Tenerife. Canary Islands

Want to delve into the study of the geographical points of Spain, then we offer to move from the nearest cities to the archipelago. Canaries - a picturesque place that is a tasty morsel for holidaymakers from different continents. Tenerife is the largest archipelago chosen by Europeans and Asians since the early fifties of the last century. People come here to relax, enjoy the caressing sun, admire the beauty of nature and get acquainted with historical fragments. Before you go on a trip, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some facts that allow you to learn more about the appearance of structures, parks, cathedrals, and help you to feel the cultural values ​​that the Canary Islands possess.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

A bit of history

Not only tourists appreciate the coast, UNESCO has recognized it as a world cultural heritage. The name Tenerife is translated as “white”. Until now, there is no consensus on where it went. Some argue that the name was given by the conquerors in the fifteenth century. Arriving on the other side, they saw residents who were distinguished by their whiteness of skin, the celestial color of their eyes and blond hair. Another version says that the snowy peak of the mountain, which serves as a guide for seafarers, is the source of the name. Which version do you prefer?

Tenerife. Canary Islands


If we look at the exterior, we will see that the land resembles or rather looks like a mountain of conical shape. Its peak is located at an altitude of 3718 meters above sea level. We can safely say that this is the highest point in the country. Unfortunately, volcanic eruptions occur periodically. The first mention of it was when Columbus landed on the coast of Tenerife. Later two more cases were traced, which took place with a period of two hundred years. The last eruption has left a large crater, which is now popular among tourists.

Important! There are no snakes on the territory, so guests of the island can easily wander through the rocky terrain. But the birds are singing and flying. Canaries live in large numbers.

Let's talk about vegetation. Exotic lovers will be delighted, because there are different types of flora and fauna. Look, date palms and tamarisk grow on the coast, it is worth raising a little bit upwards, as you get into the thickets of laurel. If you search purposefully, you will find the Dragon Trees. They are few, but one copy is the oldest and has a few thousand years. You can enjoy exotic fruits which are abundant in Tenerife: bananas, coconuts, dates, etc.

Tenerife. Canary Islands


It is good to be where the eternal spring reigns. If you get here, you will feel all the benefits of weather conditions. Because of the mountain range that passes through the center, the territory is divided into the northern and southern zones. One can observe how humidity and cold nights prevail on one side, and dry air and eternal sun on the other. Here, even in the evening there is no significant temperature drop. Tourists love Tenerife because you can come here at any time, even in winter, and disappear on sunny beaches. Of course, the most favorite part is the southern one, because the difference in the seasons is manifested only in a decrease in temperature by a maximum of five degrees, which is not significant.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

How to get there

You have learned a little what will be waiting for you, so take along your favorite and comfortable outfits, protective cream and glasses to feel comfortable throughout the holidays. Now it's time to think about where to live and what to move. To get to the Canary Islands, and in the Kingdom in general, it is better by plane. Flight will be fast and comfortable. If you do not plan to use the services of a tour operator, but want to make a trip yourself, then it is advisable to rent a car. Remember that this is not even a luxury, but a means of transportation. Although the benefits of mass.

Choosing a luxury car, you will be assured of its reliability and good condition. A full tank of good fuel will help drive a car to go with you to the unknown. The air conditioner will work in the cabin, which means that it is not necessary to open the doors and breathe road dust. If you take children on a trip, warn the tenant to place a child seat on the seat. By the way, you can not even be afraid of getting lost, because the service works with the driver. Discuss this with the company so that you will be picked up by a qualified assistant who knows all the roads in Spain. Perhaps he will become you a kind of guide and guide, which is also an advantage.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

What to choose for a holiday?

