La Zagaleta: the benefits of living in a luxurious area of Marbella

Today, the Spanish economy is gradually improving, but the value of real estate does not increase at all, so the conditions for the acquisition of prestigious property in Europe are suitable. You can get modern comfortable accommodation in the elite area of ​​Marbella. This region is best suited for making such an acquisition for a holiday or full stay. Compared to other parts of Spain, this is considered a more sustainable real estate market. Therefore, the purchase will be a long-term investment. In addition, with high tourist traffic to this area in Andalusia, you can fully expect to receive a good income for a short-term rental of a resort house or apartment.

Why La Zagaleta?

A few kilometers from Puerto Banus towards Ronda, La Zagaleta is located on the hills of Benahavis. This is a private conservation area on the Costa del Sol. This area has an amazing panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, the North African coast and Gibraltar. There are well-kept private golf courses, picturesque valleys and mountain hills. Of the nine hundred hectares of the reserve, only three hundred were allocated for the construction of exclusive villas.

La Zagaleta: the benefits of living in a luxurious area of Marbella

It combines harmony and tranquility with a wonderful environment and large premium class properties. This area is suitable for those who like a high degree of privacy, increased security and an excellent standard of living. If you prefer to live in peace and unity with the landscape, you will get beautiful landscapes and comfortable accommodation, the opportunity to receive luxury services. Residences are serviced by professional staff of the technical department, security is also guaranteed around the clock. Buyers of such properties make excellent investments.

Special features

This is a closed country club, where all facilities are intended only for residents, as well as guests of club members. If you want to purchase a land plot or a mansion, then in this case you will automatically become a member of the club and receive all the relevant privileges, and therefore you will be able to use exclusive services. It is, for example, about the Club Center with a huge area, where there is everything for life: a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, various shops, a billiards room, etc. In addition, you can hunt in a specially designated area.

Residents can go fishing in private lakes, play tennis or play bowling on their own or a common court. There are also services of a sports equestrian center, private stables, several specialized arenas. A helipad is also located on the territory of the complex. Owners can take advantage of two well-equipped golf courses that blend harmoniously into the local landscape. Life here is in contact with nature.

Regardless of the stylistic direction in which the building is built, both technologically advanced duplexes in a futuristic style, and country estates with garden land and apiaries, and traditional Spanish Andalusian villas are suitable for a comfortable stay. The residences are impressive with their attractive design, technical equipment, spacious rooms with expensive furnishings, luxurious swimming pools, hammam and saunas, garden areas, chic terraces, fountains and courtyards, solariums, wine cellars, cinemas and game rooms, reliably equipped with modern communications and reliable furnishings , etc. All elements are made at a high level, materials of the modern generation are applied.

La Zagaleta: the benefits of living in a luxurious area of Marbella

What you need to know

The administration of La Zagaleta has adopted certain rules that are strictly enforced. The list of requirements includes the prohibition of any construction work, as a result of which a view of the coast would be blocked. Also determined the minimum size of the land - three thousand square meters. Between the two areas should be a green zone of separation nature - from ten meters and more. This will allow animals that live in the reserve to move freely (we are talking about deer, deer, mouflon). It also provides a high degree of privacy and confidentiality for residents.

If you acquire property here, then the neighbors will be respected public figures, big businessmen and politicians, people from the entertainment industry. However, there were circumstances when the administration offered some popular celebrities to buy housing in other areas in order not to attract too much media attention. Therefore, privacy here is guaranteed to one hundred percent.