Common misconceptions about housing in Marbella

In the vastness of the Internet, a lot of information and advice on buying a home in the resort city of Marbella. Not every one of them is reliable, and many are even seriously mistaken in their judgments.

On the Costa del Sol there is a certain economic situation, which recently has only a positive effect on the growth of demand for real estate. And the prices for housing and pleasant climatic conditions each time attract more and more buyers.

Many consumers are ready to refute their ideas.

The cost of apartments and houses artificially increases

Marbella - a resort recognized as the most prestigious and elite not only in Spain, but all over the world. And therefore, local real estate can differ from other regions. Over the creation of houses, the best architects worked, who managed to unite the Spanish identity with innovative technologies.

Here is the best legacy of the country:

  • Luxury real estate;
  • Sights of history and culture;
  • Advanced modernization;
  • Beaches, many kilometers long;
  • Good service;
  • Delicious cuisine;
  • Improved education;
  • Numerous sports and outdoor activities.

And locals move through the streets on luxury cars and relax on luxury yachts.

Excessive prices are not left, although they are relatively higher than in other cities. But they are sufficiently consistent with the standard of living. Elite real estate is less susceptible to the negative impact of the global crisis, its demand is constantly stable.

Common misconceptions about housing in Marbella

Too many Russians living in the city

Usually this means all immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and not only Russian citizens. In principle, there are quite a lot of them not only in Spanish resorts, but all over the world. But most of all Russians in the Costa Blanca, where the cost of housing is relatively small. Marbella is not included in their number. According to statistics, Russians live about 15 thousand. But do not worry that compatriots can interfere with the measured pace of life, because this city resort is designed exclusively for respectable people.

Too hot summer

For most of the year, warm and sunny summer weather is here. This is a southern country, among those where it is constantly hot. However, the concept of heat is quite relative. The climate in the resort town is quite moderate and pleasant, the air temperature rarely exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, and this is less than in some regions of Russia. Heat is easier to tolerate due to the cool sea air and the nearest mountains. And nearby there are many tropical forests.

Common misconceptions about housing in Marbella

Very cold water in the sea

The waters of the Atlantic certainly exert a certain influence on the waters of the Spanish coast. But thanks to the constant tides and ebbs near Gibraltar, the water is kept fresh, about 25 degrees. But it can not be called cold. By the way, the cheerfulness of bathing in warmer waters can not be felt. And bathing in the sea is meant for refreshing.

High crime rate

This is the most erroneous opinion, which is refuted at the root. The Costa del Sol has the lowest crime rate in the whole country. Immigrants from disadvantaged countries do not live here, they come here for a quiet, measured rest.