaces and the same nicknamed the real estate that was built here. These are luxury villas and fashionable townhouses, which are not first-rate considered first-class;
  • It is rumored that this is not just a place for the life and recreation of wealthy citizens, but a whole way of life;
  • It should also be noted that in this resort town there are all necessary for comfortable living establishments - boutiques with things from the world's leading designers, chic jewelery shops, luxury entertainment, beach clubs, elegant and cozy golf courses, as well as numerous establishments Catering. There are restaurants that have received Michelin stars, with the best chefs, a menu of traditional Spanish cuisine and professional sommeliers, but there are also more simple but very cozy and atmospheric cafes.

To maintain and even constantly raise the status of the Golden Mile area, local authorities transform its appearance to a state of perfection. Numerous reconstructions and restoration works of old, but incredibly beautiful structures are under way, which retain the original charm, but are transformed into an embodiment of comfort and luxury.

The coastal and mountain sides are separated by a boulevard stretching all over the territory, 8 km long, which is very aesthetically completely planted with palm trees. It is famous for the location of the most famous and prestigious hotels on the Costa del Sol, in which the cream of the society is populated from all over the world. It is also famous for business and shopping centers, the Royal Mosque and a full-fledged residential complex. In the lower part of the region, closest to the sea shore, are the most exclusive, stunning villas and beach apartments, as well as urban townhouses.

Golden Mile - a picturesque area of luxury real estate in Marbella

The best property

On the opposite side, closer to the mountains and hills, there are residential buildings, from the windows of which there are beautiful panoramic views. Here are villas and penthouses, made in a modern architectural style, among which there are new, prestigious buildings available for purchase. Also there are sites, the active development of which is just beginning.

All the presented objects are of high cost. But this is completely justified, since they are designed to provide the owner with an increased level of comfort and safety. Moreover, elite housing also has considerable investment value, because its price in the market does not fall even in a crisis situation, and demand never disappears. Moreover, it is not necessary to permanently live in a purchased house, it is enough to come on vacation, and in your spare time to rent a house to the same travelers. Demands for buildings in the territory of the Golden Mile are seriously ahead of the offer. The choice of a wealthy guest offers the highest level of quality of construction, increased comfort and a better security system.