The best areas of Spain for life

Frequent visits to a wonderful country with a unique color, incredibly warm spiritual people suggested you to get real estate and move to live with your family on the Iberian Peninsula. For this you need to figure out where the best areas for living in Spain.

In order to make a serious decision, it is necessary to collect information about the regions, to study the features of each of them. Of course, wherever you are, excellent landscapes, medieval architecture, and developed infrastructure will surround you everywhere. Perhaps one of the important factors is the mentality of the Spaniards, which is due to many factors. It consists of a mix of emotionality, conservatism, expressiveness and benevolence. They will always come to the rescue, incredibly warm people with dignity.

In this article we will “go through” the most popular cities, and then, the choice is yours, which you will prefer - small, quiet villages or noisy locations.

The best areas of Spain for life

Places for a comfortable stay:

Barcelona - the capital of the region of Catalonia, ranks second in terms of population, approximately 1.5 million people. A large industrial center, there are successfully operating such industries as pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, and also there are factories of famous car brands “Peugeot”, “Seat”, “Ford”, “Renault”. Because the environment is not perfect. The location is very convenient - close to the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada. Because of the huge flow of tourists, not cheap enough for life. Nevertheless, the age-old, cultural heritage of historical monuments of architecture and the modern spirit make it unique. Here, a decent, European income level of the population, social, economic sphere, give a sense of freedom and security.

Housing can be bought, ranging from 100 thousand euros, on the outskirts (40, 50 m2), and in the new building per square meter want about € 3,600. Note that the demand here is always great, but it is difficult to find a quality new object.

The climate is mild, in winter the temperature will not be below 10 heat. In the summer, moderately hot up to 30 €. It is warm all year round, there is very little rain, snow is possible in winter, and the water is mostly warm at any time of the year, only winter is an exception.

It is worth noting that there are quite religious residents, about 50%. In recent years, Islamization has been felt. According to forecasts, perhaps soon, atheists and Muslims will significantly exceed the number of Catholics

You can say no to the Russian diaspora, of course, our compatriots can meet at the local supermarket.

The best areas of Spain for life

Valencia was once a Kingdom, the rules of the Aragon dynasty here. Beautiful cultural and architectural center, with the sea coast, marked “Blue Flag”. Russians and Ukrainians have chosen this territory, because living here has a lot of positive aspects:

  • Educational institutions are well developed.
  • Well-established trade (the port accepts a huge number of vessels, designed for large-scale container transportation).
  • Availability of scientific institutions.
  • It is generally accepted that people from the CIS live well here.
  • Warm weather all year round, in summer +28, +30 degrees.


  • Property prices from 2700 to 4000 € per sq.m. (average area of ​​70-80 square meters).
  • Economically expensive.

Alicante is located between the North and the South of the Costa Blanca. It is a large, vibrant metropolis and administrative center.

The best areas of Spain for life

The economy is based on the following:

  • operation of the seaport;
  • export of wine, olive oil;
  • food and tobacco industry operations;
  • tourism and services;
  • production of cement, which is successfully sold abroad.

Here you can have a good time among the architectural monuments and amazing landscape.

Alicante is ahead in terms of housing construction, therefore, prices are adequate, from 1 thousand to 1.3 thousand per square meter. m. Business and luxury level in approximately 1700-2000 €

Salou is a popular resort on a gorgeous beach, near the city of Tarragona. The small population density makes it very calm and comfortable, both for recreation and for permanent residence. It is immersed in greenery and exotic plants.


  • lack of the required number of vacancies;
  • immigrants from Senegal who live in illegal wages live here .;
  • Mainly employees are required for amusement parks, water parks, service providers, lifeguards, and so on.


  • suitable for family holidays in an environment of comfort and cleanliness;
  • magnificent nature, clean sandy beach;
  • park areas for walking with children.

The best areas of Spain for life

Nearby is a huge amusement park “Port Aventura”, which is not inferior to Disneyland.

King Jaime I Boulevard stretched for one kilometer along the embankment, a great location for walking.

