Meet Christmas in Spain in your own apartment

The global financial crisis has only slightly affected real estate in Spain. Now our compatriots with the same interest as before relate to the purchase of housing in various regions of the country. Since the territory is large, the property has an elective value. More affluent citizens can afford a corner in Madrid or Barcelona. Students, people living in Spain, are interested in areas with developed infrastructure. Most consider the purchase of housing as a way of earning. The number of those who want to relax on the coast at any time of the year is only growing.

Popular areas

Russian tourists prefer to celebrate Christmas, to spend the New Year holidays where there is no snow. A kingdom like no other is perfect for this. There is no precipitation, but traditions are honored here. It is very exciting to try Christmas turkey, visit the sights, sunbathe. That is what the dream of most tourists from our country looks like.

Popular regions:

  • Province of Alicante;
  • Torrevieja - many immigrants from Russia live here;
  • Catalonia and the Costa Bravo, because they are located near the French border and the popular city of Barcelona.
  • Andalusia.
  • Malaga, Marbella, Estepona are suitable for wealthy gentlemen who want to live and rest where everything is at the highest level.

In Spain, there are fifty provinces. All of them possess individuality, advantageous parties. Before you make a purchase and sale transaction, you should definitely get acquainted with the street, because some are well suited to tourists, others for living, farming, sightseeing, historical buildings.

Meet Christmas in Spain in your own apartment

Where better to live and relax

Catalonia is chosen more often to purchase real estate there, this is understandable. This part of the country is considered the most economically developed. Here is where to relax, what to see. In addition, access to any institution or place will allow the availability of public transport. Of course, in Barcelona, ​​real estate prices cannot be called low, but here you understand what you are paying for. If you need cheaper housing, it is better to look at homes in the Costa Bravo. Slightly less than a quarter of a million euros will cost four-room apartments and higher.

Lloret de Mar is ideal for buying residential space for the tourism business. If you are going there to periodically relax or rent housing to other guests of the country, then this place is perfect.

This part has many entertainment venues:

  • Night clubs;
  • Casino;
  • Restaurants and cafes;
  • Water park, etc.

The cost is diverse. It all depends on the desires and possibilities. Even Valencia will open its arms to those who can find 80,000 euros to buy an apartment.

An interesting proposal could be an apartment in Torrevieja. A colorful region where people of many nationalities live. To look at colorful festivals, to celebrate Christmas in many traditions is a tempting idea. You can buy a living space from 65,000 euros.

Purchase terms

You should know that in Spain there are several types of buildings:

  • apartments;
  • houses;
  • townhouses;
  • Masiya;
  • bungalows.

The cost of them is different, because they all have a specific purpose. Rather, all are suitable for life, but the conditions are different. The bungalow is suitable for recreation. Apartments and mansions - long stay. Townhouses are created with a compromise. Persons who are not very familiar with the laws of Spain, should not independently participate in the purchase, it is better to use the services of agencies and lawyers. Inspect the territory themselves, get acquainted with the surroundings and neighbors. So you will know for sure that you are making the right choice.

Meet Christmas in Spain in your own apartment

On a note! Here, the first and last floors are popular, the living room is much larger than ours, two or three bathrooms are the norm.

Before you get acquainted with the rules of acquisition, decide for what purposes you need:

  • Investing money in order to then rent the apartment.
  • A house for elderly parents and yourself.
  • Apartment to students.
  • Temporary residence due to work.
  • Plans for permanent residence.
  • Rest in warm areas in winter.

If you are not going to live permanently, then look at inexpensive buildings that do not require care. To work and study you will need an apartment in a developed region, etc. For help in obtaining all the necessary documents, please contact a special agency. They will be able to tell the terms of sale, will indicate the most profitable. You can get away from the winter and cold evenings. For this it is worth only to buy a house in warm Spain.