Real estate in Spain: the best places for living, recreation and investment

The countries of the European Union, by their stability and well-being as a magnet, attract people with the means to change their place of residence, it is not bad to rest or profitably invest finances in real estate. Spain is a country especially attractive in all three directions.

For those who want to relax

Costa Brava and Barcelona

Young couples, single people and families with teenage children will appreciate the Costa Brava and Barcelona, ​​where all the charms of Spanish resorts are concentrated.

The first is a resort area with invariably expensive housing. The price is explained by a soft, pleasant climate and location in a protected cultural and park area with a ban on the construction of high-rise buildings.

The capital of Catalonia Barcelona, ​​which is also another major port on the Mediterranean Sea, is a unique combination of the modern beach resort and the rich cultural heritage. If you want to buy a house here, you need to expect at least one million dollars.

Real estate in Spain: the best places for living, recreation and investment

Canary Islands

The 'Canaries' will appeal to families with children, regardless of their age. This is one of the most popular destinations among tourists, including Russians. Tenerife is the most attractive city on these islands because it is a 'free economic zone', which is why prices are much lower than on the mainland. House prices here start at 40 thousand euros.

Balearic Islands

On the Balearic archipelago all the fun of the Mediterranean is concentrated. Who has not heard of Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera or Ibiza? This is an ideal place for youth, bachelors or young couples, the focus of luxury luxury service. It is here that stars from all over the world prefer to rest, and the cost of housing soars to the skies.

Malaga and Marbella

These cities can be attributed to the most expensive with an extremely high standard of living and service. Malaga is famous for its architectural monuments, and Marbella for prestige and luster.


This is the place where you can buy a house by the sea relatively inexpensively. The city is a dream for many Russians. The cost of housing starts here from 60 thousand euros. Alicante is an ideal option for families with kids, pensioners or people with a limited budget.

Where it is better to live?

If you are planning to permanently move to Spain and choose the city in which you will live, it is worth paying attention to:

  • Barcelona with its stunning views of the sea and the city;
  • Madrid, the center of cultural and political life, beautiful and majestic;
  • Marbella, attracting its luxury and luster;
  • Alicante with its affordable prices and convenient location.

Real estate in Spain: the best places for living, recreation and investment

Business Perspectives

The mild climate, cultural heritage and level of development of the resort infrastructure make Spain one of the most attractive countries for investors, ready to invest in what is always in demand.

Do you dream of your business in Spain? Do you want the work and investments to pay off? Then you should think about buying a square meter in Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Tenerife or Alicante.

Think about what exactly to buy? The most profitable are:

  • Removable housing (apartments, hostels, hotels);
  • Large shops or shopping centers;
  • Services enterprises (hairdressers, fitness);
  • Entertaining institutions;
  • Travel agencies, real estate agencies or land for later sale.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the Spanish resorts and the demand for services included in the infrastructure of recreation and entertainment increases significantly, which allows for the season to earn quite a decent amount of money.