Residence permit in Spain

Recently, many countries of the European Union are open to citizens registered in other regions. This loyalty can be associated both with changes in migration policy and with the search for new cash flows for economic development. There are several reasons why you may need a residence permit in Spain. The first, most obvious, is the desire to immigrate permanently. The second can be combined under the general name “stay in the state for more than six months”. Today, in connection with the correction introduced in Spanish laws, the procedure for issuing a residence permit has become easier for residents of the former CIS.


What grounds are significant in order to obtain a residence permit. All of them are described and regulated by the law “On Aliens”. The presence of a residence permit contributes to the formation of a Spanish citizen. Prospects for finding a job, using all medical services, educating children in educational institutions of any type will open up for you. Temporary status does not allow voting, serving in the army and being a civil servant, such as a police officer.

Residence permit in Spain


A passport with this wording is opened only to those who are going to work under an official labor agreement. The application for registration is submitted by the contracting party. The validity period is limited by the employment contract. The first requirement for a mercenary is the absence of offenses and criminal records. The employer, in turn, should prove that the locals will not be able to carry out this work and for it it requires a resident of another power. Please note that vacancies for foreigners are limited in number and professions. The list of jobs varies by region.


The purchase of apartments today is one of the most common reasons for obtaining a document on the right to a long stay. Since September 2013, the golden visa law came into force. The purchase of any property in this case is considered as an investment in the state budget. Minimum investment is clearly stipulated by law. A bidder may be a buyer:

  • real estate value from 500 thousand euros;
  • government bonds in the amount of from 2 million euros.

All investments are made in companies or investment funds engaged in active activities and registered (based) in Spain. The appearance of the order made it possible to attract foreign capital inside and use it to improve the living standards of its citizens. Investors in banks also belong to this category, provided that there are at least one million in the account.

Residence permit in Spain

Together with the investor, a long-term residence permit is automatically granted to the next of kin (the second of the spouses or minor children). Since 2015, this right also extends to:

  • people living in a civil marriage, if the applicant provides materially for his “cohabitant”;
  • parents, provided that they are financially dependent on the applicant;
  • Children over 18 years old without a family and living at the expense of a parent who is writing a statement.

It should be noted that with a property price of more than five hundred thousand euros, the transaction should be executed without the use of a mortgage.

What does a business visa give to its holder? Initially, the validity period is one year without the right to work with the ability to live within the country. At the end of the term, it is extended by another two. And then you should apply for renewal every five years.

Another interesting way to invest is to open your own business with the provision of jobs for the local population. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount. Only a competently drawn up business plan and approval by the authorities as promising for the development of the economy.

Residence permit in Spain


Students who study at higher educational institutions have a privilege for the duration of their studies to obtain a residence permit. There are nuances here. You can use it only during your studies. However, an annual renewal is required, with the provision of a certificate from the university or college stating that the student is not expelled and fulfills all the requirements for him. Otherwise, the extension will be denied.

Family reunification

The Spaniards have a very high and respectful attitude to family values. Therefore, one of the programs is aimed at facilitating the joint stay of foreign relatives. You can use it if your next of kin is a subject of the Kingdom of Spain.

The second option is the existence of a family member with a temporary status of at least twelve months. Confirmation is required here that your family can support another person.

Residence permit in Spain


People who come as refugees can also apply for formalization of a long stay. But first you need to prove the validity of their statements. Arriving abroad, refugees write an application to the migration service. A positive decision is taken only if it is proved that the applicant is pressured in his homeland because of his nationality, religious or political beliefs.

A residence permit is given only after confirmation of refugee status. But it can become a green light for citizenship in five years.

Retirement age

A retirement visa has a number of requirements. The fact is that nobody will open it for a long time to a person aged without income and housing. There are two options. The first we reviewed above.

Another possibility involves a number of documents. They confirm the onset of retirement age and net monthly income, stipulated at the legislative level. Until recently, this amount was 833 euros per person per month. It means the total return on pension, interest on deposit accounts, annuities for land, etc. It is equally important to document that a pensioner has rented or own housing.

Residence permit in Spain


Marriage with a Spanish citizen allows talking about a grace period and a greater likelihood of a satisfactory answer. To do this, one of the spouses presents financial statements to judge the size of their profitability and the ability to provide a soul mate. The migration service must ensure that the marriage is not fictitious.

Subject to all conditions, the spouse can apply for citizenship after a year of marriage. This type of residence permit allows you to work.


Thanks to the policy of the European Union, relations with the immigrants are very loyal here. Therefore, even illegal immigrants can rely on official law with the relevant documents.

Residence permit in Spain

Residency can be of several categories:

  • family (the illegal has parents, children or a spouse);
  • social (there are relatives in the Kingdom, there is an agreement with the employer, and he has been leaving the country for three years);
  • labor (employment contract for six months, stay in the country two).

As evidence, any evidence of work activity, certificates of registration, diplomas of completion of professional courses, and the study of the state language can be provided.

How to get a permanent residence

First of all, you need to enter its territory by any legal means. Therefore, first of all, you should have a foreign visa in your hands that allows entry. Please note that it is of two types: Schengen (C) and national (D).

In short, the first allows you to stay in the member countries of the Schengen Union for no more than six months. A national visa provides for a longer period and can be issued for students or traveling to work. It is also issued to people who have purchased local real estate. Only a category D mark gives an unhindered right to further obtain a residence permit. Please note that when applying to the embassy for the opening of a multivisa, the same reason must be indicated as when applying for a residence permit.

The algorithm is as follows. After issuing a national visa, upon arrival in the Kingdom, it is required to apply to the embassy or the migration service within three months. If for five years timely renewal requests are submitted, then one can apply for a permanent permit for another five years. Further, if desired, you can apply for citizenship.

Residence permit in Spain

What you need to collect

For a positive decision, you need to prepare a considerable package of papers, consisting of two parts: the main and additional. The latter is collected depending on why you are going to be in the state for a long time. It is individual and it is better to specify its composition directly on the spot. But the main package is unchanged. Please note that everything is provided in two copies: the original and the translation. It is necessary to present:

  • completed application form;
  • photos in color;
  • a copy of a foreign passport;
  • confirmation of housing conditions;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • an extract stating that you have no diseases requiring quarantine;
  • medical insurance;
  • statement of the amount of cash.

The entire list can be either longer or shorter - in the first place it depends on the characteristics of a particular region. Therefore, before going with the statement itself, clarify all the nuances, because it will be too long and expensive to redo it again.

Residence permit in Spain

Why refuse

Do not think that the process of making a stay is very simple. On the one hand, the Spaniards offer enough programs for which it is provided. On the other hand, there are quite strict requirements that need to be fulfilled.

They may refuse under such circumstances:

  • the provision of any falsified data about yourself, your financial situation or health status;
  • low financial situation, all minimum amounts of income per person are indicated in the relevant articles of laws;
  • claims against the applicant by the judicial system, even unpaid fines for violating traffic rules are taken into account;
  • the status of “investor” or employer involves regular deductions to the tax and social services, debts to these structures are considered a serious violation.

Any negative decision can be challenged. It is more advisable to enlist the support of a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the norms of the law and the experience of ship practice in similar matters. However, do not think that such cases are resolved quickly. Any legal delays can drag on indefinitely, so the best way out is not to give a reason for refusal at all. Only by considering all the pitfalls, it can be argued that your desire to obtain citizenship will be approved.