The apartment will cost about two thousand euros per m2 (90m2). This is considered a good offer.

Palma de Mallorca, located on the island of Majorca, is considered clean, comfortable for tourists and permanent residence. Basically, the British and Germans like to visit the island, they pay good money for a high level of service. Tourism is not very developed, as the season lasts quite short. But they manage to earn money on wealthy visitors who admire the beauty of the landscapes and come back here again and again. There are quite a few of our people here.

The apartment will cost, somewhere around 2 thousand €, the rent of a one-room apartment on average 500 € per month. It is much more expensive objects near the beaches or the historic part. It is noteworthy that there are practically no marginal and homeless.

The best areas of Spain for life

Seville in the region of Andalusia, attracts vacationers and immigrants, clear sea, historical monuments, a low number of local residents and their security. There are few immigrants from Russia, but if you decide to settle here, choose areas where there are few travelers and fuss.

It is good to rest in Seville, but it is expensive for permanent residence, it is difficult to find work, construction is practically not conducted - these are consequences of the 2008 crisis. Food prices are reasonable, and the purchase of real estate will cost approximately 1000 €, the rent starts from 200 €.

Summer here is hot from 30-35 degrees.

Tarragona, it is also called “Little Rome”, there are many attractions for every exquisite taste. Visit the Monks Tower, take a walk along St. Antonio Avenue and more.

Tarragona is a quiet city, there is no large-scale industry and production, but there is a seaport that is important for the economy. Available clean beaches, 15 kilometers long - a great bonus, but living here is expensive. The public here is appropriate-businessmen, world stars, yachtsmen.

The minimum price is about € 1,300 per square meter, and a furnished apartment of 50 m2 will cost about € 90,000. Pricing is comparable to Barcelona.

The best areas of Spain for life

Playa de Aro is a resort in the north of Costa Brava, it was also called 'Spanish Barvikha', and all because it was chosen by Russian businessmen. Well-to-do citizens come here for holidays, rarely meet groups of tourists. Walking along long beaches, quiet pastime, attracts those who want to relax away from the bustle of the metropolis. There is something to see and do. Visit the Church of the Virgin Mary, Benidormiens Castle, play golf, tennis and much more.

Apartments offer for approximately 2000 €. Available and less expensive, close by in Blanes and Girona.

Costa Del Sol, Marbella.

Fashionable resort, located between the town of Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar. It stretches for 27 km along the Mediterranean coast, from the window of the house you can see the magnificent landscapes of the Sierra Blanca mountain range. Staying here will be a real pleasure. It has everything, fashion boutiques, restaurants, golf courses, tennis schools.

Sights: 17th century church of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, original sculptures of the great Salvador Dali on the embankment, Orange Square, and much more.

There are noisy celebrations and festivals, sunbathing, water sports. Stroll with their families in shady parks, entertain kids in children's clubs.
In numerous places you can taste seafood, a national dish of gazpacho or ahoblanco, as well as churros, washed down with a delicious wine.

The best areas of Spain for life

Guardamar del Segura is a settlement in the province of Alicante. This is a high ratio of quality of accommodation, prices, a beautiful coastal zone, the presence of nature reserves. Healthy socio-economic environment. In Guardamar Del Segura there are two delightful parks, a reserve named after King Alfonso XIII and Queen Sofia Park, interesting attractions, walking paths, on which you will meet pelicans and peacocks. It will be nice to walk not only children, but also adults. Clean, well-groomed, harmonious combination of medieval buildings with modern ones, all this will delight you and make you wonder whether it will stay forever ?!

In the prestigious part of the city, the cost of a bungalow or townhouse, starts from 100 000 €. On average, € 2500 per square meter. As a rule, these are modern complexes with internal infrastructure, located near the sea.

If you made a serious decision to move to Spain or still in thought? Then you need to turn to professionals of a solid company that has many years of experience. They will help determine the choice and arrange the necessary documents. With all the nuances and subtleties, acquiring property abroad.