How to get Spanish citizenship?

Each of us at least once in life has thought that it is pleasant to live closer to the sea, or simply where it is warm all year round.Many personalities do not just allow such thoughts, but set specific goals for moving to sunny regions.One of the most favorable for the habitat of our compatriots is Spain.It occupies the fourth position in economic indicators in the European Union, and has already accepted thousands of immigrants in its open spaces. Why you should stop paying attention to it?Because the legislation is rather loyal to visitors, presenting them with a wide range of opportunities to become full-fledged citizens.

Definitely it can be judged that these open spaces will not suit everyone and everyone ; they will not satisfy some needs.At the beginning it should be noted that there is a very hot climate.Therefore, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, as well as with unhealthy lungs, will not be completely comfortable with high temperatures.Dual citizenship is prohibited, respectively, from what will have to give up.Not less significant minus - it is possible to become an official resident not earlier than ten years after arrival (with some exceptions).

How to get Spanish citizenship?

All these significant shortcomings and others compensate for the considerable advantages of Spanish nationality.

  • High standard of living and economic development. Such indicators contribute to a better development of their own.
  • Any work is paid with dignity, this is evidenced by the size of the average wage.
  • Social security of residents, including a variety of benefits, government benefits, free secondary education (schools).
  • Well developed and convenient infrastructure of cities.
  • The admissibility of the legitimate living relatives of immigrants.
  • To the best of simple situation when visiting a large number of countries in the world (more than 150).

In addition to these advantages, the 12th, 23rd constitutional articles confer the following rights on Spanish subjects:

  • each of them gains the ability to elect and be elected;
  • take part in political matters personally, or involve a representative;
  • cross the borders of the EU member states without any difficulties;
  • be the organizer or founder of the business, the founder of the company;
  • to work in the established form in any state of the European Union, as well as to live there exclusively on a lawful basis;
  • submit resumes for any positions, choosing a priority for themselves;
  • receive full and high-quality medical care, comprehensive state assistance, including preferential housing.

If we compare the assignment of the nationality of Españaand obtaining the passports of the other “ eurospace ”, it is clear that they are identical.The many categories of grounds for adopting the status of 'Spaniard' are attracting an increasing number of 'those who seek a better life.'

How to get Spanish citizenship?

What does 'assign nationality' mean?

The fact is that for us this term differs in meaning from the concept of “citizenship”, which combines the rights and freedoms used within the state and assigned duties.In other words, these areprinciples of interaction of individuals with the state apparatus.Nationality, on the other hand, determines the affiliation of people to a specific ethnic community, which is distinguished by the original features of culture and psychology, peculiar only to its traditions and customs, a certain way of life, a peculiar language.

For Spaniards, the two concepts are combined into “ nacionalidad ”, which means (according to Article 11 of the Constitution) the appropriation of the entire volume of legal powers and protection: educational, health, freedom of choice, movement, diplomatic support, etc.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

So, if you pretend to be called “ español, ” it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the settlements in the role of a tourist in order to decide which one will be better for justification.

The main rule of becoming a national resident, as already mentioned above, is the lawful living in specific spaces of the Iberian Peninsula for 10 years . But any requirement has “loopholes”. Which of them will serve as a chance for the speedy possession of a passport?

  1. If you belong to a group such as political refugees , it is enough to stay in the country legally and permanently for only five years .
  2. On special conditions, namely residence legally for at least two years may be eligible for the descendants of Sephardim (Jews who were expelled from the land under consideration by the Inquisition in the Middle Ages), as well as foreigners from Latin America (LatinAmerica ), Andorra ( Andorra ), Philippines ( Philippines ), Portugal ( Portugal ).
  3. The length of time spent in the specified territory is reduced to 1 year by the following category of persons.
  • Who is born here, and throughout the year has a residence permit.
  • Who is taken care of by an already-established filed or respective guardian organization for 2 years or more (this is also true for those who will never be able to change the “title” of the ward).
  • Foreigners who are in actual marital relations with the Spaniards, incl .and at the time of the petition to the authorized bodies, but with special conditions of continuous stay.
  • Whose ancestors (father / mother, grandfather / grandmother) appear to be (or were) Spaniards, even if they were born out of paternal lands.
  • Widows / widowers who have not previously used their power to bother about citizenship will be able to do it after the death of the spouses, but the strict requirement is official cohabitation with the last at least twelve months.

In addition to compliance with the basic procedures, the applicant is obliged to demonstrate impeccable civil behavior, and a good level of integration with society and society.

Entering here is fundamentally the first to legalize.If your goal is to stay here forever, then take care of the preservation of all references that have served as a source of approval for living in the selected area.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Requests for each individual applicant are subject to personal review. The inevitable is the transfer of the following 'papers'.