Above, we wrote that the Caribbean islands are a paradise. Wherever you go, positive emotions, delight and relaxation await you. You can relax in every town. Here we select Santa Cruz, which is called the capital. The life of the local population is concentrated here: shopping centers, entertainment establishments, clubs, etc. The name is symbolic: “holy cross”. It comes from the actions of conquistadors, who landed on the ground and planted the symbol of their location.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

Popular resorts:

  • La Orotava - an ancient town located in the valley with the same name adverb. It is worth to come here to admire the historical heritage. Signs of the past can be seen everywhere stairs, decorated with coats of arms, mansions showing former luxury, stucco balconies and much more. Once the territory belonged Taoro. This is a famous and rich kingdom in its time.
  • Puerto de la Cruz. Here life abounds. A place that natives and guests love. I like it because there are fashionable shops, a resort area, attractions and many interesting things. Everyone who sets foot on this earth will receive a lot of positive feelings.
  • Only seventeen kilometers from the airport is the resort of Playa de las Américas. It was specially created for tourists, so you can easily find hotels, restaurants with a variety of cuisine and lots of entertainment.
  • Walk from one point to another through a small mountain. In this way you will get to another resort part - Los Cristianos. In fact, these are two different cities, but modern life and the growth of foreigners every year unite them into one whole.
  • El Medano is a bit calmer. There is not so noisy, there is, where to walk and chat. For the sake of such moments of silence, Europeans of the older generation arrive. The city is located in the southeast. Windsurfing and diving are well developed here, so the young people who conquer the element seek here from any countries.

Want to see something mysterious? Go to the small village of Güímar, where you will see the mysterious pyramids. Who created them, at what time, is still not clear. Scientists who tried to find out something, just shrug. Some put forward the theory that these are ordinary agrarian constructions, which remained from the local inhabitants of antiquity.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

Being in Tenerife and not visiting a national park is a big mistake. It is considered the heart of the island, located in the crater. The volcanic bowl is as much as 48 km in diameter. Tourists choose the highest point of Spain to touch the snow, roll snowballs, appear as if in the winter in the middle of summer. To get to the peak you will need the help of the funicular. You can walk on foot.

In Puerto de la Cruz is Loro Park. All the guests who love nature try to visit him. On a large area there is a zoo and a huge aquarium. Children admire the wildlife: sharks, dolphins and penguins met in the same element. On land, walking lions and other predators. A little further, in the south, another park was formed - Orlov. It contains about five hundred species of animals.


The good news is that all the beaches and the sea are state-owned, which means you don’t have to pay to get to them. The only thing is rides, extras and food that require an extra charge.




Playa de las Teresitas


6 km from Santa Cruz

Lago Martianez

Seven salt water pools, a jacuzzi and a large number of restaurants

Puerto de la Cruz

La Arena

The highest rank. On the shore is black sand, famous for its healing properties.

Puerto Santiago

El Medano

Here is a sandy beach formed by natural means, and on the coast there are the highest waves, which attracts extreme people

El medano

Some visitors try to retire, be alone. That fit numerous wild beaches. They are covered with pebbles, so take a litter or rug with you so that the pebbles do not put pressure on the body when you want to sunbathe. The edges here are also beautiful. Nature is alluring, and the sun's rays are the same gentle and hot. The waves are not very raging, so they are suitable for older people and those who do not want to conquer the elements, but just swim.

Tenerife. Canary Islands


Lucky those who go to the shores of Spain in February. Do not waste your time and occupy the best rooms in the hotel in Tenerife, where the carnival takes place. It is worth noting that it occupies an honorable second place in scale and color, yielding Rio. After seeing the presentation here, move to Santa Cruz, where you will find the continuation of the holiday. A rich time for events will allow you to plunge deeper into the culture of the Spanish population, to understand their traditions and to taste national dishes.

In fact, the point on the map is worth it to go here. Every year several million people visit the sights of this area. Someone opens it for the first time, while others once again return to their favorite beaches, parks and facilities in order to discover something new. Depending on the goals, it is worth looking at the seasons. It is clear that housing, entertainment and movement prices also depend on events. During the carnival, it is difficult to find nearby accommodation or parking space. It is better to worry about this in advance so as not to suffer hardships for the holiday.

Tenerife. Canary Islands

Those who want to relax with the whole family should be located on the south coast. Here the climate is more pleasant, there is no cold air flow, more attractions and restaurants. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Stop looking at photos of beautiful moments of Spain, it's time to act. Start planning a vacation and pay attention to the Canary Islands. It is here that you can get unforgettable impressions, and then simply fall in love in the whole of Tenerife, who will be waiting for you again, opening tender and warm embraces. Travel in comfort.