Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?

A small guide to the most profitable malls, which will answer questions about where, how and when to spend money in the country of the hot sun. Does a siesta or holidays affect major Shopping, how not to pay a shopping tax and what hunters need to know about sales? Together we choose the season of discounts and go shopping with a paper guide!

If you are going to visit Spain, then be sure to schedule a time for shopping. And the most pleasant is your vacation will be if you not only successfully walk around the shops, but also enjoy, saving at the same time.

Therefore, when asked about shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize, we unequivocally answer - you need to get on sales.

Why pay more if you can find items on them from top mass-market brands to leather goods from Spanish craftsmen much cheaper?

Let's figure out when and where is more profitable.

Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?

Seasonal sales

Winter SALE starts December 25th.

Starting from this date, prices for New Year's décor and gifts are rapidly falling. But the best price tags in the winter, you can start looking for January 7. This is the first working day after the holidays for the locals.

Winter sales last until March, for some brands until April. The price tag starts to fall from 20%, and at the finish of the season you can find a dress or coat with a 70-80% discount.

Summer SALE starts on June 21st starting in Madrid. The rest of the cities follow July 1.

Earlier in Spain there was an interesting law that allowed to make discounts only for a period of up to two months. Accordingly, in the summer they lasted until August 31. And only in the capital, in the Canaries and in the Stan Basque discounts operated until the end of September. Since 2012, the shops of the country have the right to make sowing even all year round, but out of habit they follow the rule of seasonality.

Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?

What you need to know?

After the start of sales you can see on the windows the inscriptions Rebajas and Oferta, which means discounts or special offers.<

During the season, big malls and shopping centers, mostly, do not close on a siesta.

Successfully pokopitsya you succeed in the Canaries Islands are a zone of tax-free trade, which means that the value of the goods will not include VAT . But, if you do not have the opportunity to get there - this is no reason to be upset, because many people work in the tax free system. This means that when leaving the country you will be able to return the amount of tax back. Such inscriptions, designed for tourists, you too can often be found right in the shop windows.

During this period, we would advise you to take a closer look at famous Spanish brands:

  • Inditex family, which includes world famous brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius and so on. The creation and development of this company is considered a true success story, which began in 1975.
  • Mango is another brand of men's, women's and children's clothing that is very popular in the world. It cooperates with first-rate stars and has more than 16,000 employees.
  • Loewe - products for men and women, as well as LUX class perfumes. It is considered one of the oldest brands of the country (since 1846).
  • Desigual is a popular TM from Barcelona. They produce clothing, accessories and shoes for all ages. It differs in brightness and originality, and the slogan of the brand is “not like all.”
  • Adolfo Dominges is another luxury brand that even suits the royals. For the production are used exclusively natural fabrics and materials.
  • Bimba y Lola is a brand that offers fashionable and stylish clothes, as well as topical accessories. The main trends are eclecticism, versatility and following the latest trends.

Return back or exchange clothes purchased on sale you can only if there is an obvious marriage, so think about the purchase.

Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?


As a rule, outlets work from 9:00 to 20:00 without days off

Siesta: from 13:00 to 16:00. The rule of day rest is strictly observed and boutiques are no exception.

Large supermarkets may not close on the daily Siesta, but they do not work on Sundays and major holidays.

Exceptions are some grocery chains, and only at the height of the tourist season. If you urgently need food or other small things - you can go to the gas station, but the choice is narrow.

Sales guide for Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is a paradise for shopaholics, because there are discounts all year round. More than 36,000 stores sell goods for every wallet and taste.

Only one Passeig de Gracia, boutique street, has a length of about 5 kilometers!

The price tag in Barcelona can drop up to 90 percent in promotional positions.

In order for guests not to get lost, a special guide Guia de Compres is published , in which you can get acquainted with the shops and outlets of the city, the most advantageous offers and interesting facts, as well as find out where to look for what goods and what to bring with you.

Also created a special bus route from the Old Port. Busses of blue color for 10 Euros will transport those who wish along the route “points for shopping”. They run on weekdays and weekends until half past nine in the evening with an interval of 7 to 15 minutes.

Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?

If you do not want to walk along the Shopping Line, shopping centers are at your disposal:

  • El triangle
  • L illa diagonal
  • Diagonal mar
  • Maremagnum
  • El corte ingles

Of course, we should not deprive attention, and both called forth Outlet - country sales points, where you can purchase items from luxury brands at an affordable price. For example, near Barca - this is La Roca Village.

Also in 15 minutes from the city there are malls, on the territory of which the exemption from value added tax is valid. They can buy everything from food to winter jackets.

If you come to a campus, then this is a minus - many boutiques will be closed, because for the Catalans this is a vacation time.

How to save even more?

If your plans do not include a trip to the outlets, then you can visit the trade show. These are events that are held in the largest exhibition centers several times a year.

At such an exhibition can be accessed not only in major cities, but also in small towns. They are stock sales, as in outlet.

The most famous of these is StockCity.

Period: October and November

What you can buy: clothes and other products from the world's best brands such as Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Armani, Nike, Guess and Adidas.

Also, do not forget about such a large-scale event as Black Friday, which most often takes place in November.

On this day, some companies manage to earn more than all the Christmas holidays.

It has become popular to arrange thematic discounts for individual resorts. For example, Lloret de Mar has its own discount night on May 6th.

In addition to shopping on such a night, fairs, tastings, concerts, fashion shows and practical jokes are organized.

Shopping in Spain: when and how best to organize?

What to bring?

  1. Food and wine. Cheese, turon, jamon, candied violets and other delicacies should be chosen in the market. A bottle of good local wine will cost 10-15 Euros!
  2. Cosmetics and jewelry. Of course, these products are not as advertised as, for example, in France, but you should definitely look at them closely.
  3. Olive oil. Take the first spin, Extra Virgin.