Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday?

Nowadays, the number of tourist destinations in the direction of Spain is so diverse that many tourists often simply do not know where to take the path so that the vacation is not just interesting, but also as comfortable as possible. Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday? Often this question interests those who have not been to one of these regions even once. But now these zones are included in the category of not only the most sought-after, but also the very best areas, where to rest one sheer pleasure. Therefore, it is very difficult to say what is better, but Marbella enjoys great demand among visitors.

Features holiday in Malaga

If you are going to choose what will be to the liking of both an adult and a child, attention is paid to Malaga and Marbella. At the same time, the first option is very good for cultural pastime in the winter, because the beaches here are small, clean, as they lie within the city. And so not only visitors, but also residents want to buy here, so thanks to the special conditions a more pleasant place is not to be found.

Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday?

It is important to look at the fact that the season starts here from June to September, but even in the first summer month the water may be excessively cold. Even on the hottest day in the water is not always pleasant, since the Straits of Gibraltar is located nearby, from which cold currents flow. The very temperature of the air is kept at high rates, which contributes to a dry and hot summer. Therefore, this period for the excursion tour is not always pleasant. Instead, you can stay on the beach and bask in the warm air.

To be famous for this area and its attractions, among which you should pay attention to:

  • Alcazaba fortress - a structure erected in the Middle Ages and located directly in the central part of the city. From this place offers an unrivaled view of the entire urban panorama. Inside there is a real archaeological museum, striking the number of exhibits. The only drawback is the need for a slight rise, which can be difficult for children and the elderly;
  • The Picasso Museum is an indispensable place to be tasted in Malaga, since it was here that this great artist was born. The presented expositions are rather curious, which provides an opportunity to spend about 2-3 hours on the examination of paintings that are in 14 halls;
  • many churches and cathedrals - each of these structures is unique in its own way, as it is made in a different style of architecture and perfectly corresponds to different eras. Moreover, they are close to each other, almost within walking distance;
  • a music museum - it differs from all those places in the world in that it is interactive.

Therefore, visitors can not just admire the exhibits, but also play them. But the province of Benalmaden is in demand here, as its beaches are in the top 10 for their purity.

Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday?

Holidays in Marbella

In the coastal area of ​​the Costa del Sol is a new-fashioned and unsurpassed resort under the name of Marbella. If you do not know what to choose for a family holiday or, on the contrary, for a party holiday, you definitely should make a choice in the direction of this place. No wonder that in this area there is the greatest concentration of five-star luxury hotels. This is exactly the territory that provides an exclusive and elite pastime.

The key advantage is that here the beach stretches 28 km long along the town. Along them is a real marble embankment surrounded by palm alleys. On the one hand, one can observe the peaks of the top of the Sierra Blanca. There is a territory called the “fashionable mile”. It is named in honor of the fact that here along the coast are luxury villas, home to rich celebrities, as well as those individuals who belong to the royal community.

Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday?

The special status of the “best” resort Marbella received due to the fact that it is located near the mountain La Concha, which creates a unique and quite favorable microclimate. Indicators of air temperature here change very smoothly, so the weather leaps are extremely rare, which is typical for other regions. The summer is warm, but not sultry, and the winter is very favorable, since the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees. The sun is observed all year round.






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Considering these temperature indicators, it can be said that the pastime in this region will be favorable at any time of the year.

What should be done in Marbella?

If you are going to this area for the first time, it is important to implement the following actions:

  • visit the Municipal Museum, where you can enjoy the original architectural exposition, as well as the museum of Spanish modern engraving, which presents works by famous painters;
  • taste the religious center - Iglesia Square, which is a religious building erected in the 18th century;
  • stroll along the fascinating embankment of marble and enjoy the sound of the waves; • stroll through one of the most beautiful botanical gardens;
  • lie on the snow-white beach and swim in the crystal clear waters.

Malaga or Marbella: what to choose for a holiday?

Asking where it is better, an unequivocal answer cannot be given. Each resort has its advantages and disadvantages. But no matter which option you prefer, get ready for the fact that real estate prices will be quite high. This is due to the proximity of the dwellings of celebrities and other luxury apartments and villas. Due to its high cost, it is available for purchase, or at least rent is not for every person. Therefore, real estate in Marbella is exactly the same desired as vacation in the area.