Sotogrande - the most fashionable area of Andalusia

Choosing a place to relax in Spain, many tourists are guided by the rating hotels and famous resorts, where everything is arranged for tourism. Families go to the beach, and young companies to noisy parties and go on excursions. If you want to buy a property on the sunny coast of Europe, the Spanish Andalusia will be the best place. There are many cozy towns and villages in which villas and apartments are sold. Sotogrande is an ideal destination, a place where European aristocrats rest.

How did the city of Sotogrande

It was founded only 50 years ago, and today it is considered the youngest luxury resort town of Spain. Its founder is Joseph Rafael McMicking, hereditary Spaniard, but was born in the Philippines and lived almost all his life in America, traveling to different countries. The rich man who got rich on VCRs in the US decided to build a house in Spain and chose Andalusia for this purpose. An oasis on the Guadiño River near the Strait of Gibraltar and the sea, he chose, having estimated the green paradise created by nature among the arid steppes.

Later, his idea was picked up by other millionaires and luxurious villas began to be built. The inflow of the river and the bay they eventually turned into a refined dock for yachts and expensive boats. So began to appear on the map a new city from an unknown village. Today, here is a recreation and entertainment center for wealthy Europeans and foreigners who buy ready-made or build new estates, or come to rest, renting accommodation.

Sotogrande - the most fashionable area of Andalusia


The resort town is developing very fast, new hotels, residential complexes, townhouses, houses with apartments and cottages are constantly being built. The residents have everything for a full life and leisure:

  • the sea coast with large beaches;
  • port with berth and yacht clubs;
  • embankments on the river and canals with restaurants, cafes and shops;
  • hotels and boutique hotels;
  • golf courses and polo;
  • Spa facilities.

The cream of Spanish society has got the habit of buying houses in Sotogrande, it is considered an indicator of well-being and good taste. Who has not bought their own property, is engaged in booking hotels or renting a villa.

Events and events

Here are held sports competitions in polo, which are necessarily present royal people and the entire aristocracy of the country, eminent personages and celebrities from abroad. There are many sports clubs: for polo, tennis, golf, equestrian sport, rugby, where the elite comes. Constantly held tournaments, including the Volvo Masters, Land Rover and the Ryder Cup.

Leisure with family or friends visitors and residents spend, mainly, in one of the clubs that have chosen and accepted membership. Pastime is athletic and relaxing. Women are happy to go to the beauty salons and spa procedures, to the beach or to the restaurant, and men - devote time to their favorite sport or go sailing in the sea.

Sotogrande - the most fashionable area of Andalusia

Architecture and development

Real estate in the city is built both on green land, and directly on the water - on the tributaries and bays. All the buildings are of a small number of storeys and are located at a sufficient distance from each other so that the inhabitants can enjoy plenty of natural scenery and beauty. From any window you can see either a bay or a sea with mountains, or green golf meadows.

Because of the loose construction and large territory of 4,400 acres, there is room, combined with a thoughtful design planning. From a bird's-eye view the resort area looks like a big green oasis with an abundance of water, bays and a river, creating a romantic atmosphere.

The ennobled land parcels perfectly preserved the beauty of nature, all ponds are covered with pebbles, and embankments are beautifully decorated. There are bridges to the houses, and some are right on the beach. Residential and hotel complexes have a beautiful landscape design and are equipped with comfort.

Is it worth investing in real estate here?

If you are looking for an ideal place for recreation and profitable investment, Sotogrande will appeal to you. Coming here with a company or relatives you can really relax and relax in silence among nature, and when you want entertainment - there is a great choice for the most demanding people. Walking by the sea and sailing on boats, visiting club events and meeting with the elite of society - which can be more enjoyable. During your absence you can rent out a house or rent it as a business.

All real estate here is elite and quite expensive. At the same time, this is a good investment, as the place is in high demand, and the price of housing is growing every year. Your customers will be decent people with the means, so the business will bring good profits. You can become the owner in the most refined region of Andalusia and your own in the highest society of Europe.