Getting a Golden Visa when investing in Spanish property

There is a lot of gold in Spain - bright and warm sun, the cleanest beaches of the Mediterranean coast, and more recently an innovation - a program for acquiring a residence permit in exchange for investment deposits ranging from 500,000 euros, called the “Golden Visa”. And it was she who deservedly took primacy in Europe in terms of the number of residence permits received, because everyone willing to take advantage of this convenient unique offer is attracted by the permanent residence at home of the bullfight.

The reasons for which foreigners from all corners of the world come to Spain every year are a great many. Stunning climatic conditions, year-round preservation of warm temperatures, attractive panoramic views from the window, a high standard of living and infrastructure, as well as numerous opportunities for active sports. And it is not enough for many just to periodically spend holidays here, so an attempt to move to permanent residence is fully justified.

What you need for immigration

The essence of the action of this proposal is that the person who wants to get a residence permit must make any investments. One of the popular options is the purchase of an immovable object in the amount of 500 thousand euros, or government bonds of two million. It is also recommended to invest funds in banking institutions or shares of rapidly developing companies for not less than a million. Also, everyone is given the opportunity to create their own business project, which is designed to meet the interests of the country recognized by the public. That is, it will be necessary to guarantee the creation of new jobs to ensure the largest possible number of employees with work, the socio-economic impact on the region at the location, as well as making a significant contribution to modern scientific and technical achievements. At the same time, there is a single, but mandatory condition to comply with - the legality of the funds used and the transparency of their sources.

Getting a Golden Visa when investing in Spanish property

In addition, you will need to provide:

  • International passport;
  • ID number of a foreign tourist;
  • Papers confirming investments;
  • Bank statements to confirm sufficient funds to stay in the country of the investor and his family members;
  • Medical insurance policy issued in the state;
  • A certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record;
  • If a residence permit, temporary or permanent, is also requested for other relatives, confirmation of the relationship will be required by submitting a marriage and birth certificate.

In general, when it comes to moving to Spain legally, as well as the subsequent acquisition of citizenship, it is considered that the Spanish Gold Visa is the most convenient, profitable and practical solution.

Subtleties of contributions to housing

Unlike most other European Union countries that are directly involved in this resettlement program, the Spanish government does not set limits on the number of objects to be acquired. So you can buy one luxury villa, several apartments or penthouses, a building plot of land, a townhouse or other types of dwellings. The main condition is to collect in the amount and spend more than five hundred thousand conventional units, in this case - the euro.

However, it should be borne in mind that if we talk about the structure, even with a minimum cost, tax evasion will not succeed. And they are superimposed on every building in possession. You will also have to spend money on state fees, which are levied on the conclusion of a sale and purchase transaction. This is followed by the conclusion that the ownership of a multitude of dwellings will be somewhat more expensive to maintain and tax, and therefore it is recommended to find more expensive but profitable options.

Getting a Golden Visa when investing in Spanish property

Real estate must be purchased without obtaining a mortgage, because it is not considered an investment investment from the investor, since the money comes from the state. Of course, you can get a mortgage payment, but only for the amount that is the difference between the minimum investment and the cost of the housing itself. For example, if a house costs 700,000, then it is allowed to take a mortgage for 200,000, and pay the remaining 500, along with related taxes, on your own and immediately.

Among all immigration participants in this visa program, in terms of the number of acquired dwellings, foreigners from China and Russia are in the lead, since more than half of the proposed facilities were bought by representatives of these countries. Their largest number is located in Barcelona, ​​and the second place is deservedly the province of Malaga, located on the southern coast of the Costa del Sol.