Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

Before we tell you in more detail about holidays with children in Spain and what is worth seeing, we want to immediately announce the advantages of choosing this country for a family holiday.

  • High level of service in hotels.
  • Mild climate throughout the year.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Acceptable flight duration, a wide variety of flights.
  • Large selection of gastronomy, modern European markets with familiar products.
  • Warm safe sea with equipped sandy beaches without reefs and corals.
  • A wide range of entertainment.
  • Developed road junction.

The most important advantage of this bright country is that the trip will be successful and memorable, even if you do not plan anything in advance. Everything is thought out so that you want to come back.

And who will refuse again to visit the celebration of life, where rich history, diverse architecture, chic sea holidays, amusement parks, seafood cuisine and Spanish wine mixed in the flamenco rhythm? This is an ideal country where the sun shines 6 days a week. Such a holiday will appeal to those families who want to not only lie on the beach, but ride bicycles, go on excursions, travel to beautiful corners and get new sensations.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?


The main thing that you have to realize is that there will be no hotels like Turkey in mainland Spain. Unless on the Canary and other islands you will find 4-5 stars with all inclusive, large territory and entertaining playgrounds.

The food in the hotel is always good. The most common table types are board and half board (breakfast, dinner, + lunch). If lunch is important for your family - do not neglect them on the ticket, as in the city after an hour you will not be able to eat anything. The Spaniards strictly observe afternoon relaxation.

And yet, be sure to specify the location, since the Mediterranean coast is a party zone for European youth. If there are clubs and bars near the selected housing, the music will not become silent until the morning, making it difficult to sleep.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

When to go

The Spaniards' marine season begins in May and ends in September, and in some areas in October. The first sea is heated off the coast of Mallorca and the Costa Blanca, then in the Costa Dorada.

Water in the sea near the Costa del Sol always remains slightly cooler because of the undercurrents that do not allow it to warm up to the level of other regions. If you are not planning a vacation in season, then you can consider the Canary Islands. The sea remains warm (17-18 degrees) even in winter.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

Where to go

Anything with the Costa prefix is ​​great for a comfortable family holiday. The credo of these resorts is maximum convenience. Ramps, places for feeding and dressing, friendly attitude to children - all this has a lot.

Costa Blanca. The region is located one hour from the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. This means that you can get acquainted with most of the country's most famous sights, but at the same time enjoy the sea. According to statistics, there are as many as 305 sunny days a year!
Chic infrastructure and enough hotels of exactly family type, entertainment programs, game rooms and decent food.

In addition to entertainment and water parks, there are enough green areas where you can hide from the sun and take a walk with a stroller.

Costa Dorada. First of all, this is a budget vacation, as prices are lower than in other areas. The main advantage is the coastal zone, which is ideal for small “navigators”: you need to walk 30 meters to depth. And since this is shallow water, the water warms up to the state of “fresh milk” almost the entire season. This area has many attractions and water parks. The most famous - Port Aventura, which in scale and diversity is not inferior to Disneyland.

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Costa Brava

Another great region with a clean coast and pleasant climatic conditions. Very developed infrastructure, perfect for holidays. But most of the cities were chosen by young people, and in the high season you risk to visit the resort, which is “not sleeping”.

Costa del sol

Here is the city of Marbella - the famous luxury resourt. Accommodation on this part of the coast includes yacht rental, expensive shopping, luxury restaurants and accommodation in the best apartments, villas or penthouses. Beautifully equipped beaches, 27 km long, VIP-marinas, golf courses, tennis courts - there is everything for a luxury vacation.


It is rightfully considered one of the favorites among tourists: the picturesque nature, the class of living from 4 stars and above, the favorable climate, the warm sea all year round.

Parties and night parties are the prerogative of the mainland, and the island is more for relaxation. The island has an excellent dolphinarium, which is worth a visit.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?


Here, also, there are those most cherished complexes with 'all inclusive'. With the usual set of goods and entertainment, plus pleasant weather, comfortable water temperature and breathtaking nature. Contrary to doubts, here you can find options for any budget.

If you do not have the opportunity to travel around the whole of Catalonia, then there is a place where you can see all its sights at once, albeit in miniature. Park Catalunya en Miniatura is located 12 km from Barcelona. It is not very popular with tourists, but the children will really like it there. It is possible not only to look at all the most famous sights of the district, reduced by 25 times, but also to watch miniature railways, motorways and other transport routes with moving models and little people.

