Museums of Malaga (Spain)

Today, there is an active increase in the popularity of visiting Malaga at the time of travel. It is a city with amazing culture, historical sights and magnificent architecture. And it was precisely the cultural center that was nicknamed by the locals, because besides the existing ones, more recently appeared more interesting museums, which currently number 36. They became an ornament, a real highlight of the southern coast of Spain and regularly attract an increasing number of visitors.

Museums of Malaga (Spain) should definitely be visited during the trip. Each has its own characteristics, curious expositions and historical heritage.

Museums of Malaga (Spain)

Car Shows

Although this institution was opened relatively recently, only in 2010, it managed to quickly gain the location of tourists. It is interesting not only to exhibits, but also the building in which they are stored. Avtomuzey is located on the site of an old tobacco factory and is a real masterpiece of architecture. Not less than amazing creations are inside: there are more than a hundred of the best vintage cars from the personal possessions of a Portuguese collector.

In total there are ten exhibition halls, where more modern new cars are placed, as well as old and ancient models. Each of the premises is decorated on a specific theme, in the style of different eras. What is interesting - the owner of this institution pays a lot of attention to unusual cars. For example, exhibited vehicles operating on alternative types of fuel. There is even a solar-powered vehicle with the first steam engine. And by Rolls Royce, adorned with numerous Swarovski crystals, can not be passed at all.

Many exhibited masterpieces are tuned by the hands of famous masters.

Museums of Malaga (Spain)

Dedicated to Picasso

For local citizens, everything connected with the famous artist Pablo Picasso is of great importance. They are proud of the person who was born on their land. That is why in 2003 the royal family donated to this gallery the beautiful palace of Buenavista - a majestic building with a massive tower and a viewing platform, which offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscapes.

Inside a rather large collection of works is exhibited - more than 200 sculptures, paintings and pottery. Here it will be possible to get acquainted with the creations of all periods up to surrealism. A curious fact is that most of the exhibits were donated by relatives and friends of Pablo, and the greatest value is a portrait of the Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova, who was the first wife of Picasso.

Museums of Malaga (Spain)

Owned by Carmen Thyssen

The exhibition of one and a half thousand paintings written by the hand of the best European masters is considered the largest and belonged to Baron Hans Thyssen-Bornemisza, which is located in Madrid. His widow, Carmen Server, got a smaller number of masterpieces, but less interesting. For it, the palace of Villon was erected, erected in the 16th century. Its historical view was restored, merged with the neighboring modern buildings and the institution opened to visitors in 2011.

It is worth looking at the permanent exhibition entitled “Brightness of Color” with canvases of the Basque poet and artist from the beginning of the last century Francisco Inturino. Particularly impressive are the works in the “nude” style. Short-term exhibitions often take place here every year, in which several other similar institutions take part. In this case, the submitted items are placed on certain topics.

Museums of Malaga (Spain)

Russian collections

A tourist from Russia should definitely visit the building of an old tobacco factory called the Tabacalera from the 20th century, when the style of regional architecture was popular. There are expositions of several varieties: on the theme of Ancient Russia, realism, romanticism, new primitivism and other types of Russian art of the past.

Travelers are offered to enter and enjoy the exhibits for free, so if you are in Malaga, it is recommended to go to local museums.