What Spain is famous for

A colorful place on the world map, a country of bright sunshine, unique flavor and delicious cuisine. Beckons travelers from all over the world with its beauties and national characteristics. Everyone who came here wants to come back without fail. What attracts them and what Spain is famous for.

Let's look at the most interesting thing in the country.

Sea vacation

It has an amazingly mild and warm climate. Not many countries boast so many sunny days per year. Winter is not so cold, some vacationers even swim in the sea.

The coastline is more than 5 thousand kilometers. The clean beaches of the Costa Dorada, Del Sol, Blanca, have the distinctive Blue Flag quality marks. This indicates environmental friendliness, functionality and a comfortable stay.

Parties, holidays are organized on the shore and many hotels are located. For lovers of secluded relaxation, there are wild and nudist harbors.

The Mediterranean coast is a dream for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Here athletes of different levels, even beginners, can try their hand. Hire equipment and learn how to glide on the water surface.

Scuba dive, explore the underwater world with instructors, divers.

Speaking about the beaches, it is worth noting that families with children relax here very comfortably. A gentle entrance to the water, clean fine sand and playgrounds right on the waterfront.

What Spain is famous for

Paradise for art lovers

The variety of museums of different directions, with unique exhibits.

The El Prado Gallery in Madrid is famous for its scale and the number of works of art presented. It is considered one of the most visited, here are paintings by Salvador Dali, El Greco, Raphael, Botticelli and these are not all the geniuses of fine art whose works are presented here.

Wherever you go everywhere you will find monuments of architecture and objects related to UNESCO World Heritage.

Architecture is a mix of Muslim Moorish culture, past centuries and Christian buildings. Such a mixture creates a unique atmosphere and contrasts.


  • Benedictine Montserrat Monastery, near Barcelona.
  • Temple of St. James, in the North in Galicia. You may have a desire to go through a fireplace path, a pilgrim pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela.
  • Sagrada Familia - Sagrada Familia, a stunning work of the great architect Antonio Gaudi.
  • Park Guell - an amazing fabulous country, with unusual sculptures, will be interesting to children and adults.
  • The entertaining city-park Port Aventura, with thematic attractions and restaurants of different cuisines of the world.
  • Area of ​​Spain in Seville.

And much more, which cannot be listed in one article, it is better to come and build your personal guidebook.

What Spain is famous for


Famous Spanish wines are considered the best not only in Europe, but throughout the world. It has a favorable climate, gentle sun and a unique landscape. All contribute to the cultivation of the best grape varieties. We recommend that you go on an excursion to one of the wineries and taste magnificent wines.

The famous sangria is prepared here from white or red wine, with the addition of berries, fruits and strong alcohol. Ice cubes are added to the heat.


Mediterranean cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. Fresh fish, shellfish, shrimp, oysters, which are prepared in different ways, seasoned with cream and tomato sauce.

Taste national dishes - tapas, gazpacho soup and jamon. The famous paella is prepared in different ways, in all parts of the country, with the addition of rabbit meat, seafood and other ingredients.

What Spain is famous for

Holidays and festivals

  • Fiesta San Juan - the victory of the sun over darkness. Passes in the summer, it is customary to arrange walks on the seashore, burn bonfires and burn a scarecrow, and then have fun and drink wine until the morning.
  • Valencia goes tomato battles 'La Tomatina'. Participants throw tomatoes at each other, after which the clothes and the street turn into one big red mess.
  • Bullfighting is a national sport and a person’s competition with a bull.

It dates back to the 13th century; fights are held in large arenas of the country, where aristocrats and thrill-seekers gather.

  • The San Fermin Bull Race in Pamplona, ​​which is said to have been invented by Ernest Hemingway himself. A rather traumatic occupation and hazardous to health. But there are daredevils who every year try to run away from the bull. The distance from start to finish is 850 meters.
  • Also regularly held a variety of fairs with mummers, it resembles a carnival with songs and dances.
  • Music lovers can attend one of the music festivals featuring world DJs.
  • Dance movement on the famous island of Ibiza, where music thunders all night at foamy parties.

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