For holidaymakers on the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, the close ones will be a huge amusement park Port Aventura.
Here everyone will like not only thanks to the extreme attractions, but also a beautiful area, which is divided into thematic zones with different plants and architecture.

If you live in Valencia - be sure to go to the amusement park “Terra Mítica”, which is located on more than a million square meters. The territory is divided according to the themes of the ancient myths of Greece, Egypt, Rome and other states. Green parks, lakes that can be crossed on old boats, historical sculptures and sights, recreated in smaller sizes. You can take part in the legendary voyage of Odyssey, war with the barbarians and worship Queen Cleopatra in one day. At the same time also ride on the stunning attractions and treat yourself to the themed restaurants - an excellent plan for the whole day!

Not far from this place is the second park - Terra Natura (Terra Natura). A combination of a zoo and an aquapark awaits you: more than 200 species of animals and 5 zones corresponding to continents.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

By the way, animal lovers will enjoy Rio Safari Park in Murcia. Children will be able to look at the different animals living in natural conditions, driving on a special train. In addition, little travelers can see shows of fur seals and parrots, see a crocodile farm, a terrarium and an aquarium.
If you are relaxing near Benidorm, be sure to check in at the Valor chocolate museum. Your children will see how the beans grow, how they were processed in the past and how they are doing it today. You will learn a lot of new things, and in the end you will taste delicious chocolate. The entrance for all guests is free!

Not far from it there is another interesting place - the museum of the giants. Here are collected works, conventionally divided into two collections:

  • items that have been increased tenfold;
  • reduced copies that can only be observed through a microscope.

Plots are very diverse from insects to Gaudi's bone creations. If you are resting in Valencia, then we recommend to look into the museum of soldiers, which exhibits the reconstruction of the greatest battles. One installation takes more than 9 thousand figures. The boys will be delighted.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

On the Costa Brava, you can go to the castle of Valtorder for a joust. The colorful medieval show will definitely delight both boys and girls aged 5 to 15 years. The knights will show the skills of the riders, arrange battles with swords and organize a real theatrical capture of the fortress, after which you will be treated to a medieval dinner with an incendiary flamenco show.

If time in Barcelona allows you - be sure to go to the zoo and aquarium. Zoo de Barcelona is a contact zoo, where not only you can look at elephants and giraffes, but also feed the animals, as well as try yourself as a farmer. Your child will be given the opportunity to choose their own pet food, look after them and sweep the corrals. Family picnics are welcome, a playground is equipped, and you can also go to a dolphin show and sea lions show.

The inhabitants of both the Mediterranean Sea and the most remote corners of the planet live in the Barcelona Aquarium. You can stroll through the tunnel, where the slopes will swim over your head, go diving and stand near the predatory sharks very close.

We highly recommend taking the time and visiting the Museum of Science CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​where you can explain with examples the majority of natural phenomena from the movement of the planets to tornadoes. Young scientists are allowed to experiment, intervene in the course of natural processes, and also get acquainted with nature directly: by holding a snake or a real giant spider.

Of course, do not forget about the popular attractions of Barcelona and Madrid. If you can, you should definitely go to the Prado Museum, take a ride on the cable car over the capital, admire the cathedral and stroll in the cozy parks. See the embankment, the famous street of La Rambla, the Gothic quarter and the Sagrada Familia.

Holidays with children in Spain. What is worth seeing?

What features should parents know?

Although the climate here is normal, but with infants and one-year-old children it is better not to fly in the middle of summer, as the sun is very active throughout the day.

For Spaniards, siesta is not an empty sound. After 12 to 16 do not work even in the resorts, you may encounter the fact that only large chain supermarkets are open, which means you do not expect to have dinner with your family in a restaurant or buy drinks in a small shop.

In Spain, for the transportation of children by law must be a child seat by age. Some car rental companies provide this service.

Do not wait for free sun loungers - most often the beaches are urban, and there are almost no hotels on the shore. Medicine in Spain is well developed, but one doctor's visit will cost you about 100 Euro. It is better to immediately provide insurance.

Be prepared for poor soundproofing rooms. However, this is a problem for almost all hotels in Europe. This is another reason to think about an apartment, not a room.