Spanish climate

Sunny, friendly and charming country welcomes tourists and future residents with green fields, luxurious, landscaped coasts and beautiful weather. Here, the year-round temperature is above zero, and moderate humidity makes it possible not to wear down from the heat, but also not to feel shivering. The above factors are pushing people to come here on vacation or stay forever. In this article we will tell where exactly in Spain it is better to buy a home, based on climatic factors.

Weather by region

Theoretically, an economically developed state can be divided into three main climatic parts - north, center, and southeast. But if you think that the northern zone is a cold, uncomfortable, gloomy corner, then you are deeply mistaken. Although the terrain is influenced by the strong winds from the Atlantic, even in the winter period, greens bloom outside the window, and people walk in trousers and light raglans. The moderate temperature here lasts all year round: not particularly frosty winters, but not too hot summer days. An ideal place for men and women who do not like temperature drops and unpredictable "ideas" of nature.

Spanish climate

The climate in Spain in the central part, on the contrary, is sharp. It is extremely difficult to predict whether a storm will make a noise tomorrow or is expected to rain. From November to March, the thermometer can even show + 5 ° C, which is cool enough for thermophilic citizens. But closer to July, the thermometer tirelessly grows up to + 35-40. However, it’s this kind of weather that will surely appeal to the indigenous people of Russia. It is more familiar to our body, so moving will not have any effect on our well-being.

However, whatever one may say, but most of the representatives of both sexes prefer to purchase housing in the south-east of the country. There are very short, almost invisible winters and long summers. Due to its proximity to the sea, high humidity is maintained in the south, which makes it easy to endure even extremely hot weeks. Below we describe in more detail about the most popular Spanish cities, where tourist groups and those who want to buy an apartment often visit.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The well-known resort attracts men and women from all over the world for a reason. The average annual thermometer here is 21 degrees Celsius, and the sundial is more than 2800. The local population very rarely sees heavy rains, and precipitation like hail and snow is not even worth talking about. An ideal place for both short stay and year-round. They say that it is here that the cleanest and most favorable air, which is formed due to the regular blowing of the trade winds. However, it is better to see once than hear a million, so do not delay an exciting trip to a distant box.

Spanish climate


A fabulous place that can truly be called a real paradise on Earth. The warm, mild, pleasant climate never bothers. The average temperature index for 12 months is 19 ° C, and in summer it rarely exceeds 26-27 degrees. Surrounded by a succession of rocky mountains, Malaga is characterized by beautiful winters and calm weather in any season. In 2015, this city was recognized as the best in the country for quality of life. However, even today many of its inhabitants believe that the title has the right to belong to him. The only thing that can confuse future property owners is the price per square meter, which starts from 1900 euros. But for such a pleasure is clearly worth paying.

Palma de Mallorca

Probably, on the planet there are only a couple of hundred people who would never have heard of this popular Spanish island. This is an incredible enclave of breathtaking beauty that was created by nature itself, without human intervention. Here an atmosphere of special comfort and serenity reigns, which is best supported by 2,780 hours of sunshine per year. Thermometer shows an average of 18 degrees, but most often rises higher. Especially I want to mention the cleanest, gorgeous, sandy beaches, which stretch more than 5000 meters.

Spanish climate


The championship should definitely be given to this wonderful corner of the country. The small town is one of the main resorts in Spain, in which well-arranged recreation areas, beach stripes with perfectly clean sea, developed infrastructure, breathtaking natural monuments and fashionable options for spending time are superbly combined. Summer here lasts much longer than indicated in the calendar year. Tanned gentlemen and gorgeous ladies adore Marbella for extremely rare cloudy days, excellent humidity, clean air and constant warmth.

Spanish climate