Student visa to Spain

Sunny and beautiful Spain constantly attracts many visitors. Most of them come exclusively as tourists on temporary vacations to usefully spend their vacations, relax on the pristine local beaches, swim in the azure blue sea, take a walk along the cozy streets. And also to see the local attractions, monuments of history, culture and architecture. Each town has its own distinctive features, and such a trip will definitely remain in the memory for a long time. Tourists are also attracted by the amazing, delicious national cuisine.

But some people often decide to stay here to live, because the state is just perfect for this. And do not forget about the high level of education in the country, because in every city there are a variety of national and international educational institutions of different scales, including schools, colleges and universities. For this, many make type C tourist permits to attend language courses, which can be combined with relaxation. But also foreign applicants come to this country for full education. However, for this they need a student visa to Spain, which will require a lot to be done.

Student visa to Spain

First of all, it is worth understanding that there are two types of them:

  • stay for which should last 180 days;
  • which allows for one year, and also provides the opportunity to subsequently extend it.

As a rule, the first option is issued after taking training courses for a long time. And the process of its registration is comparatively simple, because it does not require a mandatory certificate from a medical institution and a certificate that there are no criminal records. However, its main drawback is that it cannot be extended in the country.

Next, you should consider the details of obtaining a foreign visa D, which provides the right to life for the year while training will be conducted. It should be borne in mind that even it does not give a chance to subsequently obtain a residence permit for resettlement. Therefore, if the documentation is submitted for Spanish citizenship, the period of stay there will not count towards the required minimum.

Student visa to Spain

What documents will be required

A future student of a Spanish higher education institution will need to collect a number of necessary documents:

  • compile and submit in duplicate an application for the issuance of an official national visa, which will need to be fully completed. It must also be signed by the applicant, or the person who is his representative, if the student has not reached the age of majority;
  • foreign passport and required photocopies of all pages. However, it must be valid for a longer time than that for which permission is granted.
  • it must be confirmed that the student has enough finances for normal and stable for the entire period of study, as well as at the end of it for a flight to his native state. For this, such documentation as a letter from the next of kin, that is, official sponsors, a certificate of employment or an extract from a bank account may be submitted;
  • if a minor intends to go to the homeland of a bullfight without relatives, a document is required allowing them to enter the country, pre-certified by a notary, where there is the name of the institution, the period of study and the details of the person who will be the guardian for this period. And you need original confirmation that he agrees to take responsibility;
  • the director of the educational institution where he will study, or one of the senior members of the family to whom the child goes to live, may have temporary guardianship over the student.

It is still very important to confirm the specific place where the student will live while he is in the state while he is studying. Everything needs to be translated from Russian, into the national, in this case, Spanish. And the documentation, which indicates the absence of administrative drives and criminal records, should contain an apostille.

Student visa to Spain

Card design

After a set of documents is collected, they will need to be taken personally by the consulate located in the region of residence. You also need to pay the fee directly at the time of filing. However, if a refusal is received, the funds will not be returned. The submitted application is usually considered one month from the next day. If after its completion there is no reply to the mail, this means a negative decision. A consular officer may also require you to come in person to speak and bring in additional papers if necessary.

If a positive decision is made, the corresponding stamp is put in the student’s passport. However, for this it is necessary to come within two months, but if the student does not arrive within the prescribed period, it is believed that he willfully refuses to receive, and therefore his case is sent to archival storage.

Student visa to Spain

A foreign visa is valid for 90 days, for which you need to arrive in the city and apply for a card at the local police station in a month. To do this, in many cities, a preliminary appointment is provided for this, which allows to speed up the process and avoid long waiting in queues. It will also be possible to apply for renewal there, if the permit provides such an opportunity.