The most beautiful cities in Spain

Spain - the keeper of untold heritage, amazing beauty and stunning color. Full of bright contrasts, its nature is indescribable and beautiful at any time of the year, and the architecture is simply fascinating. Culture has been shaped for many centuries under the influence of various peoples and religions, so its streets are full of temples, museums and architectural monuments that annually attract tens of millions of tourists.
We have studied this country for you and singled out the most beautiful cities in Spain, among which are declared in the UNESCO heritage list.

We hope this will inspire you to visit at least one of these scenic spots.

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Seville
  • Valencia
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Cordova
  • Granada
  • San Sebastian
  • Toledo
  • Santander
  • Salamanca
  • Zaragoza
  • Alicante
  • Bilbao
  • Jerez de la Frontera

The most beautiful cities in SpainBarcelona

A fantastic metropolis of contrasts of modernity and antiquity - Barcelona. In it you can find a lot of amazing things, ranging from the well-known stadium, the giant Mediterranean aquarium and the Boqueria market, to historical buildings. The real heart of Barcelona is the Gothic quarter. Labyrinth of Horta Park is considered an interesting and romantic place; the Holy Cross Cathedral is no less famous. In this city there are five masterpieces of the World Heritage: Park Guell, Casa Mila, Palau Guell, Palau de la Musica Catalana, Hospital de la Santa Cru.

During the day, you can relax with your family, go shopping and sightseeing or have lunch in a chic restaurant. With the onset of darkness reveals all the mysteries of nightlife: cabarets, bars, festivals, concerts, parties.


The capital of the country is Madrid. His esplanades are beautiful, and the people are very friendly. It is full of monuments, squares, parks. Often called the city of kings, in the capital is a delightful Royal Palace. One of the greatest treasures of Madrid is the monastery and Almudena.

Madrid boasts the oldest restaurant in the world - Sobrino de Botin, founded in 1725 and the huge amusement parks Casa del Campo and Warner Brothers.


Seville is a great place to be in love with. The streets are filled with flowering orange trees, incessant music and passionate dancing. Delights with its buildings, as if you fall into the city of churches and fortresses. Among the most fascinating are the Cathedral of the Holy Mother, the Giralda, the palace-fortress of Alcazar and the Tower of Torre del Orro.

Seville has become famous for Andalusian cuisine and people with powerful positive energy, this is where flamenco gained unprecedented popularity. Having been here at least once you remember it forever.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca can be called a paradise on earth. Located in the heart of the Balearic Sea, along the coast of which there are hundreds of beaches and historic buildings. To the old buildings and simple streets were added new modern in the style of Vouge. Of note is the Gothic-style Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma, Bellver Castle and the Royal Palace.

The most beautiful cities in Spain


Valencia is an impressive metropolis that combines modernity and history. The place is simply filled with incredible architecture. The most important and disturbing structure of Valencia is a futuristic complex of art and science. To get around the cultural heritage you need at least a week. Tourists love it for its golden beaches and the warm breeze of the Mediterranean. By the way, the famous paella dish appeared right here.


Cordoba is on the UNESCO list. Mostly, but with a rich history. Often referred to as a mixture of three religions: Muslim, Christian and Jewish. It has preserved many centuries-old buildings in the Moorish style, such as the Alcazar, the Synagogue and the Great Mosque. These places are precisely created for aesthetes: the streets are decorated with lush flowers, here it is cozy and beautiful.

The most beautiful cities in Spain


Another UNESCO listed site is Granada. It is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, where the popular ski resort is located in Europe. Granada is filled with monuments, you should definitely see the Alhambra Palace and the Moorish quarter of Albasin.

Granada is considered an intellectual university center. Pretty strict and very comfortable for life. Cave cafes where music is played are considered popular and flamenco dancing does not stop. Granada is famous for its crystal clear air and unearthly beauty.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a city of jazz and film festivals. Located on the coast of the bay, La Contacora Beach is the best and has won the hearts of many people. Jazz concerts are regularly held on the streets and many of them are free.

