Santiago de Compostela - the end of the great journey

Believers from all over the world strive to get to the capital of Galicia, to make their Camino (from the Spanish path) to the relics of St. James. If you are not a pilgrim, even a symbolic visit to Santiago de Compostela is the end of a great journey for you.

The city, shrouded in mystery and special atmosphere, is considered the third center of Christianity. Center for World Pilgrimage. You can get here in different ways, pilgrims (as pilgrims are called) are trying to get the rest of the road, walk about 100 kilometers and put marks on a special passport all the way, stating that they distance the distance themselves. It is believed that having come to the Cathedral with this pilgrim passport, the pilgrim receives a special document, indulgence - absolution. Ordinary travelers come here to admire the ancient city and experience the unique energy. See the majestic cathedrals, medieval buildings, baroque churches of golden granite and much more. We will consider all this in our article.

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Let's start with how to get there:

  • by plane. The airport is just 10 km from Santiago. There are flights from all the big cities of Spain and Europe.
  • Every day trains run from Bilbao, Madrid and so on.
  • Buses go, also from everywhere, there are long routes, depending on where you go from.
  • By car along the Mediterranean coast or crossing the country along the northwest A6 road.

Whichever way and mode of transport you use, the journey will be enjoyable and exciting.

Santiago travel guide

Let's start a walk around the city, which is divided into two parts - the old and the new.

Every traveler will find something to be impressed with in each of the parts. Here is a peculiar mix of medieval architecture and modern buildings.

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  • Pride in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, with the relics of St. James. This is a stunning beauty of the 12-13 century in the Romanesque and Baroque style. Inside are the remains of the Holy, there are some historical values ​​that have survived through many centuries.
  • Santo Domingo da Bonaval - a monastery, a church of the 13th century. Here is the ethnographic museum of Pobo Galego.
  • The second largest Spanish monastery of San Martinho Pinario. It has a rather large size. Until the 19th century, monks lived here, now the Institute of Theology, a school of social services, a theological seminary.
  • Contrasts against this background a building with high towers, a former inn, now it is a chic hotel “Reyes Catholicos”.
  • Palace Rahoy, built in the 18th century.
  • Museum of Natural History.
  • Palace Helmires.
  • Next to the medieval buildings, you can see the works of modern architects Giorgio Garcia, Alvaro Sisa, Jean Novuel, their work brought the avant-garde.
  • Center for Contemporary Art of Galicia - the card. Inside the bright building, the sculptural and artistic elements are impressive, especially interesting as the lighting design is thought out. In addition to the exhibition hall, there are rooms for conferences, master classes, theater performances, musical performances, as well as film screenings.

Walk through the maze of streets, they are fascinating beauty. The area of ​​Cervantes was previously a place of commerce and inquisition.
On the crowded street Franco many colorful restaurants, cafes and bars with national cuisine.

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Where to go with the whole family with children

Swimming complex Piscinas Municipales do Sar. It will be interesting for everyone, regardless of age, to swim in one of the two indoor pools, to play a game of tennis on the equipped court, which is ideal for this climate.

Parque de Belvís in this large park you can enjoy the fresh air, scenic views of nature, walks, picnic. Here are modern playgrounds, a variety of entertainment for kids.

Parque de Alameda and the amazing observation deck on the neighborhood. Here you can inhale the aroma of eucalyptus, see ornamental plants.


The most significant holiday is Santiago Day. The national holiday takes place on July 25 across the country.
Ascension of Christ, take place in May. This is a religious place, therefore, holidays with a corresponding theme are celebrated with great reverence.

But the national dance of Galicia Muneira, street musicians can be seen almost always.

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Seafood is the most popular food, octopus cooked with red pepper and butter, mussels, sea spiders, oysters, sea crabs, lobsters are not all that local establishments can offer.

Restaurants, cafes, bars for any exquisite taste, there are more than 200.

We recommend to look at “O Curro da Parra”, to eat specialties such as tipas, fried tuna, various clams, risotto. In the evening there is always an interesting program, if you want to spend a romantic time, you are here.

Modern very tasty cuisine in “Casa Marcelo”, is considered one of the most popular restaurants. It serves freshly baked bread, branded sauces, a wide selection of original salads and desserts. The attraction is that a visitor waiting for his order can observe how a dish is prepared for him.

Be sure to try the popular dish Pulpo a la gallega, this is an octopus, which is boiled and then seasoned with spices, but competently, in order to preserve the natural taste and aroma, they only give a flavor to the flavor.

The region is famous for the traditions of cheese production, from cow's milk, its cone-shaped form is known to all gourmets.

Pie “Empanada” with different fillings, fish, mushroom, meat and other. Casual dish for locals. It is very satisfying and made in almost all the menus. “Kaldo” soup is a traditional meat soup with the addition of beans and vegetables. It was once thought up by peasants and its recipe is kept until today.

For lovers of sweets, the famous cake “Santiago”, made on the basis of almond nut.

In the old town, look at the market, which was founded over 100 years ago, they sell punch with added sugar. So you will fully experience the Galician spirit.

The production of wine of Galicia is considered one of the best, you can try such varieties as Ribeiro, Albarino. The drink is based on grape juice Orukho, but it is quite strong. Hot drink Keimada, with a low degree of alcohol, something like punch, you will be offered in almost any bar.

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Popular are the Botafumeiros - a small church censer (souvenir), ceramics, amulets, jewelry made of agate and silver. By the way, Agate is a sacred stone for this region. In the historic area a lot of shops with souvenirs. Visit the malls, markets with exquisite products. In the area of ​​Zona Vella, in the pastry shops, you can buy sweets. In a specialized store Sargadelos, sell ceramic products from a local old factory. They have great quality and stunning views. Every traveler will find something special.

Night life

Life boils at night like in any other city. Here are night clubs, escaped quests. The best of them: "Malas Pecoras", originally designed with an interesting entertainment show. Jazz lovers should go to the bar "Dado Dada", there is a large selection of signature cocktails.

Gallaecia Fugit and Alkatraz, The Paradox Room, this is an entertaining quest institution, here you can relax and compete with friends in solving problems and charades.

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Ideal weather conditions from June to September. The hottest August, you need to use sunscreen and a hat. In January, it is advisable not to come, high humidity and cold, not the best companions in the journey.

If you are driving in September, grab warm things, the temperature drops and the rains are replaced by fog. Sometimes temperatures can reach 29 degrees Celsius.

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