  • A statement explaining the objectives of habitation in this country, the rationale, with supporting documentation.
  • Registration protocols that you can do in the municipality once for all time.
  • Confirmation of the fact that there was no violation of laws during the time of presence, that is, there is no criminal record.

Who is allowed to request a review?

  • A person who has reached the age of eighteen, or has undergone an emancipation process.
  • An applicant who has reached the age of fourteen, but must be accompanied by a legal representative.
  • A person representing the interests of a teenager (> / = 14) interested in becoming a resident.
  • Disabled person or his guardian, depending on the presence of an incapacitated state.

All applications for the assignment of nationality are served in the registry office , depending on the place of residence.

The waiting time for a response on the application varies, and sometimes reaches three years.This is influenced by many factors, numerous checks are carried out, repeated interviews are organized,incl .and with relatives (if required by the rules).

The procedure for making a decision has long been unchanged.As in the old days, the final answer forms the court.

Ways to get nacionalidadespañola

  • Based on a residence permit.
  • The process of naturalization.
  • Due to the origin.
  • The so-called reunion with relatives.
  • Marriage with Spaniard / Spanish.
  • Business immigration.
  • Thanks to the acquisition of real estate.
  • Based on option.
  • Seeking refuge during refuge.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Residence permit or legitimate stay in the Kingdom

So, if you do not belong to any class of benefits, then for a long period you are forced to legally reside in the aforementioned territory.To do this, you must issue a card, called a residence permit .This is important because no student identity card, no other will serve as a basis for recognizing you as a citizen.This document may either contain an approval for a job, or be unmarked.

There are two types of residence permit:

  1. The initial one-year term and the renewal function.

First you need to cross the border by applying for a visa (national / Schengen).Most often the discharge - D, which involves learning or activity.Its effect, as a rule , is over six months.And at itsexpiration, you get the availability of the initial registration of the annual urgency.You can renew it more than once.This will contribute to the contract with the school or with the company-employer.3rdprolongation serves as a reason to stand up a contender for permanent residence.

  1. Regular, three-year duration, prolongation is also available.

If you look into the history, you will see even illegal immigrants who have spent such a time period here, and claiming a legitimate 'piece of paper.'But times have changed, the laws have become stricter, and you need to prove your presence in the state from day one.After the expiration of the period of validity, you either renew for a similar one, or send a request for a long-term permit.

Another variety can be considered the one that is intended to connect with the family.But more on that later.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Permanent residence

Issued for 5 years, if there are no incidents that prevent this. Generally, to be more precise, it is indefinite, but from time to time it is necessary to contact the registration authority, to confirm.

Anyone who is three years or more can receive such a certificate:

  • lives here;
  • resides under the care of territorial children's social institutions;
  • marked by a refugee, and at risk in their native lands.


According to Art. 21 GKI such a method of becoming a “ exponent ” has a voluntary basis (similar to the first), therefore, the general provisions of the administrative procedure apply to it. After analyzing the individual circumstances and evaluating each individual case, the authorities issue a positive or negative verdict at their discretion.

A striking example is the terrorist acts that took place in Madrid in March 2004, after which the Council of Ministers signed a resolution recognizing the victims, as well as their family members, as full-fledged subjects.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

When in the genus there is españoles

In order to confirm this fact, it is necessary to organize the collection of a package of documents, and only then it can be provided to the consulate, which will consider the matter.

There are also groups that are endowed with “automatically” citizenship. This includes children:

  • found on Spanish lands, whose parents could not be found, and there is absolutely no information;
  • mother and father registered for permanent residence in the country;
  • adopted by the Spanish inhabitants.

Family reunification

This right is granted to spouses invited to the territory and their children.Previously, according to the law, the arriving spouses could not get a job, but at the moment there is no such restriction.

As for children, moving to their parents is not so simple.The latter must at this time reside in Spain for more than five years.Another provision is their retirement age, which in 2019 is equal to sixty-five years.In this case, you need to have available papers confirming:

  • affiliation;
  • remittances, which are material assistance of children for their parents. How often you need to transfer money and in what amounts, you should check with a lawyer.

How to get Spanish citizenship?


The important point is that the registration of marriage relations is allowed not only on the Mediterranean coast, but also in the homeland of a foreigner.In any of these cases, of course, with appropriate evidence, the marriage is considered valid.For a relocation, a residence permit of 5 years duration is initially issued, but it is possible to “apply” for citizenship after becoming a married couple a year later.It will not be possible to cheat, because family relations are strictly checked by an authorized migration officer for fictitiousness.

