Marbella as a health resort

Marbella is a small resort town located on the southern Spanish coast of the Costa del Sol. For many years, crowds of tourists gathered here, fascinated by the stunning climate, picturesque landscapes, the purest sand and high standard of living. It is here that the best elite real estate is located on the whole seashore and the surrounding area. And we are talking not only about modern buildings, many buildings have preserved historical value and the original ancient look. This provides a high level of security, because it is this region occupies the most recent places in terms of crime, which is simply absent in the city.

But not only for a good rest and a beautiful house come to Marbella. This place, deservedly called one of the best for rest and accommodation, seeks to become famous also as a health resort, a medical resort.

Marbella as a health resort

Health Resort

According to the data provided by the organization of economic development, therapeutic tourism brings considerable income to the countries around the world. Among the wide variety of tourist towns in which multiple medical centers are located, Marbella is particularly distinguished for its several positive advantages:

  • The city is easily accessible in three ways - by sea, air or by car overland;
  • The microclimate is unique, because in almost a year the sun is warm and the sun shines brightly;
  • The cleanest beaches, fresh air and the endless blue sea;
  • Stunning scenery - the windows of the houses offer views of the Andalusian mountain systems and the Mediterranean coastline;
  • Healthy food and freshest products;
  • A wide range of clinics with professional experienced professionals;
  • Numerous spa and fitness rooms.

The locals are conventionally called Marbella by the 'urban lungs' of the Costa del Sol. The World Health Organization has taken the city-resort to the third place in the ranking of Spanish places with the highest quality air, as well as the top ten among the places most filled with green plantations. Moreover, there is a very stormy nightlife, excellent shops and boutiques for shopping, a variety of sports grounds (including golf, tennis, water and underwater, fishing, mountaineering and football). Also, each tourist is given the opportunity to visit local discos, play in a casino or visit an art gallery, dine in a posh restaurant with Michelin stars, enjoy culinary masterpieces of the best chefs or just drink coffee in a cozy coastal cafe.

Here the field of medicine has achieved the best results and many private clinics offer their exclusive services to every patient from anywhere in the world. There are special departments, whose activities are aimed exclusively at working with foreign tourists, where employees speak a language convenient for each language. The demand for such clinics has increased by 20% among foreign patients over the past year, while an increase to 40% is projected.

Marbella as a health resort

The best air in the country

Marbella is known throughout the world for its elite environment, luxurious buildings and residential complexes, as well as a high level of service. But in the field of medicine, it does not change itself as a service provided. Here, a complete examination of the human body is carried out in just a day, after which special treatment and procedures are carried out with the help of the latest modern surgical methods. Moreover, here a person will feel himself not a patient of a habitual hospital, but a guest of an expensive hotel. For example, one of the hospitals on the coast offers wards with stunning views of the sea and the African coast.

It is also worth noting that Spain refers to countries that actively provide assisted reproductive technologies, and spouses from all countries come here, wishing to soon become parents of a healthy and strong baby. By the way, local climatic conditions are ideal for such a fragile child organism.

Every person has a desire to look good and have a great sense of well-being. The resort city impresses every visitor with a huge range of health-improving services, including cosmetology, dentistry, plastic surgery, regenerative and rejuvenating procedures, as well as numerous ways to relieve stress, stress and relaxation. Thanks to the presence of all these factors, Marbella is sought by foreigners from different countries, everywhere buying up villas, penthouses and townhouses on the beach. Demand for elite real estate remains unchanged, and recently even outstrips supply. Therefore, you should hurry and have time to use the services of health-improving institutions.