The trendy beaches of the Costa-del-Sol

When it comes to luxury vacation, hot spots for holidays and luxury, nothing can compare with Spain, its elite resort towns and highly developed infrastructure. Especially popular is its southern coast, called the Costa del Sol, where the most interesting and popular places for tourists are located. But not only tourists are attracted by the mild climate, the purest sand and azure blue of the waters, beautiful landscapes and many opportunities for active pastime. Well-to-do individuals come here to acquire their own piece of land and enjoy the scenery seen from the window.

Everything necessary is provided for living - numerous luxurious villas and townhouses, a high level of security, the preservation of wilderness, parks and squares, as well as fashionable and fashionable places for recreation. Multiple newspapers and press services assure that even Ibiza and Miami can step aside, compared to Marbella, the Golden Mile and Puerto Banus. And this is absolutely true.

Such popularity is due to numerous clean beaches. But holidaymakers have the opportunity not only to swim in the sea, but also to visit the stunning beach clubs with pools, sun beds, a high level of service and the most fashionable parties on various topics. Here they enjoy meetings of the rising sun or its wires at sunset, night dances, fun with foam and rivers of champagne, bartenders offer the best cocktails and incredible flavor combinations, and DJs select track lists for a certain audience or entertainment. Here you can relax over a conversation, take a break from the city rush over a glass of good wine, or vice versa, enjoy the fun and interesting fun. Which one to go to is a difficult choice, which depends on personal preferences and location.

The trendy beaches of the Costa-del-Sol

Entertainment in different parts of the coast

At various ends of the coast there are various places and areas with the best options for pleasure pastime:

  • It was lucky for those who chose the prestigious Golden Mile or Sierra Blanca region for permanent or temporary residence. Not far from them are the two most high-profile VIP clubs, where wealthy people come from all sides of the planet. For more than fifty years, the famous Marbella Club is surprising visitors with the atmosphere of the aristocracy, classic beaches. In the neighboring hotel complex, guests enjoy the delights of Mediterranean cuisine during the day, oriental luxury reigns at night;
  • In the east, in the region of Los Monteros, there is a famous club, where the staff has been carefully selected, a dress code is provided, and there is only a fashionable clientele. In Elviria, however, the complete set for VIP clients is professional dancers, the best DJs and fashionable, entertaining parties. The adjacent hotel has the most stylish beach, places with incredible avant-garde design, a modern pool and an atmosphere of total immersion in tropical areas;
  • The stunning port of Puerto Banus attracts with spectacular views that open up to the African shores. But not only the area is famous for this, but also institutions with a creative and even hipster atmosphere, a modern image, guests like only from the podium and attractive jacuzzi. Here are held daytime discos at sea, where they arrive to relax and dance;
  • To the west of the Costa del Sol is a region called the New Golden Mile. Throughout the year, the exotic center is open to visitors, where the furnishings are made in a sophisticated design, as well as incredible views of Gibraltar and the mountain systems of Morocco. Water sports, relaxing with the help of massages, relaxing on the beach hammocks and swimming in the most transparent waters are popular here. Los Flamingos is a paradise for golf lovers because of the large number of golf clubs. But here and famous restaurants with world cuisine. Estepona has also distinguished itself, where the beach club is natural and devoid of fuss. Here an atmosphere of calm and comfort.

Spain is famous for its entertainment and opportunities to have a good rest, and for this reason, crowds of people willing to come here every year for a quiet life and in order to have an interesting vacation.