Puerto Banus

Luxurious luxury harbor, marina for expensive yachts - Puerto Banus, located in one of the famous resorts in Marbella. It was founded by Jose Banus in 1970, as a shopping complex and parking for luxury yachts. It has become a very popular destination among the wealthy public, more than 5 million visitors come here every year.

Here, not only millionaires from around the world, celebrities, but also ordinary tourists who are interested in attractions love to spend time and relax.

At every step you will find premium cars, snow-white pleasure boats, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and luxury boutiques of world brands:

  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • Christian Dior,
  • Gucci
  • Versace
  • and others.

The Costa del Sol is a beautiful place in itself, with clean beaches, excellent service and unique nature. Buenos Port brings a twist to this atmosphere. Glamor reigns here, the smell of money and luxury are felt in the air, because wealthy people like to visit this place, 'walk' the new Ferrari, Lamborghigi, Rolls-Royce or Bantley. Do not be surprised if you meet a show business star at a party in a local club or restaurant. Such an audience love to spend an unhurried measured rest here.

Luxury Marina - Puerto Banus

Along the entire port, there is a rather narrow street where visitors are strolling. There are expensive yachts on one side of Ribera Street, and bars, restaurants and shops on the other.

Everyone who came to Marbella must visit here. Peek into the cafe, try the national dish paella, seafood or tapas. Washing it all down with fragrant sangria or cider. Spain is famous for its winemaking and gourmet cuisine, do not deny yourself the pleasure of tasting all the delights. Indeed, in addition to travel souvenirs, you need to bring vivid impressions.

Not far from the port is the popular Plaza Antonio Banderas, the square is named after actor Antonio Banderas, who was born in the vicinity of Malaga. You can make purchases in one of the largest shopping centers in El Corte Ingles. The historical architectural monument is the Torre Almenara Del Duque tower, preserved from ancient times.

Often on the streets, not far from the El Corte department store, street trade fairs are organized where you will find interesting and exclusive gizmos of folk craftsmen.

You can take sun baths in the clear sea on one of the beaches. The most popular, eponymous Playa de Puerto Banus. In the northern part, and southern Nueva Andalusia.

Luxury Marina - Puerto Banus

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