Study in Spain

The country of Don Quixote and Antonio Gaudi attracts with its attractive location, mild climate and European values. Spanish education is an internationally recognized diploma recognized all over the world, which gives prospects for successful employment. Studying in Spain is attractive because of its cost, which is lower than most European countries. Let's look at options for studying in Spain.

Long-term study is a reason to get a visa at the embassy of category D to enter the country, and to provide documents for registration of a student residence for long-term residence in the country. The bonus of receiving this document is the ability to earn money, it is not necessary to count on official employment, but this is quite enough to earn money for renting an apartment. And if you find the same student friends, you can easily expect to eat a nice nice little house.

Universities in Spain are in well-deserved demand due to their high rating among universities in the world. The leaders are the University of Barcelona, ​​the Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University, which are in the TOP 500, and one of the oldest in Salamanca. With all these regalia, the year of study will cost from 1,000 to 15,000 euros. Many universities have improved their positions through serious research, international cooperation, won grants and the correct use of funds. The Bologna system is applied.

Study in Spain

There is an opportunity to combine rest and practice Spanish, for this you should get a tourist visa of type C. This is a great opportunity to spend summer or winter holidays with benefits even after the 9th grade. It is important that any person, regardless of age, can become a language course listener, even though the current entrant, even tomorrow's pensioner, this method is quite suitable for adults.

When you have been in another country for a long time, you must immerse yourself in its culture, customs, and values, and begin to better understand the history, character, and color of the inhabitants. Even more appreciate the national traditions and attractions. This is the best way to get to know this student region.

Spain is one of the few countries where residential real estate sales have not decreased even during the crisis. Usually, housing is bought by those who have become an expert in their type of activity and have been able to earn money by themselves. Most have wonderful families, loving wives, wonderful children and a desire to change their lives. And where there is a child, there are relevant issues of school, kindergarten and the future of higher education.

Study in Spain

In Spanish law, the obligation of the state to provide free basic education is spelled out, and parents, for their part, must do everything so that the kid attends and graduates from school. The basic school includes educación primaria starting at the age of 6, and this elementary school lasts up to 12 years; after 4 years, it is paid to educación secundaria. Further direction is chosen.

  • paid high classes of Bacchilerato, for Slavic countries, an analogue of 1-2 courses of the institute and getting the first bachelor's degree with the opportunity to enroll for further higher education in the magistracy;
  • Specialized university schools, where specialized specialists with a working profession prepare, resemble a vocational school.

For convenience of understanding, we will tell the division by levels of school institutions:

  • simple secondary school - always state-run with a large number of students, including immigrants; enrollment takes place according to registration, little money is allocated, therefore equipment and repairs have seen a lot in their lives;
  • colegios concertados - many hours added to the study of foreign languages, especially English, an additional subject religion, a monthly fee of 30 to 190 euros is charged;
  • private colleges - this category includes foreign and Spanish schools that pay attention to international standards of education, with several languages ​​and a small number of students, the cost is 700-1000 euros. The most popular educational systems are British, Finnish, Norwegian, German and French.

Please note that Spain is rich in sports schools. Professional programs in football, tennis, equestrian sport, basketball, polo and golf are being carefully developed and implemented. Some academies are aimed at improving the skills of coaches.

Study in Spain

Whatever you choose, remember that quality education is the key to success and future achievements. With its history, Spain confirms the right to proudly bear the name of one of the best educational states. Choose one of the prestigious destinations, any of the various programs or popular specialty and come to the sunny Kingdom. We are confident that you will succeed, and provide questions to the rental or purchase of housing to our specialists. Our professionals will help you find a comfortable accommodation in all of Spain. We believe in you and wish you a speedy receipt!