Investing in the Spanish economy

This also serves as a pretext for granting a person a citizen status. For this you need:

  • purchase national bonds, the total amount of which should exceed 2.000.000 €;
  • buy local assets of more than 1.000.000 €;
  • place in a bank account / bank account in the local financial institution one or more million euro.

There is no requirement for investors to live without rest on the territory of the Kingdom for a whole year, because doing business, as a rule, involves visiting different states and objects.Enough to stay within the borders for six months.The petition is allowed to file, as mentioned above, after 10 years.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Buying a property

An interesting fact is that the Russians occupy the third place in the ranking among foreigners who buy luxury apartments in the kingdom.

What is the procedure?

  1. Find housing, estimated at least five hundred thousand €.In this case, the money for it must be earned abroad, that is, outside of Spain.Legal their origin is confirmed without fail!
  2. Buy it.
  3. Make a view for two years.
  4. Register a work permit (labor activity);
  5. C create a request for permanent residence in the appropriate time.At the same time form an application for the assignment of citizenship.

There is another option in which our compatriot can apply for a loan at a local bank for the purchase of housing.According to the loan agreement after five years of ownership, the borrower has the opportunity to rent out.It is necessary to visit a house or an apartment in such a situation at least once a year to carry out repair work in order to maintain cleanliness.

How to get Spanish citizenship?


In other words, it is an opportunity to obtain citizenship subject to the observance of special conditions that are spelled out in the laws. The following persons are subject to these conditions.

  • Which consisted / are under the care of citizens of Spain.
  • Whose parents were born here, and accordingly were Spaniards.
  • Who was adopted / adopted by 'local' (and this category has the right to choose nacionalidad for two years after that).

The refuge

The Geneva Convention provides refugees and stateless persons with the chance to become full-fledged 'inhabitants.' Such categories are provided with living quarters, government payments, and even work.They become legal residents five years later without passing exams, testing for language proficiency and the like.But!Refugees must have proof of danger and persecution on their territory.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

List of required documents

Summarize.You have already decided which category you belong to, you may have discovered previously unknown factors.For example, you were born in these parts, and you can take advantage of the above benefits.

In any case, you will have to contact the registration service and provide relevant documentation. Prepare in advance:

  • standard application;
  • Available passport;
  • an EU family card (if available), or an alien card;
  • birth certificate (it should be already translated and certified);
  • certificate of registration in the municipality, as well as the history of a residence permit and / or permanent residence;
  • invitation for work (if any), as well as proof of income (employment contract, certificate of wages, payment sheets, etc.);
  • certificate of good conduct from home, translated, certified;
  • confirmation of good conduct from a police station in Spain;
  • Bank statements;
  • if there are minor children, their birth documents.

This list may be updated depending on the situation.“Papers” containing data in a foreign language must be translated by certified translators.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Do you want to get Spanish citizenship?From the native will have to give up!

This rule applies to all foreigners (including Russians) with a small exception:

  • Latinos,
  • Andorrans ,
  • Filipinos,
  • the Portuguese.

They have a chance to get dual citizenship, because between these countries an appropriate agreement has been concluded.

Our compatriot is obliged to submit a statement to his consulate about renouncing Russian citizenship, justifying his intentions.This process is carried out through the courts.Notification of a decision may be provided both in Russia and already in the Kingdom.

How to get Spanish citizenship?


To assess the applicant's behavior and other significant points, an interview is conducted at the Justice Ministry by the judge himself.For this, neighbors or acquaintances may be brought in as witnesses.

As for the tests, they are conducted by specialized organizations that have accreditation.They allow you to identify the level of knowledge of spoken Spanish, as well as spelling.Must be a score of A2 and above.

Recording for testing needs to be done in advance.This can be done online.

What questions should you navigate?

  • Basics of the Constitution.
  • Knowledge of the identity of the rulers of the state.
  • Coat of arms and flag.
  • Geography of Spain.
  • Her story, etc.

Upon completion of the exams, a certificate is issued.If the first attempt was unsuccessful, then one more is provided after one year.The state fee for their implementation is eighty-five €.

How to get Spanish citizenship?

Causes of failure

  • an incomplete set of documents, or making mistakes in some of them;
  • all sorts of violations of the law;
  • insufficient financial security at the time of re-registration of a residence permit.

Neglect of laws entails not only a refusal to confer citizenship, but also deportation, and even a ban on entry. Therefore, you should not be cunning in matters of obtaining citizenship of this country. Follow the rules, respect the Constitution, laws, traditions, people, and you will certainly fulfill your goal.

How to get Spanish citizenship?