How to organize a trip?

You have chosen for yourself the right time for rest, it remains to decide how to organize a trip to the colorful country of flamenco, delicious wine and endless beaches. Yes, this is Spain!

In order to organize a pleasant vacation you need to decide the country, we have already done this, book tickets, prepare the necessary documents, think about where to stay, what sights to visit. Pack things in a suitcase and go on an exciting journey. The best way to “reboot your head” is to go where you haven’t been before or to discover new beauties in a familiar country. Get to know the life of the locals, enjoy delicious Mediterranean food, soak up the many beaches of Spain. You can independently find housing, and it is better to turn to a proven company that provides apartments for rent.

Let's take a look at the order of what is needed for an enjoyable holiday:

Let's start with where you want to go. Most likely, you need to get to Madrid, Barcelona or another large city. It is better to do this by air travel.

How to organize a trip?


Obtaining a visa for Russians is not difficult, especially since the Spanish consulate willingly makes concessions, the main thing is to follow the requirements. Often, the Spaniards give out Russians immediately a multivisa, even if this is the first trip.


As mentioned above, the most convenient way is air travel. If you have specific dates, you can monitor the best prices and offers on airline websites. It is advantageous to take return tickets.

Financial side

If you are thinking about taking a cash or plastic card, both options will be convenient. If you have doubts that you will lose your wallet, then of course the card. Preliminary check with the bank where you are discussing what the commission will be when withdrawing cash from ATMs abroad.

How to organize a trip?


In any case, travel insurance VZR, you need to have with you. The insurance company will give you a list of honey. institutions of the country of departure with which it has a cooperation agreement.

In case of emergency with health, it will save you finances and time. You will know where to turn in case of an emergency. Note that you can get such a document for free when you apply for health insurance at work or when you draw up a card at a bank. Always check if this is possible.

List of things

It all depends on how you plan to spend your time. If it is a sea holiday, then take the necessary beach accessories. Towels and bed linen should not be taken, it is always in the rental housing. If you are going to visit restaurants, parties and other similar events, grab the appropriate outfit. Ordinary summer clothes are suitable for everyday recreation. The main thing to feel comfortable, no matter what you take. Make a preliminary list of the necessary to forget nothing. If you travel with children, then think carefully about the luggage so that there is no advantage or not to take, for example, unnecessary toys. Make sure that the dimensions of the suitcases and bags meet the standards provided by the airline. Many tourists love to travel only with hand luggage.


Learn in advance the features of Spanish cuisine, prices and places to go. Again, depending on the chosen city. But it is possible that you will go on excursions, so the information about the various food points will be useful to you.

How to organize a trip?


One of the important points, because it depends on how comfortable you will be and enjoy your vacation. Book better in advance and choose the best option. If you plan to stay by the sea, then you may come up with options such as:

  • apartment near the coast;
  • apartments with sea views;
  • settling near the golf courses, if you are a game lover, you will have a great opportunity to visit one of the clubs;
  • penthouse, townhouse;
  • Villa with a swimming pool is perfect for a large company or several families.

Contact only reputable proven companies working with real estate, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

We turn to the pleasant part of our plan. Where to go and what to see.

When you arrive in Spain, you will feel such a warm and sincere atmosphere and energy that you will see the passing of customs, passport control and a long flight to be trifles. You will feel Spanish hospitality at every step, in a shop, restaurant or just outside.

If your plane landed in Barcelona, ​​you will have to stay here for a couple of days, and then go to the South Coast. From the airport you can reach by taxi, airbus, subway and regular bus, the distance is only 20 km.

How to organize a trip?

Points of interest to visit in Barcelona

Real life can be felt on the streets of the city, go to a cafe, have a cup of coffee, feel the atmosphere as if you are a local resident.

Visit the famous park, see the works, the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. Everyone who was in this fantastic park with bizarre sculptures felt like a cartoon hero, it seemed to them that they were on another unknown planet.

Temple of the Holy Family, known to the whole world. Incredibly beautiful Catholic church, a work of art.

The Gothic quarter of Barri Gòtic, with its incredible medieval buildings, to explore 7 squares, go to one of the cathedrals, explore the luxurious interior.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

Montjuic Park is a wonderful place for picnic walks and panoramic photos.

Connoisseurs of painting Pablo Picasso, see the path of the formation of the great surrealist in the museum of the same name.

There are many parks, locations for outdoor recreation. Various thematic museums that will impress and will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, this is a very small part of what is in the multinational city of the region of Catalonia.

It will be interesting to go to the South of Spain, almost to the Straits of Gibraltar itself. Costa del Sol - Marbella. The distance is about 1000 km. But a nice bonus, you can get off at any station to supplement your knowledge. You can get there by plane, bus, car.

Marbella is one of the most beautiful resorts, with clean beaches here, such as Las Dune, San Pedro de Alcantara, Babalu and others.

How to organize a trip?

What to see:

  • Here infrastructure is well developed, wherever you go, it will be comfortable everywhere.
  • Stroll through the luxurious promenades.
  • Take a look at Marbella from the observation deck of Mount La Concha.
  • Play golf at one of the fields.
  • Explore local sights and stroll through the old streets.
  • Go to the famous and expensive port of Spain - Puerto Banus. Here you can easily meet a world celebrity. There are high quality restaurants and bars of the coast.
  • Visit the parks of Alameda, Represa, Calvario and others. Here you can relax from the heat and bustle, they are located in the city center.
  • Go to the nearest towns - Mijas, Benahavis, Estepona.

You can talk endlessly, it is better to come and see everything with your own eyes. But with certainty, once arriving here, you will certainly want to come back again and get real estate in this paradise. You can come at any time if you have your own accommodation, and in your absence you can rent it. Choose you, buy apartments or rent.