Where to go in Spain?

Planning a vacation in Spain? Let's decide which resorts are worth visiting, which city to go to and what to look for in order to spend the most productive time.

Spanish bullfights, vibrant festivals, incredible architectural structures - all these are the assets of Spain. These are the associations that this kingdom causes. The combination of many cultures and styles makes it possible to feel the whole history of the country. Great imprint left war, love, suffering and passion, which occurred here for many centuries. The reflection of all this can be not only seen, but also experienced in choreography or heard through music.

A country, like any other state, has administrative regions, but it can be conditionally divided into North and South. Coastal regions such as the Costa Brava are especially attractive for tourists. These are resorts located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with excellent beaches and sea entertainment.

A separate place on the tourist map of Spain is reserved for the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca always attract travelers who love music and movement. You can come here just for the weekend and get a boost of energy and drive for a long time. Club discos, festivals and competitions leading DJs knowingly fell in love with our compatriots.

The tropical climate of the Canary Islands allows you to relax here all year round. This is a heavenly place, having gone to that place for the first time, it is impossible to ever forget. The choice is huge, in almost every corner of the country at any time of the year there is something to see.

Where to go in Spain?

Beach vacation at the seaside

Want to go to the beach? Welcome to the Canaries. Absolutely all the islands of this archipelago are distinguished by their unique natural beauty. Exotic trees and flowers are almost everywhere. What could be more beautiful than waking up to the singing of canaries? Moreover, Tenerife or Grand Canaria have the most comfortable conditions for living. Luxury hotels with swimming pools, terraces and restaurants will gladly open their doors to you.

Hotels offer an all inclusive system. That is, you do not have to worry about where and what to eat, and yet there is no reference to time. The local cuisine is so diverse that it can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

Tenerife will love absolutely any category of tourists. Tropical thickets with wild exotic birds will allow lovers to retire, and water attractions, zoos will surely appeal to those traveling with children. Be sure to visit the unique pyramids in Guimar, watch the dolphin show and enjoy the beauty of the Cactus Park.

Grand Canaria is just great! This is where you can fully surrender to the sea and enjoy the sea. This resort has gorgeous bays with yacht clubs. Be sure to on this island you will find for yourself suitable entertainment, whether it is windsurfing or a walk on a yacht around the archipelago. Or maybe he will love skydiving over the sea or interesting fishing.

What could be more amazing and unusual than a park of volcanoes. It is located on Lanzarote, where very often various films and fantastic scenes about deserted planets are made. A great place for original photo shoots that will be a real decoration for your portfolio.

Where to go in Spain?

Balearic Islands

Probably, there is no such person who would not dream to visit Ibiza. Mallorca and Minorca are also part of the Balearic archipelago. These are favorite places of youth of all countries. Here everyone understands each other in sign language, music and dance. A variety of club movements, a lot of dance floors, cafes and restaurants are perfectly combined with a great beach holiday.

Very contrasting against the backdrop of modern get-togethers look ancient castle ruins and narrow streets of medieval surroundings. The huge port is filled with a large number of yachts, any moment ready to go to sea.

Islands are very popular among celebrities, so there is a high probability to see their idols on vacation with a glass of champagne.

Where to go in Spain?

Family holiday

If you decide where to go in Spain with the whole family, then a trip to Barcelona will be very useful. Here you can not only enjoy the sights and architecture, but also have a great time with children. Enter a zoo, marine amusement park, aquarium and park guell on your route. Do not hesitate, children and adults will be delighted.

For lovers of modern gadgets with interesting attractions Port Aventura is ideal. Exciting slides, swings, modern technical entertainment can easily compete with the famous Disneyland.

Even a walk along the Rambla will cause a lot of impressions. This is where you can buy any souvenirs, gifts, flowers and crafts. Living figures always cause delight, and the famous Spanish ice cream will delight every child.

A few days spent in the capital of Catalonia will leave an unforgettable impression. The centuries-old interweaving of culture and art gives this city a peculiar charm. The architectural structures created by the great Gaudi embody several styles at once; there are no more such works in any other city in the world.

To avoid walking, take advantage of the services of a tour bus. Red buses run through the city along a certain route, and you can get off at any station. The cost of such a trip includes a map and headphones for listening to the guide in their native language. It is worth the pleasure quite inexpensive, but you can see almost the entire city.

Where to go in Spain?

The most popular stops where you can get off to continue exploring the surrounding area are Catalunya Square, Gaudi’s houses, Parc Güell, Tibidabo and the Sea Port.

Before you travel, think carefully about the route so that in a short time you can embrace as many beauties of Spain as possible.