Sierra Blanca - “Beverly Hills” Marbella

Costa del Sol - the southern coast of Spain, which the world has become famous for its best resort towns. The famous Puerto Banus and the fashionable Golden Mile are known to many travelers. In this area there is a resort town, which is considered one of the main, a large center, surrounded by numerous settlements. It annually attracts a huge number of tourists who, having been here only once, no longer want to leave. Such a flow has a very positive effect on the growth of demand in the local real estate market, because foreigners are actively buying residential houses not only for permanent residence, but also as an investment. In its vicinity is the most exclusive region - Sierra Blanca. For a unique atmosphere, stunning landscapes, an active nightlife and the best conditions for living, for luxury in every detail, it is compared with Beverly Hills.

Сьерра Бланка - “Беверли Хиллз” Марбельи

Sierra Blanca is a luxury cottage village, which is guarded round the clock. The local administration assures that this is only a formality, since the crime rate has declined to its minimum over the years. Residents here live in luxurious mansions and luxury villas, which are often attached a huge plot of land. In the city, the pristine nature is preserved intact, so it is surrounded by subtropical plantings, stunning flower gardens, even plantings of coniferous trees. And the garden of each local house is equipped with a swimming pool to relax and have a great free time.

Sierra Blanca - Beverly Hills Marbella

Local Property

In this area there are unique residential buildings that preserve the true spirit of Andalusia on every street. Inside the houses:

  • Unique interiors with a decorative design;
  • They are fully equipped with the latest communication systems and the best technology;
  • Including warm flooring;
  • Air conditioning and ventilation;
  • Heating;
  • Climate control;
  • Well-tuned constant video surveillance;
  • Huge basements in Spain, mainly intended for long-term storage of wine in long-aged barrels;
  • Automatic watering in the garden;
  • Night illumination of the building itself and the surrounding area;
  • Separate rooms for staff.

Also here are several modern residential complexes, the construction of which paid special attention to the exterior architecture - it fits perfectly into the unique landscapes of the Sierra Blanca. They are particularly renowned for the most elaborate convenient layout, vast area and use in the construction and decoration of the best building materials from European manufacturers. The high-rise terraces offer attractive views of the city, the seashore and the clear sky. And for residents there are private parking spaces in the underground, saunas and gymnasiums, a jacuzzi and a spa, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. And surrounded by complexes of luxurious landscapes, shrubs and trees, creating an incredible atmosphere of comfort, comfort and tranquility.

Sierra Blanca - Beverly Hills Marbella

City atmosphere

In this elite resort town from all sides are surrounded by attractive panoramic views. On the one hand - the largest attraction, the mountain of La Concha. Nearby - nature reserves, beautiful and quiet parks with its own original ecosystem. In the other direction of view - the purest sand on the beach, azure blue waters and coastal streets. As well as a curious overview of the African continent and the Atlas mountain systems.

Due to the huge number of planted conifers, as well as the lack of regular car traffic, the air remains as clean and fresh as possible. A cool breeze is blowing from the sea, and a light breeze from the mountains. Nothing clogs and spoils the local atmosphere, but at the expense of a small number of cars there is peace and quiet around. And it is only ten minutes from the bustling center of Marbella, Puerto Banus nightclubs.

There are several international educational institutions that invite students and students from all over the world to study. They are taught in the most convenient languages, they help others to learn and produce the best specialists in demand at enterprises of any scale. That is why tourists are so keen here that over time they move to live in the town.

Сьерра Бланка - “Беверли Хиллз” Марбельи