The most beautiful places in Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is a colorful, hospitable and colorful land that attracts tourists from all over the world to see the most beautiful places in Spain. Soak up the clean beaches, see historical beauties and taste delicious wines.

We can’t say for sure what attracts travelers - green mountains, orange groves, vineyard fields or cultural heritage. A huge number of museums, architectural monuments, locations for families with children and institutions that offer excellent Mediterranean cuisine. All the advantages can not be listed, everything needs to be tasted and seen with your own eyes.

Let's go to the corners of the country, which will not leave indifferent, even the most sophisticated gourmet traveler.

The peninsula includes islands in autonomous regions, each of which has its own traditions, holidays, unique nature, as well as delights of national cuisine. Everyone will find something to entertain themselves with - these are excursions, nightlife, shopping, sea vacations and entertainment for every taste.

The most beautiful places in Spain


The city of contrasts is located in the northeast, there is a mild climate, you can combine outdoor activities with quiet walks. The rich culture and amazing buildings of the world famous architect Antonio Gaudi, such as: the Church of the Holy Family - Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, a park with bizarre sculptures that resembles a fantastic planet and much more. Go shopping, look into the cafes to feel the local spirit and measured life.


The capital of the kingdom, founded in the 16th century, of course, here you will get lost from the many attractions that relate to different periods and styles in architecture. To get around all the museums, galleries with unique exhibits, paintings by famous artists, a couple of days is not enough. Be sure to check out one of the markets with the best products, feel like a local resident, strolling through the cozy streets and parks. It boils life day and night, in shopping and business centers, nightclubs and restaurants.


Located in the South, it is the capital of Andalusia, which is also called Orange Grove, because there are citrus aromatic trees planted at every step. Their fragrance can be enjoyed in spring during flowering.

What to see:

  • The Alcazar Palace is the face of the country, here is a unique combination of Moorish and European styles.
  • Gothic Cathedral, it must not be missed.
  • Exquisite Plaza of Spain.
  • House of Pilate. Here you will find Greek sculptures, the legacy of the Moors and the Roman Empire.

The most beautiful places in Spain


It was the capital of the peninsula until the 16th century. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see traces of Jewish, Muslim and Christian culture, which is “read” in the monuments of architecture. The location is notable for the fact that the city is spread out on a hill, natural beauties harmoniously combine with medieval buildings.

Interesting locations:

  • Cathedral of St. Mary.
  • The house-museum of the famous sculptor and artist El Greco.
  • Alcantara Bridge and more.


A visiting card of the Botanical Gardens, the incredibly luxurious Marimurtra Flora Park. It is located on the sea slopes, which offers a gorgeous view of the Costa Brava. It is divided into three parts: the Mediterranean, temperate zone and subtropics. In each of them, plants brought from different continents grow. You can relax from a walk in one of the cozy gazebos.

Balearic Islands

These include:

  • Mallorca,
  • Ibiza
  • and Menorca.

The clean coast with fine sand allows you to relax truly royally. The well-known party Ibiza attracts with its club movement. Here, music sounds around the clock in clubs and at foam parties. Here you can easily meet a world celebrity.

The most beautiful places in Spain


Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Here is a peculiar mix of buildings of the 12th century, which were left behind by the Moors, nightclubs and stunning sights that inspired creative people from around the world.


  • Alhambra Palace.
  • Gardens of Generalife - a vivid example of how the Moorish aristocrats were able to live beautifully.
  • Sacromonte - a colorful gypsy quarter, it was here that the flamenco dance of passion arose.
  • Navas Street with many cafes and restaurants where you can try local sangria, jamon and tapas.

In the east is the cultural and historical center of Valencia. Famous for its City of Arts and Sciences. This is a large complex of five buildings that are built in a unique modern style. Includes an aquarium, a concert hall, a cinema, the Prince Philip Museum of Sciences and the Queen Sofia Palace.

In one of the establishments, try the local paella, which is a symbol of the city, it includes rice, chicken, rabbit, snails, vegetables and beans.
Santiago de Compostela, the extreme point in the north of the country. This region attracts pilgrims from all over the world to visit the eponymous cathedral, in which, according to legend, the relics of St. James are buried. The believer must go through his difficult path of the pilgrim to the temple and receive indulgence. They say that having traveled a great distance, sins are forgiven.

Nearby is the city of Bilbao, which combines entertainment and industrial complexes. The old style does not prevent it from being developed by the administrative center of Bizkaia.

Visit the Guggenheim Museum.

  • Fine Arts.
  • Bridge San Anton.
  • Donna Casilda Park.
  • Embankment of Nervion and more.

The most beautiful places in Spain

Coast of the Costa del Sol, Marbella

A fashionable resort with developed infrastructure, clean beaches that have the Blue Flag quality mark. Stars of show business, aristocrats and those who value a luxurious vacation love to relax here. In architecture, you will see echoes of the Roman Empire.


  • The Town Hall building, which has been preserved unchanged for a hundred years.,
  • Municipal Museum with archaeological finds.
  • Take a walk along the promenade with sculptures by Salvador Dali.
  • Not far from the coast is a monument to the famous womanizer Don Giovanni. They say that if you go around it several times, an unmarried girl will soon get married.
  • Almeda Park - a beautiful place for walking, where the shops are nestled with Andalusian tiles. Here in every corner there will be something interesting and unique.

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