San Sebastian is filled with French style, for which he was nicknamed the little Paris of Spain. Walking through the modern streets you can get to the historic center of San Sebastian with the famous Basilica of Santa Maria.

The most beautiful cities in Spain


Toledo - a small town became the property of Spain. It is located on a mountain surrounded by the Tagus River, to the central gate of which leads the Alcantara Bridge. At the top of the mountain is the medieval castle of Alcazar. Toledo houses many historic buildings dating back to the 15th century. Picturesque fortifications of Toledo attracts millions of tourists.


Santander is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the whole is covered with high-rise buildings. Not crowded with tourists, it remains quiet and calm. Here are the royal stables, famous for royal stallions.

In the center there is a large palace, around which a green park is spread. All the parks of Santander are decorated with a large variety of beautiful flower cultures. Leaves no one indifferent Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Santander Cathedral.


Salamanca - the most famous educational center of the Spanish Kingdom. The university campus became due to the university established in 1254, where the famous professor and founder of international law Francisco de Victoria taught.

Salamanca will fascinate you with castles, and the Diocesan Museum will leave you indifferent with its main asset - the statue of the Virgin Mary. The face of the city was the house of shells, built in the 16th century, whose walls are strewn with sea shells.

The most beautiful cities in Spain


Zaragoza: único y memorable, rico en callejones, plazas y una gran combinación de estilos. Aqui nunca se aburrirá, mirando la arquitectura local cada vez que se le presentará en una nueva visión.

El patrimonio cultural de Zaragoza tiene más de milos años, y su belleza ha sido conquistada por la Basílica del Pilar. El fesco de la virgen del Pilar, el festival de la virgen del Pilar, celebra anualmente, para los españoles es una gran celebración. El principal edificio valioso es el Palacio de la Alhafería, el palacio islámico perfect amente conservado de la época árabe.


Alicante occupied the coast of the Balearic Sea. Beautiful for its beaches and mixed styling of streets: a large number of buildings and structures from different times. Popular all over the world is considered the majestic Santa Barbara castle of the 16th century, built on the high cliffs of Bencanttil. From its height there are fantastic views. The fortress is considered the fortress of San Ferdinandonopolian times and the Basilica of Santa Maria of the 18th century.

Alicante is famous for its numerous museums, among which there is an archaeological, urban, museum of fine and modern art. Here you can find the works of the great Picasso, Dali, Tàpies, Miro.

It hosts unforgettable carnivals, parties and discos. Here you can find a cozy place for yourself and enjoy the refreshing sangria and tapas.


Bilbao is the most modern of all in the Kingdom, with breathtaking views, full of inconceivable beauty of architecture. The first thing you need to visit is the incredible titanium-coated Guggenheim museum.

Previously, Bilbao was a small industrial port settlement, but now revealed in the fullness of the beauty of modern art. In addition to the newest buildings, you can enjoy the 14th century Gothic Santiago and the Begona Basilica. And do not forget to try pinchos with local wine.

The most beautiful cities in Spain

Jerez de la Frontera

A small provincial resort area, famous for its production of a variety of fine wines. Want to feel like a real Spaniard? - then you just here. Jerez de la Frontera will open for you its fantastic three thousand-year-old paved streets, filled with castles and churches, among which are the Carthusian monastery, the Cathedral of Saint Salvador and the Alcazar.

It is full of wine cellars, and wine tasting is one of the main entertainment of Jerez. In addition to wine, the Spaniards love horses very much. The 500-year-old horse fair is held here every year.

Having been once you will not be able to forget these greatest areas, unpredictable color and friendly Spaniards. Spain is the queen of Europe with gentle beaches, carnivals and Moorish culture that is famous for its wines and unique cuisine.

Many tourists come back here and even acquire real estate in order to have the opportunity again and again to enjoy these fascinating beauty not only in the hot summer, but also in the winter. Everywhere there are areas that are convenient for recreation and not so much. When purchasing property in Spain you must clearly define what you need it for: for a family holiday, permanent residence or for rent. But in any case, our company will help you make the right choice.