How to move to Spain?

There is a concept of residence and citizenship, they differ in the rights and procedure for obtaining. To obtain a Spaniard's passport, one should renew the residence permit several times over 10 years. Obtaining such a document implies various reasons from which the right one is chosen - by study, marriage, investment, when buying property.

What are the concepts of short-term and long-term residence

Spain has defined its own rules, which all residents and visitors are required to follow, as well as throughout the EU. Illegal living will not only not help to become a subject, but also lead to problems with the police. If you are going to move, initially open not a tourist visa, but another visa - a worker, for marriage, training. You can also buy an apartment or rent for a long time, confirm the viability and be able to make a residence permit.

A residence permit implies a time-limited right to reside in Spain. It happens to work permit and without. It is extended, according to the schedule, submitting all new documents. Short - for a year, long - for 7 years. Permanent residence is granted only after thorough checks of the applicant and the presence of serious reasons for him to emigrate on a permanent basis. To do this, it is necessary to live legally for 10 years in the country and prove to be a law-abiding citizen who fulfills all the requirements of the law. But you can stay in the position of long-term residence, if you do not want to refuse a Russian (or CIS) passport.

How to move to Spain?

Ways of registration of a residence permit

There are several legal methods for moving to Spain and living there within the law. This means that there will be no problems with the police, you can safely enter and leave, in some cases even work. Let us examine them in more detail.

  1. Buying a house

This is the most convenient and popular example of transition to a residencia temporal. It is considered by those who are going to leave with the children. It provides two ways:

  • Investor Gold Visa - issued to those who have invested in residential or commercial premises of 500 thousand euros. It is possible in parts, but then they apply after completion of the payment in full. Such a visa allows you to work or open a private enterprise, applies to all the closest relatives. The peculiarity is that you can come here at least for 1 day per year, continuous stay is not necessary. This is an ideal way out for wealthy individuals who live in their home countries, invest in expensive property and prepare a place for themselves to emigrate in the future.
  • Residence-residence permit for financially independent persons. It is also divided into sub-types - with the purchase and purchase of an inexpensive apartment or with a regular lease (two-year minimum). In both cases, you will have to stay within the Spanish state from 182 days annually in order for you to extend it. It is also important to confirm the high income - from 28000 €. If you have relatives, you will each receive € 7,000 as annual receipts. Moreover, finding a job here will not work, it is not allowed by this category, as by default, persons are already provided from the outside.

Becoming a resident on the basis of a deposit in a real estate is prestigious and reliable. If a person has a goal - to transport his wife and children, this is a profitable method, since the documents are considered comprehensively and there is no need for everyone to look for excuses for moving to permanent residence.

Owning an apartment or villa on the Costa del Sol is the dream of every Russian. The sea, fashionable resorts, historical sights and excellent cuisine - this is what you will find in Marbella. Near Malaga - a large city with all the infrastructure. In Marbella, year-round great weather, fresh air and plenty of entertainment. Choose from Golden Mile, Puerto Banus, Quinta, Benahavis and other areas. Buying a home here will be the best investment in your future and a guarantee later to be considered a subject of the Kingdom.

How to move to Spain?

  1. Investing in the state economy

You can invest in state objects, act as a founder or owner of a company and then submit a request for a residence. For this, the government also created the conditions, but obliged to fulfill such requirements:

  • Equity participation or deposit in a bank - at least € 1 million;
  • Contributions to securities - at least 2 million;
  • When opening a business project - to provide job vacancies for the local population, to conduct active commercial activities that bring income to the budget;
  • Pay taxes;
  • The project should be attractive and provoke the development of the area, support science or innovation.

Such foreign investors encourage and give many prerogatives that they use at their discretion. It turns out beneficial interaction and mutually beneficial business relationships.

The Ministry of Labor checks accounting and tax reports. The manager of the company reports to the funds and makes contributions on time. The procedure for extending the residence is simplified - a two-year and five-year term. Restrictions on finding removed, enough for a day trip to cross the border.

If a person does not have enough money to purchase an expensive luxury object, you can pay for an inexpensive one, but be prepared to spend up to six months in general on Spanish soil and transfer money to expenses in the required amount.

How to move to Spain?

  1. Labor activity

For this, a migrant initially arrives at a working visa. It is opened in the consulate at home. You can take actions such as yourself, after having found a job and received a call from an employer, or on a transfer. The second is possible if multinational corporations send their employees for internship, exchange of experience or for some time to work abroad using their contract.

