Life in Marbella and its environs

Marbella is a resort town that has become famous throughout the world for its hospitality and luxury. Here the mountains are emerald green, and the sea is infinitely blue and cool. In the city, Spanish traditions mixed with an unusual European culture in cooking and especially architecture. Annually, the city attracts a large number of visitors, 30 percent of the population are foreigners. But, to a large extent, the local residents are fairly well-off and rich, because the resort is considered elite.

Most of the luxury restaurants received Michelin stars as a reward quite deservedly. They are able to satisfy the preferences of even the most demanding gourmets. At the same time, the government provides every opportunity to create and successfully maintain its own business.

Near, just a few minutes drive, there are several small settlements. What is surprising, but there is too little information on them on various Internet resources, if you do not take into account Puerto Banus. And in vain, because possible future owners of houses in Spanish resorts will probably be interested in such cities, in particular, because of relatively affordable prices.

Life in Marbella and its environs

San Pedro de Alcántara

According to modern data, it is now recognized as part of the city of Marbella, but it is more considered independent. It has an incomparable national charm, and local residents are less like owners of luxury villas.

San Pedro de Alcántara is the best place to relax and unwind after a stay in the noisy Marbella. Its main attraction is the central square of the Plaza de la Iglesia, which houses an ancient historical temple. Around it formed a real labyrinth of narrow streets with a variety of catering establishments, souvenir shops and boutiques.

But even in such a quiet town it's difficult to get bored, it includes all the establishments that contribute to a fun pastime:

  • Bars;
  • Restaurants;
  • Night clubs;
  • Shopping malls;
  • And even sports centers;
  • Golf courses.

Also, various holidays are constantly held cultural events, fairs and concerts. The beaches are long and very clean.


This is a very picturesque area, at a distance of 7 kilometers from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. But even without considering the distance from the water, many tourists flock here. This is due to the fact that the city has gathered in itself the best world cuisine, it is called a paradise for lovers of gastronomy.

It rises 500 meters above the sea, and therefore residents and tourists can enjoy with pleasure the stunning panoramic views and stunning scenery. At the highest peak is the historic castle of Montemayor, and nearby there are mountain rivers.

Life in Marbella and its environs

Nueva Andalucia

This town is carefully designed by experienced specialists and consists of only a few small areas. Restaurant companies thrive, many establishments are able to compete with the best restaurants in Spain. However, it is not very popular among tourists, there are industrial enterprises, where local residents work.


It has a convenient location - just 8 minutes drive from Marbella and close to Malaga airport. The city blossoms every day. It retains a historical heritage in the old churches and the ancient building of the City Hall. This is a very hospitable town, which provides everything for foreign tourists - from cafes to offices of different companies. Every month, on the first Saturday in the center, a fair is held.