Popular professions in Spain

Recently, there are more and more people willing to move to a permanent place of residence in a colorful and warm country. Therefore, the question of making money becomes acute and relevant. Let's look at what the popular profession in Spain, you can qualify the emigrant.

The kingdom is one of the most visited and popular holiday destinations. More than 80 million people come here every year, which is twice the number of the local population, it is about 46 million.

Living and working here is comfortable and attractive to many. Immigrants from the post-Soviet space have chosen the Iberian Peninsula, here there are large diasporas of Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians who are always trying to help and support each other.

Popular professions in Spain

It should be noted that residents of successful Western European countries come here to live in - these are the British, the Germans. And everyone is attracted by a comfortable, mild climate and a unique atmosphere.

But the economic situation has recently deteriorated significantly, respectively, the labor market is also experiencing a crisis and high competition for jobs. Moving to the Basque country is not simple enough; it requires legal work to prove its solvency and financial independence. The presence of housing, to obtain a residence or citizenship - these are very important components.

First, you need to explore the area where you should move. Naturally, it is better to be closer, so to speak, to your own, similar CIS immigrants. Choose cities where the diaspora of immigrants from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is more numerous. The leaders are Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Marbella - these are the most populated by our emigrants. In Leon, Galicia and Cantabria, you rarely meet our people, unless they are entrepreneurs who own real estate or tourists.

Popular professions in Spain

Let's look at the factors that affect employment:

  • Availability of vacancies.
  • Seasonal employment.
  • The close proximity of consulates.
  • Relations with members of the diaspora.
  • Knowledge of language.

To implement the idea, you need to try yourself at least in some business and craft, which you know well.

According to experts, the following specialties are most in demand:

  • Car rental officer. There is enough secondary education, but you need to speak foreign languages ​​- German, English and Spanish.
    Before taxes, approximately 1,300 euros. Approximately 15-16 thousand per year.
  • Workers in the automotive sector. It requires an average technical and professional qualifications. This sector of industry is the best developed, and therefore the requirements are high. Salary approximately 14-19000 euros per year and depends on the area.
  • Cameraman. Specialists with a university degree, knowledge of programs and experience is required. 15-24 thousand per year.
  • Storekeeper. Responsibilities to manage the loader, maintain and fill out documents, carry out the preparation of orders.
  • Work as a salesman. There is no need for special skills and training. Z / p approximately € 13,000 per year.
  • Telephone operators. In addition to Spanish, it is desirable to speak Portuguese and other languages. 13-16 thousand
  • Waiters in establishments and at banquets. If you have a diploma of hotel and restaurant business and experience - this is an additional advantage. 15-20.000 €.

IT professionals are valued all over the world. Requirements: higher professional education and proficiency in programming, to be able to manage with JAVA / J2EE and SAP services, as well as many other specific programs. High wages from 30 to 49 thousand a year.

Wind power plants are very popular, there are always required technicians with higher education, fluent in English. Having enough experience. Salary starts from 18.000 €.

Popular professions in Spain

Note that the amounts are approximate and may vary, depending on the economic, political and social situation. And also depend on the following components:

  • Gender affiliation. Men earn more than women.
  • The region in which you work.
  • Professional field.
  • Qualification.
  • Age.

As for getting a visa, this is not an easy task. But there are specialties that are scarce and are excellent for obtaining a visa, such as:

  • Workers on ships.
  • Coaches.
  • Highly skilled athletes.

The remaining professions require bureaucratic procedures, which the employer undergoes. Proving that this particular employee is needed.

Employees are required in the services sector: hotel staff, translator, chef, sports trainer, gardener, nursing and so on. As well as performers of seasonal work, handymen, tourism specialists, builders. Engineers, doctors, sales managers, rental and many others.

Popular professions in Spain

If you are thinking of searching for vacancies, it is better to use a variety of sources: Internet sites, friends, acquaintances, social networks, labor exchanges and employment centers. Now it is easy to do with the help of the Internet.

Most of these professions require specific knowledge, diploma confirmation and excellent Spanish. It will take a lot of time and effort.

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