Medicine in Spain


Are you planning to move or want to live in a European country for a long period, of course, a reasonable question arises: how are things with medicine in Spain. It is a large tourist country, here medical care rightfully deserves the title of one of the best and most developed on the European continent. It takes an honorable 4th place.

All the powers of the European Union have a decent qualified level of medical care. Research institutes with advanced equipment and diagnostic centers are located on the Iberian Peninsula.

As elsewhere, there is a paid and free healthcare system.

Private structures for our compatriots offer opportunities to cure the disease, which cannot be cured in Russia. Naturally, the cost is high.

Foreigners are residents who use private clinical facilities, despite the fact that the service is well developed in state-owned companies. Also, insurance companies provide good assistance. According to statistics, about 15 percent of the sector are private doctors.

Medicine in Spain

Features are as follows:

  • Health care is provided through assessed contributions that are directly related to employment.
  • Service is based on the principles of general availability.
  • About 94 percent of the population have the right to use the social package.
  • You can get help in every area of ​​the country.

On what grounds can foreigners qualify for a medical service.

  • There must be a so-called padrón - registration.
  • Of course, be employed and hold a position. Illegal residents are served only in difficult situations that threaten their lives or for money.

Residents have the right to independently choose a doctor who writes out a certificate for the purchase of drugs, appointments for testing, and appoints any specialized specialists. This does not apply to oculists and obstetricians.

Note that medicines are not cheap here, and with a prescription you can buy an order of magnitude cheaper. You save about 60 percent of their cost, which are prescribed after discharge from the hospital. However, not everything is sold without prescription . You can’t buy antibiotics and serious drugs, as you can do with us.

Pensioners, that is, people over 65 years of age, receive the necessary medicines for benefits. The government has introduced a ten percent payment of the price for older people.

The system is organized so that you get an appointment without delay during the day after you sign up. But it is advisable to do this in advance, about a day. Naturally it happens that you have to wait 2-4 days for your recording, rarely a few weeks, but this applies to specialists with a narrow focus.

Medicine in Spain

Features of Spanish health care

In each region there is a state clinic, which is equipped with modern equipment. Qualified employees work in specialized institutions and the so-called Centro de Salud in small towns, in our opinion it is a clinic or part of a hospital. The pharmaceutical sector is also developed, it employs about 60 thousand professionals.

As in the CIS, doctors study for about 4-6 years at universities, then they intensively train and continue to accumulate knowledge, already doing practice.

According to statistics, there are approximately 1000 hospitals in the Kingdom, among them there are Hospital público - public, private - P rivado and the military. Of course, in private hospitals there are no queues, but everything is paid not from the insurance policy, but from your wallet.

If we talk about hospital queues, then this is the same problem as in Russia. But unlike our compatriots, the Spaniards are ready to survive for a long time, since they pay not a small part of their income to the social insurance fund. It is logical that in case of illness they want to recover costs and be treated at the expense of the state. It is customary for them to go to the clinic with a slight malaise, while our person will not even think of recording with a slight cold. As a joke, one of the Russian doctors who went through the nostrification procedure - recognition of a diploma and working in a local hospital: 'A Russian goes to the doctor two days before his death, and the Spaniard - a few days before the illness.' Of course, the joke is specific and perhaps inappropriate, but it reflects the whole difference in mentality.

If state institutions for some reason do not cope with the flow of patients, they use private services. This also applies to consultations.

Medicine in Spain

Division of clinics into specialized areas:

  • Pathologies of varying severity.
  • Psychiatry .
  • Family planning centers, diagnostic.
  • Dentistry.
  • Blood transfusion stations and more.

The Spaniards are considered a fairly healthy nation, due to the fact that there is clean air, a lot of balneario sanatoriums of various profiles. The climate is especially favorable in mountain resort areas, where mineral waters also have a healing effect.

Medicine in Spain

Key Features and Specifics

The National Institute of Health provides standard free and emergency support.

Exclusions: high-level surgery, dentistry.

They don’t call an ambulance, everything happens in the treatment room . Her faces are not reached 18 years, urgent moments during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in the postpartum period. It is accessible to everyone, there are no restrictions, and it does not matter the legal status and status.

Urgencia has emergency rooms in clinics and provides round-the-clock services.

Cruz Roja Española - Red Cross Society will help in emergency consultation to all those in need.

If you have minor ailments, you are quite able to cope on your own, without resorting to specialists. The pharmacy has a large assortment of medicines that can be purchased without a prescription. As mentioned above, exceptions are 'serious' drugs, which should not be used without recommendations and prescriptions

Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual - TSI literally translated is an individual health card.

All citizens of the Kingdom, persons of foreign powers located here on the basis of a residence permit receive 'Seguridad Social' - these are social cards. insurance. Based on it, then an individual sanitary TSI is issued, containing the owner’s personal number - Código de Identificación Personal, which makes it possible:

  • Seek advice and treatment without interruption.
  • Buy prescription drug discounts at a pharmacy - farmacia .

The card is a personal document and is not transferred to other persons. It is issued to all members of the family, after applying to the hospital público at the place of residence.

Medicine in Spain

Documentation package attached to the application:

  • Identity card, passport and more.
  • Copy-confirmation of entry in the register, in the organs of social. insurance - Seguridad-Social , with an individual insurance number.
  • Registration at the place of residence, confirmation from the municipality, not earlier than 3 months before the application is submitted.

If it is not possible to file a petition yourself, a power of attorney is drawn up, since it must be presented as confirmation of the assigned powers. A family book is provided when registration for a newborn occurs.

When a person does not have a residence permit, residence permit, that is, his stay is illegal, he can get honey. emergency support:

  • Injured by a traffic accident.
  • Accident.
  • Urgent surgery is required.

Legal residence with all registrations and permits gives you the full right to social package services, current and emergency. For pregnant women and persons under the age of majority, it does not matter what status they are in, they will certainly be helped.

Medicine in Spain

For tourists, the following requirements:

  • Availability of insurance policy, travel insurance. In the absence of insurance, in case of illness, you will have to pay for everything.
  • They are citizens of the European Union.

For the most complete information, we recommend chatting on the forum or on Facebook groups. It is not difficult to find them, since the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, in recent years, have moved to permanent residence in Spain and share their impressions on the Internet. For competent information, it is better to contact the appropriate authorities or the consulate.

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