What to bring to Spain

You first decided to go to the Iberian Peninsula, the country of luxurious beaches, delicious food and unique flavor. The natural question that every traveler asks is what to bring to Spain?

In order to make the holiday pleasant, without wasting money, in this article we will consider what is useful to you, going on a vacation.

Of course, the most important thing is money and documents:

  • Identity card - passports of Russian citizens, just in case.
  • Passport with a current, valid visa. It is prudent to make copies of them and take pictures on the phones. You never know what can happen on the road.
  • Insurance policy for the entire stay. Also take a photo so that the serial number is visible. Confirmation of hotel reservation or other accommodation.
  • If you plan to rent a car, do not forget your driver's license.
  • Cash in euros, because you will have to change dollars on arrival, and this time and loss in the difference rate. Exchange in advance the necessary currency in Russia.
  • A bank card will also be appropriate if you do not plan to make shopping or large purchases. In advance, ask your bank what percentage will be for cash withdrawals in another country and when calculating the store. Usually everywhere there is a commission and a percentage for the conversion.

Therefore, if you often travel, get a currency card, then when calculating in a restaurant, shop, cash withdrawals at certain ATMs, you will not incur additional expenses.

How much to take? This is already individual. You can roughly estimate the amount you need. If you are traveling with children, then take the calculations seriously.

What to bring to Spain

Wardrobe items

You will want to collect as many beautiful things as possible, especially for women. Do not do this, take only the most necessary.

As practice shows, much of what is in the suitcase just does not fit.

Carrying weight is also not very comfortable, especially if you are traveling without a travel agency, but on your own. On the road, it is completely inconvenient to carry numerous bags and suitcases, especially if there are transfers.

The downside is that you will have to pay an additional fare for the advantage at the airport, an approximate fare of 50 euros.

If, suddenly, there is a dire need for any thing, buy right on the spot. In Europe, prices are much more affordable and the choice is more varied. For example, in outlet stores, shoes and clothes are much cheaper than in Russia.

Any experienced traveler will surely tell you, the fewer things, the better. Many cost 1 large bag for two. Then the ticket is cheaper and less worn.

What to bring to Spain

Sample list of clothes:

Of course, everything is at your discretion and taste, but a few T-shirts and tops will not hurt you.

  • Beach and city shorts.
  • Jeans or pants.
  • Girls are sure to grab light dresses, sundresses and skirts.
  • Shirts, blouses. A pair of pieces of each item is enough.
  • Warm blouse with sleeves for cool weather. Or if you decide to ride on the sea in cold weather.
  • Think about what you will be walking around the hotel or in rented accommodation.
  • Lightweight beach tunics for women or any comfortable clothing - a sundress, shorts, T-shirt made from natural fabrics. For men - shorts, t-shirts.
  • Underwear items;
  • Socks multiple pairs.
  • Pajamas, nightgowns for sleeping, if needed.

Note, if you are going on a trip not in the tourist season, take warm clothes. Waterproof jacket, sweaters and more. From October to April there can be abundant rainfall and gusty wind. In winter, grab gloves, hat, scarf.

What to bring to Spain

Shoes in luggage take up a lot of space, so we do not recommend taking a lot.

  • For the beach: sandals, shale, they can walk in the apartment and the hotel.
  • Sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, choose one thing and comfortable. If you are going to go on excursions and walk a lot. In such shoes it is better to go.
  • For a restaurant, club and other cultural events, women will cost a pair of wedge shoes. Heels do not need to take, many streets are lined with paving stone, you just can not move normally. Men suit sneakers, slipona or summer shoes.
  • In the cold season, take on seasonal shoes, half boots or low shoes, as well as suitable sneakers.

The main thing that it was convenient to move around the city.

What to bring to Spain

Accessories and cosmetics for the beach.

  • Several swimsuits, per shift. Men recommend wearing a bathing shorts, tight swimming trunks, pants, are considered bad form.
  • When traveling in the sunny season - April-October, one cannot do without sun creams and emulsions, with SPF protection of at least 30-50. In summer the temperature reaches + 38-40 degrees and above. Burn for a couple of hours, even in the evening is easy. Buy a cream with a water-repellent effect, you do not have to constantly apply it after bathing. Do not neglect this advice, especially when traveling with children. Their delicate skin needs maximum protection from the sun.
  • Beach bag or backpack. The size is individual, the main thing is to fit the necessary accessories.
  • Wide brim hats, caps, baseball caps and hats.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Beach towels, bedspreads and an umbrella. Since the lounge chairs at the box are not cheap. Approximately 10-15 euros per day. With their bedding come many European tourists. Moreover, those who rest on clean sand do not experience any discomfort. Buy an umbrella and bedspread right on the beach, but it will be at a price a bit more expensive than Russian prices.
  • Grab an inflatable pillow, it takes up little space, but is very functional. Float on it in the sea and use it on the shore.
  • Mask and breathing tube, useful if you plan to visit the island. But always such accessories are at the box office and should not be dragged.

Hygiene products and cosmetics

  • soap, shampoo, moisturizing milk or cream;
  • toothpaste, brush;
  • Shaving accessories, deodorant, and intimate hygiene items.

What to bring to Spain


In the rules of airlines there are restrictions on the transport of liquids, pay attention to this. Go to the website of the company whose tickets you purchased and check the rate. All of this is really available in any Spanish town, especially since the quality of products is much higher than Russian. Often, our tourists, in addition to souvenirs, bring a strategic supply of good care products.

If the plane does not feed or you do not want to spend money on food. Take a croissant, dryer, or chocolates with you. In the plane it is expensive and tasteless. A sandwich from 8, and a salad will cost from 10 to 15 euros.

We do not recommend girls to use foundation on the beach; let the skin rest from makeup. It is better to use more moisturizers for face and body. The hot sun is very dry lips, because hygienic lipstick or special protective, will be the way.

Nail polish is also superfluous, your nails will be strengthened under the influence of sea water, will make them strong and healthy.
Eyeliner, blush, mascara (waterproof), perfume - take a small volume. It may come in handy in the evening.


You should take those that you take constantly. Of the common ones, it is an antipyretic, antispasmodic, from disorder of the digestive system, since in the first days there will be an adaptation to the local cuisine. Let it be just in case, it is quite possible, you do not need it at all.

What to bring to Spain

Appliances and electronics

Smartphone, tablet, chargers for them. Camera, camera, batteries. Adapters and cords for charging.

You may need a laptop for work, a flash drive, a memory card - this is individual.

Look on the Internet what you want to visit, where to go. Make a wish list. Shopping places, museums, attractions and so on.

Take care of roaming or take a local SIM card. Note that Wi-Fi is almost everywhere.

This is a conditional list of what is necessary, everyone will decide for himself what will be appropriate on vacation.

Be sure to take care of your accommodation before traveling. You can rent an apartment overlooking the sea or a cozy apartment with the help of a reputable company that has extensive experience in real estate. Experts will help with the selection and prompt the best option. Where you will be comfortable and safe. We assure you that after visiting this picturesque country, you will definitely want to come back here. And buy a home here is quite real. We will provide full assistance in the search and execution of documents.