Local employers are reluctant to officially accept foreign employees, because for this they collect a lot of documentation, among which is evidence that there are no specialists for this position. Today, among the most popular are IT specialty, science, engineering, chemical industry, where there is a shortage of highly qualified personnel. The applicant must know the language thoroughly - orally and in writing, English alone is not enough. If it turns out to be issued in this direction - a 'Blue Card' is issued, according to which the residence is made later.

How to move to Spain?

  1. Training

A foreigner has the right to enroll in a paid educational institution in any profile, but always with the observance of such requirements to the university or courses:

  • Presence of state license and prerogatives to invite foreign students;
  • Minimum course - one-year, but long-term is better;
  • A week employment at least 20 hours.

You can do it remotely, the institution sends an invitation, according to which the student visa is taken. An adult or a child with a parent may move if enrolled in school. It is necessary to take into account, the studies will have to extend the one-year permit annually. As a result, this experience is not included in the 10-year period, which is required to qualify for permanent residence.

When the 3-year term of study expires, a petition is submitted for issuing a residence permit certificate with the right to work. This is also a good option, and the contract for rented accommodation will be a help. A student who studies longer than a 3-year course may earn money, but without prejudice to studies (no more than 20 hours). After the legal working five-year period there is a chance to take citizenship. Only from Russia will need to give up, since dual citizenship is not accepted here (exception: Latin American countries, Portugal and Andorra border).

How to move to Spain?

  1. Marriage with a State of España

This option is likely to bring to obtain citizenship, but initially required residency. This is done to test in order to exclude illicit alliances or short-term marriages. You can get married or marry in the CIS or the Spanish Kingdom, the list of required papers and the process will depend on it. For permanent residence, you can send a request after a year and a half of stay in the legal union.

Regardless of whether the wedding was on a visa for the bride / groom or on arrival on other grounds, the original residence will be annual. When trying to take citizenship-permanent residence, wait for an interview, which defines the goals and the 'reality' of the relationship. In some provinces, registered civil union marriage is taken into account.

How to move to Spain?

  1. Family restoration

This stage is carried out by persons who have relatives of the country Espana, both Spaniards by blood and who became citizens. If it turns out to prove family ties with grandparents and Spaniards, with those who have a residence permit, or there are children born within this state, you can apply for residency, passing the verification procedure.

Thus, relatives are transported by those who have already legalized and settled down in the territory, are working or have opened a company. After confirming the status of waiting for registration for emigration.

How to move to Spain?

  1. Refugees and long stay in illegal status

People who fled from political persecution or from war have the right to demand asylum, justifying their actions. This situation does not apply to the Russians, since they have no reason to flee from repression, Ukrainians used to use it during revolutionary moods, but this road is now closed for them.

Previously, it was possible to request residence-residence permit for residency, if you spend an illegal period of three years. Today it is canceled and in return a 10-year residence rule applies to ask for a passport, but with the presentation of documentation about its activities and identity.

Which option to choose depends on what position the applicant is in and what is able to present at the consulate. Some combine these techniques to achieve consent for emigration. When choosing, it is imperative to take into account what they will require to prove their worth or special status, to present bank certificates, as well as from the police about the absence of a criminal record and offenses, medical insurance.

How to move to Spain?

Why it is better to stop on purchase-investment

Russians and residents of the former Soviet Union, who want to get a villa on the Costa del Sol, have an excellent opportunity to combine business with pleasure. This is to act as the owner of a profitable object to rent or come to rest, as well as collect experience for requesting permanent residence permit. And this applies not to one, but to the whole family at once. This is a big plus that attracts our fellow citizens.
If a family member allows himself to stay abroad for half a year every year, he prepares a valuable contribution for himself and crosses the border on schedule. If there is half a million euros at once, then it is invested in VIP-class housing, which will significantly speed up the process. Also, the petition is written immediately to the entire family composition of the buyer-investor.

How to move to Spain?

Golden Visa gives you a significant advantage - you do not need to wait, come for a long time or prove your solvency with invoices for large amounts when renewing. After a decade, which can be done at home, sometimes returning to your own villa on the coast, you can ask for citizenship-citizenship. It is also a profitable business, as by offering to rent a house, a penthouse or an apartment, the owner collects profits. But everything should be in accordance with the law, register as a landlord and pay taxes and tourist tax. The difference in each province, so before it is important to know the details and rules of their region.