The best Spanish city for real estate acquisition

In Spain, on the coast of Costa del Sol, there are two stunning resort towns - Marbella and Fuengirol. With the first Russian consumers have met for a long time and know the benefits of living in it. The second gained wide popularity only in the past ten years.

Both of these cities are part of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia, near the Mediterranean Sea, and are considered the best places for living and recreation. Each year, representatives of different countries come here to spend an unforgettable vacation. And many, knowing the demand for Spanish real estate, are rushing to buy a house by the sea.

Лучший испанский город для приобретения

Between them the distance is small, only thirty kilometers, which means that the climatic conditions are exactly the same. Almost the whole year the sun is hanging over them and the weather is warm and only for one month in the year comes a mild winter. In Marbella, there is always noise and fun, a place for real amateurs of entertainment. Annually there are countless holidays, folk traditions, while Fuengirol is more representative and quiet. And from walks along narrow streets, with light houses and green bushes, real aesthetes will enjoy immeasurable pleasure. Numerous parks, sculptures and ancient churches demonstrate the historical heritage of Spain.

The best Spanish city for real estate acquisition

Variety of real estate

If we talk about Marbella, then the choice is quite wide:

  • Apartments;
  • Townhouses;
  • Villas;
  • Houses by the sea, with a beautiful panoramic view.

Most of the sought-after dwellings are not located in the center, but in an urbanized suburb. A suitable person will be able to find suitable accommodation for him and a person with an average income, although there is more than a choice of 'luxury' class on the territory. Not only indigenous people get accustomed, but also representatives of other states, Russians are significantly less.

Nearby is the well-known 'Golden Mile' - the abode of celebrities and wealthy people. The best entertainment is either in its central part or in the southwestern harbor, called Puerto Banus.

Fuengirol is famous for its buildings directly in the city. In this case, a great advantage is the proximity to all the necessary shops, shopping centers or catering establishments. The truth with such a rhythm of life will have to forget about the silence and tranquility.

Лучший испанский город для приобретения


Of course, the global crisis has not bypassed the real estate market in Spain, but in most regions, housing has fallen significantly. This is the law of market economy - the price of elite buildings is growing more slowly, but they practically do not suffer from a crisis situation. For this reason, in comparison with other regions, the risks of the negative impact of the crisis are reduced to the minimum for real estate on the Costa del Sol.

The increasing popularity is influenced by foreign buyers, including Russians. Interesting is the fact that old houses or villas are in great demand, rather than modern buildings and apartment complexes. But only if the house is kept in excellent condition.

The best Spanish city for real estate acquisition


Only a person who plans to buy a house on the coast of Spain should choose which of the city-resorts are more suitable for living - noisy and cheerful, or calm and moderate. One can not give an unequivocal recommendation, since all people have different preferences. In any case, the acquisition of Spanish real estate is an excellent and profitable investment of funds. The main thing is not to miss the chance to get a good house, while the region is not yet built up.