La Alqueria - an attractive region for living

La Alqueria is a region located in the suburb of the elite resort of Spain - Marbella. This fashionable city is located on a hill, standing on the incredibly picturesque green hills, which offer a beautiful panorama to explore the surroundings. At the moment it is experiencing rapid development, it is urbanized and is striving with all its forces for improvement. And although here the standard of living is already quite high, local authorities try to do everything so that more tourists come here, and most of them have a desire to stay here forever.

In recent years, in this attractive area there has been a rapid growth in demand for the purchase of local real estate - almost doubled. And this figure is not surprising. Living in peace and tranquility, surrounded by pristine nature, which remained untouched, the residents of La Alqueria enjoy absolutely all the privileges that only exist on the southern sunny coast of the Costa del Sol. And for those who are accustomed to live luxuriously, lead a nightlife and have fun, there are not fewer opportunities for social life and glamor, especially considering the short distance from the famous port of Puerto Banus - just a few minutes drive along smooth roads.

To date, the demand for housing is somewhat higher than the supply, especially due to the wide prevalence of investment deposits in real estate in southern Spain. This is also fully explained by the unique natural wealth and numerous reserves, favorable political, social and legislative stability, and infrastructure development.

La Alqueria - an attractive region for living

The reasons for the popularity of housing on La Alqueria

There are several reasons due to which the various types of dwellings on the territory of La Alqueria are so popular:

  • First of all, local real estate is of high quality and is rated as a first class accommodation option. Dynamism and beauty are the characteristic features of the local architectural masterpieces. All buildings are built and designed with a sophisticated taste in classic or modern style solutions. The typical Andalusian culture enriched with European chic is not lost here, and the high-tech equipment of the dwelling greatly simplifies the execution of everyday tasks;
  • The windows offer stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast, the Strait of Gibraltar and even the African shores. There are many nature reserves and excellent golf courses with well-groomed green areas. The area is surrounded by wooded hills and a majestic symbol - Mount La Concha;
  • The nature here has tried to keep as much as possible untouched, despite the most modern buildings. All in order to provide a favorable microclimate and environmental conditions;
  • High level of security in protected areas equipped with advanced alarm systems, created in accordance with new technologies;
  • Local authorities offer investors and buyers the most favorable terms for concluding a deal, providing the opportunity for flexible procedures in the city administration, as well as an accelerated process of issuing a special permit to carry out construction work;
  • Highly developed infrastructure and ease of access to the best beaches with clean sand and azure blue water. And the good location is only 10-15 minutes by car, and the tourist is already in Marbella, Estepona or Benahavis;
  • This is a paradise for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, especially for golfers. A considerable number of cultural and sports facilities, two best schools of international education, professional hospitals and clinics, as well as numerous catering establishments such as bars, cafes and restaurants with the best cuisine, where world-famous chefs prepare dishes, were built here.

La Alqueria - an attractive region for living

Another advantage of La Alqueria that should be noted is an excellent investment potential. In recent years, this region opens up new horizons for deposits and, thanks to positive benefits, guarantees profit, benefits, or preservation of invested funds for all foreign investors who rely on the demand for luxury housing. This neighborhood is now at the stage of transition to the status of a fashionable district, and therefore now the prices on the real estate market are incredibly attractive, especially in comparison with neighboring municipalities.

It offers luxury villas and mansions with large private areas, stylish apartments in residential complexes. the best penthouses and townhouses that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Anyone wishing a chance to acquire their own house on the Spanish coast or rent it for temporary residence at the time of vacation.